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Hello everyone, and welcome to this new episode of Sampling Is Beautiful So I remind you the concept, we will sample the line up of… Yes, sometimes, I talk to much with my hands I remind you the concept, we will sample the music from a cultural venue and create a new music out of it today we are at le Periscope (Lyon) and we have an international which is doing and artistic residency here ah, here she comes – hello Maria, how are you? – fine So she is really happy to be here with us, for this Sampling is Beautiful and she really likes french people No no, I didn’t say that, I am really happy to be here at Periscope but french people don’t know how to dance ok! So this afternoon we will practice spanish, and have a little tour in Lyon, to finish at Sampling is beautiful studios so Maria, what are you doing in Lyon? I am here to do an artistic residency in Lyon I am playing with numerous musicians from Lyon I performed feb 27th with two bands with a trio with two bass clarinets and a cello player, and also with the Su-Flantes what kind of music? Experimental music, with few compositions I wrote, and also a bit of improvisations I use to play with Meridian Brothers, and we performed a few times in Lyon and also with a band that is called Mula, a collaboration with the band PoiL. So the first sample I am using comes from a live version of the track “Imprints” of James Brandon Lewis and Chad Taylor the saxophonist, will be on Periscope Stage on April 1th let’s listen another extract from the same live, a drum solo. You ll understand why cose this is how I’ve created my drum patterns. the second pad So here, in order to create the pattern, I moved some drum parts from the solo and from the regular song and we can listen to it on the 3rd pad and finally I slowed it down, it’s the next pad So my next sample, I found it on a show that will take place on marche 25th during the festival BIME Grame invite Floy Krouchi, a bassist composer that explores new sound technics that explores new sound technics here i didn’t change anything, neither the tempo or the tuning Let’s see how it sounds with thr drum we created before welcome in Sampling Is beautiful Studio and we can present the 3rd sample we will use today it will be on stage of le Periscope on march 3rd, it’s… Chasing Penguins a Jazz band very beautiful the track is called 300 Pessoas I am using here an old sampler: ASR10 let’s filter it a bit let’s create a shorter note we get closer to and organ sound also with a delay on it it’s pretty cool I got a sound that I like and I will use it on the keyboard during the live session we can add now some percussive sounds to our track and if you want we can perform it live outside

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