Say goodbye to Allergy medications: Acupuncture helps Allergies and Insomnia

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I said I’ve been curious the
shoulder pain your shoulder about tightness and not sleeping and things
like that so I thought it was time to give it a try. It’s immediately, I started
sleeping almost immediately you know you know the sleep overnight I started
sleeping all the way through the night and my stress was reduced and and then
John and I started talking about allergies and so I used to have
allergies and I took allergy medication every day of the year
and so he started treating me for that and I’ve now been without any allergy
medication for about a month, during the the worst allergy part of the year so. When I go in what the first couple times I was a little nervous because I didn’t
really know what to expect but now I come in and I know that it’s gonna be
great I’m usually a little stressed out like today my my shoulders need some
work but when I walk out of here I am just relaxed peaceful it’s amazing! We’ve
also been working on diet and exercise and just like well overall wellness and
so that’s been very nice and I’ve seen some improvement there so hmm it’s
amazing I love it. I tell everybody about this place and will continue to, yeah
it’s amazing!

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