Saying Yes to College, Even With Severe Food Allergies

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See, before I came here I had allergies to milk, eggs, soy, fish, tree nuts, peanuts eggs, wheat, beef, pork, citrus, food dyes, food
preservatives. So far I’ve done I’ve done and passed eggs, baked milk, liquid milk, and cashews and then I’m working on almonds right now and then shrimp are later today.
When I go to college I can eat at the cafeteria. I don’t have to cook my
own lunch every day. I won’t have to worry as much of him going to college
going what is he going to eat? Is he going to have food? Is he going to have to balance now making his own food and getting to class and this and that? It just opened
up a world of more normalcy for him and as a mom that means a lot and takes a
lot of anxiety off where before it’s like we can’t send him safely somewhere
without someone who knows everything with him. We don’t need that anymore
and for that we’re very grateful.

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