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Screaming skull Scranton!?!? *Girly Screeching* Hello everybody, my name is Markiplier, and welcome to Never Again, the demo. Now, this is a horror game about… Ooohhhh… don’t do that, to me I, I don’t like that (mumbling) (Door creaks loudly) No thank you! I got my back turned Oh thank you! What a favor You’re so kind to me (sarcastic) What a power saver, really a protector of the environment here Okay well you didn’t need to do that I spent a lot of time putting those blocks in order “There is no greater sorrow then to recall happiness in times of-” (Gunshot) Misery…….. (ringing sound) Geez we’re starting this off with a BANG! My inhaler…. oh okay alright (gasping) oh ughh I can’t breath.. Alright, well, then where the hell is my inhaler? Where is my inhaler?!? Where the hell is my inhaler?!?!? Hello?! In-ha-low? Okay, well. cool No.. You’d think I would keep that right by my bed. Oh, is that my inhaler? No, that’s a block. Why is there a block in there? Get, get out of there you block! Do I need to spell out “inhaler”? Cause I can’t breath! Teddy bear..? Teddy bear! Give me my god damn inhaler!!! oh sorry, can’t throw very far (mumble mumble) Whoa okay! I’m dead! Apparently….. [a rare silence] What the hell is happening uh oh Oh, okay, well, I’m confused. Am I dead? Is this purgatory?? Ah, this ain’t good Where the hell is it taking me? Hello, hi, uh, my name is Markiplier, and I have no idea whats happen— OH Step into the light, that’s always a good sign Oh! I’m back Ah ok… Take two on this one Let me try to open up like… ((Markipoo noises)) Can I open this? Can I pull this out? Ooo a lock? Ooo oh! 7105! Oh! Ahhhhh!! God I’m gonna keep passing out Over and over again… Am I? Ahh ok… Well i’m sprinting this time… (( Markimoo noises)) ((more markimoo noises)) Under my pillow? Is that it?… AHHHH!! It was under my pillow, where it should of been! Where I should of looked! ((weird markimoo silence)) Stephen?… ((more weird markimoo silence)) ooo…ok well that’s unfortunate…((sarcastic markimoo back at it again)) huh? oooo….alrighty then… aye!! bird!! ((markimoo noises)) I can’t help you… I’d rather keep you trapp-..nevermind… You’re gone now Thought you might be((markimoo noises)) wanting to share some misery with me…but ..apparently not… Do I need to do something with these? Gosh darn blocks Is that something that I need to do?(Muttering) Because I found all of them *Block Noise* Can I play on the sea horse? Ah what a good dad. 7105 this is… This is
just weird it’s only three. Seven Thats six Seven Ooooonnnnneeeee There’s no oh so I’m guessing five? Oh (Now he gets it) Seven, TEN, five. That’s probably it. Ah not seven one oh because there is no oh so
it’s seven te- ooooooh yes I’m gonna assume this is uh. This is not the prize I wanted. BE
GONE DEMON! Oh that’s creepy (Muttering) Hueugh Oh okay. Sorry Dolly. What are you doing? Ew Don’t like that at all. hey there friend now if you just want to
turn away from me. WHY WONT YOU LOOK AT ME? WHY WONT YOU LOOK AT MEEE? LOOK AT THE TREE!! It’s my favorite tree did you know that? Okay you stay there have a good
nap. (Muttering) What else do we got in here? Oooh Crumpled note? Oooh more in-hay-low? OH a pony book ah-oh ooo I’m very organized.
Okay well things… I’ve got a diary sometimes when I’m very tired of other
people are just so want to tell something to my mom
I’ve read all my thoughts in this diary he knows everything about me it’s like
it’s part of me? This inhaler I almost never let it go. Dad strictly told me
from childhood that if I s- that if it- it is far away I could die mom attached
a rope to be worn around the neck well okay that’s good for me then I guess Eh uh AGH agh what is that well I don’t like that. What a beautiful
day. No. I love Sundays. HE DON’T. because I can luxuriate in my bed until noon. What
kind of word is luxuriate for a little girl? For some reason I remember my
dreams very well on Sundays maybe it’s due to the fact that I sleep as much as
I want till the end of dream, like a movie. Today i had a very specific dream. Usually I
see my mom traveling and meeting new people. LIKE THAT PERSON? But today I saw Stefan. IS THAT STEFAN? We played hide and seek and I hid in the closet in my
room. I felt something strange near my back in the back blue hot air like from
the oven it turned around and I had failed it in the wall of the closet
behind the closet was a cave entirely of fire. The flame was everywhere I was
scared suddenly something appeared from the
flame and was ready to come at me. THAT THING? And I awoke. WHAT THE HELL? What kind of story is that? You linguistics major Jesus alright well alright well that’s
that’s. Hey is there a cave back here? There’s some kind of gate oh- knock knock anybody
back there Shouldn’t have done that I regret stepping
through the Wardrobe which whoa whoa the shamon lie are everywhere please don’t
believe your eyes this must be disappear somewhere it will explode and die and
why are you telling me to run I usually know that running is bad that means good
oh I don’t like this I don’t like this no I don’t so now you must be quiet
don’t talk with anyone and someone could be blind it couldn’t be dead
you must shun what are you talking about are you
talking that they can’t see me oh gees oh thunk thunk just get back in the wall back in the wall Get back in the walll well it’s gonna stare that for a bit
is it getting brighter okay well that was not fun okay I get it all right I
see I see you didn’t notice the the meat hooks
those are nice I’m just gonna go here and luxuriate better well this squadron
is like one of them oh it’s a puzzle how about you you look through the people
get in the Hall Museum all right what about this is even in the reflection
beep beep er did you go through the mirror what do you see what do you see
with your elven eyes I hang you know you know I want to name you but I really
don’t because I don’t think that you should be named I guess it has a certain
charm and that it doesn’t have any charm at all
I’m gonna call you screaming skull Scranton it screaming Scranton there you
want to grab on to screaming Scranton there all right fine then whatever
bellowing baby Bristol hey ya know whoa hey I didn’t expect that to work
thank you screaming skull Scranton oh we’re gonna go on an adventure screaming
skull Scranton Oh oh this is wobbly oh it’s extra wobbly
hi bird I remember you from before but you left me behind
okay I’m looking down oh all right well this is the wobblyest bridge I’ve ever
done seen…geh gah. SCRANTON NOOOO. why did that happen? I have no idea but i’m dead now did I lose screaming skull Scranton no
where are you screaming skull Scranton Oh no! I lost him to the abyss oh what
a tragedy no one really cares damn it I lost screaming skull scrander Wabo Wamba Oh
windy one bow you know what I think I can forgive myself for that one because
that adventure probably should have stopped wearily er than it shut up I
made it I’m good I see so this has Mira is broken
bullshit oh look at this stupid what a dumb Laura you know something tells me I
don’t want to go there either without the light because that just doesn’t seem
safe wait there’s a shard of glass over there
from the mirror maybe I can get that hey Scranto you’re doing all right over
there good good hey do the one bow later when I’m not on
you right now okay you understand me yep do you be okay made it just fine okay
what about you ah I got wait why is there a hand claw at me from behind this
mirror hang on wait there’s there’s an piece of the mirror someone says the
mirror hide a lot of secrets in itself if you look in the mirror for a long
time you can see your true self and sometimes it’s an indispensable helper
oh that’s what the hand is it’s my indispensable helper it’s the same man
that turned off the light in my room to save my parents money on the electricity
bill okay alright you know what you don’t need to do the truffle shuffle
right here I am okay with that you just let me by Oh let me by let me by like
you don’t like you at all how about some of this one detail you say this detail
I’ll fam fixed perfectly all right I just need to bounce that’s that’s a look at the look at the
look at the there we go hello oh no I have a crank don’t do that something out
of that okay we’re good we’re clear we’re good good alright let’s put this
in there crank the well I got there some crank it up if you think I fucked enough
open it oh oh screaming skull sprint how are you doing here without me
great glad to hear it screaming skull Scranton you’re doing so good in life
hey how are the kids oh man look like you’ve been busy with
the family if you know what I mean okay all right all right well hello can I
help you oh you must be the father Oh see you’ve lost weight Oh God Oh miss
mr. Scranton or mr. scream well I got that oh hello what are you
doing back there aren’t you lovely alright well you know alright
oh I don’t like that even a little bit screaming scoffs granted oh do not tell
me a fairy tale Oh what the hell oh that was the ender oh okay all right
I guess I’m dead now okay so that is never again the demo I don’t know when
the full version is going to be released it might be one of those things it’s on
Kickstarter I have no idea but it’s really good they got a lot of elements
here that remind me of amnesia the pace is a bit slower but I kind of like that
about it it lets you build it into it and gives you this false sense of
security like it reminds me of into the sleep or into the sleep bed something
does asleep you know the game about the baby and because it’s kind of told from
like a child’s perspective so their innocence kind of like paints the the
terrifying narrative in a very interesting way and I like it so thank
you everybody so much for watching let me know what you think of this down in
the comments below I’ll provide a link to the demo because maybe maybe there’s
a full version coming out soon and you guys can find out about that too so
thanks again as always in the next video

100 thoughts on “SCARIEST MONSTER IMAGINABLE | Never Again

  1. Has anyone ever see the Japanese horror film Ju-On: White Ghost? Honestly it is the scariest movie I have ever seen!! No shark, zombie or any other scary movie can top it off!!!!

  2. hope mark goes back to this, just came out and im glad my memory still works to remember seeing this before!

  3. Ohhhhh Mark, this was delightful! I rather miss Screaming Skull Scranton….by the way, whoever edits, or if you edit your own videos, my compliments go out to them. Those little extra pieces in these are just perfect and hilarious. I'd love to see you play a full version of this once you get the chance to play it!

  4. 12:34
    SSS: Let me tell you a fairy ta-
    SSS: hit
    Mark: OW oaa ah! Hahaha
    “What the hell?!”

  5. I watched someone play a through playthrough of this, anf the gunshot like opening makes so much sense when you come back to it. It's such a dark game, but so beautifully put together

  6. This game sent such a powerful message. If you finished the whole game you would know that this is about the life of Sasha in the holocaust. All the nightmares she has are metaphors for what really happened to her and her family.

  7. I used the word luxurious in grade 3 tho

    Granted I had a far better vocabulary than the rest of my class. Y'see, I have ADHD and my grade 3 teacher was the one that suggested I get tested for it. She knew how to get me to my full potential
    I was even allowed to pick my own spelling words from the dictionary

  8. Wtf kind of vocabulary does this girl have because I have a bigger vocabulary than anyone in my school and this girl is saying words I don’t know…

  9. I think you need to revisit this game again…. To play the final full release game… As a "Scary Game"… Love you Mark… Love 💘 Michael video 🎮

  10. As soon as you walked away I knew something scary would happen. My butt would clinch and my legs would tingle. You can feel something bad will happen. NOOOOOoooo LOL I do not like that baby stuff! That’s so scary! MARKIPLIER !!!!!! YOUR CONTENT IS GODLY ! I LOVE THE ART! Keep making vids because we love it ! I want to meet you one day and be friends ! LOL let’s play some games. Great great job!

  11. RIP Screaming Skull Stanton and as a true man once said

  12. Whenever I hear the word inhaler I get war flashbacks to the time when I had cough supported asthma…I’ve grown out of it but I still remember it lol

  13. Can you play the full version of Never Again, please??
    I played it on my channel and really liked the game!
    I think you will enjoy it as well!
    Really wanna see your reaction at the other monster there)
    U da best)

  14. Finally, a character I can relate to, with asthma!
    sees weird inhaler
    What in the Screaming-Skull-Scranton kind of inhaler is that??

  15. mark the full game is on steam now play it PLZ screaming scull scranton plays hide and seek with you plz plz plz plz plz mark

  16. My earphones are broken so i can't hear your beautiful voice,even when it's on full volume,my friend said he might get me new earphones though,so once i get them,i can hear your beautiful voice again 😁

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