Schools That Handed Out RIDICULOUS Punishments!

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– Did you ever act up
when you were in school? Or are currently in
school, I know you did. Don’t lie you naughty, naughty poop. But, really, what was your punishment? Detention, a lower grade? Yeah, those things are
extremely tame compared to the punishments that
some schools have given out. Seriously, be grateful you never
went to these institutions. Here are 10 schools that handed
out ridiculous punishments. Number 10 is bringing the wrong lunch. In October of 2010,
17-year-old Ashley Smithwick arrived for class at
Southern Lee High School in Sanford, North Carolina. Only to find herself in big
trouble for a little mistake. Upon arriving, school
officials inspected her bag and found, in her lunchbox,
that she was carrying a small, green pairing knife. The incident occurred
after Ashley accidentally swapped lunchboxes with
her father, Joe Smithwick, before leaving the house that morning. Mr. Smithwick kept a knife in his pail so he could cut up apples. But the officials claimed it was a weapon, capable of hurting much
more than just fruit. I’m a fruit ninja, I swear! They suspended Ashley for the
remainder of her senior year and she was officially
charged with a misdemeanor. Specifically, the possession
of a weapon on school grounds. Yeah, to anyone watching,
if you’re in school, just use your teeth, teeth are not tools, but they’re better than a knife. Number nine is being
concerned about potassium. Apparently, caring about
someone’s wellbeing is a suspendable offense. During a play-off soccer
game at Bloomfield Hills High School in Michigan, senior
Jay Cooke was in the stands when he noticed a player
on the opposite team was having a cramp. Cooke, who plays football
for Bloomfield Hills, recognized a potential
cause for the boy’s pain and called out, “Get that boy a banana!” The thing is, officials thought
that the comment was racist, mostly due to the fact that the
player was African-American, and actually suspended Cooke
from playing in the final football game of the year. Many students came forward
saying Cooke was not being racist but knew that potassium
would help the boy’s cramp. The district reversed the
decision and dealt out an unexplained alternative discipline. I don’t know what that was
but maybe they should’ve just made him eat lots of
bananas as a punishment. Eat, eat boy, eat! Number eight is correcting the teacher. On April 20th, 1994, a boy
identified only as Alex, brought home a note to his mother, from his teacher, Mr.
Hilliker, explaining why he was going to have detention two days later. In the note, it was revealed
that Alex was disruptive in class and kept insisting
that Hilliker was wrong about a kilometer being
longer than a mile. It went on to claim
that every other student simply accepted the teacher’s word for it but Alex consistently defied Hilliker and kept correcting him. Alex was, of course, correct, as a mile is longer than a kilometer, but, still, he received
detention for showing a blatant disrespect for authority and a complete lack of
respect for his school. Apparently, just because a
teacher is wrong at this school, doesn’t mean that the student
has the right to correct him. Well, little do you know
that this teacher was right and also the sky is purple
and the Earth is flat, and the entire Universe
revolves around Earth, so, there’s something for you. Number seven is having
a green Jolly Rancher. When 10-year-old,
Leighann Adair, was handed a green Jolly Rancher while in class, at Brazos Elementary
School in Wallis, Texas, in April of 2010, she had no idea how huge a rule she’d violated. The district was pushing
for a reduction in junk food being consumed and Jolly Ranchers
are, of course, just that. Her teacher immediately
took the unopened candy from the third grader,
and despite the school not having any guidelines
over punishing a student for breaking the no candy rule, issued a week long detention for her. After she came home crying
and explained the situation, Leighann’s family quickly came to her aid, fighting with the school
board over the ridiculousness of the punishment compared to the crime. Yeah, crime, delicious candy crime. Unfortunately the school
officials upheld the punishment. Number six is grandma’s cake. Hello sonny, would you like a cookie, son? In 2009, 11-year-old Kasia Haughton chose to enter the running
for fifth grade mayor at Leasure Elementary
School in Newark, Delaware. To influence votes for her campaign, her grandmother sent her to school one day with a pair of cakes, in order to share them
with her classmates. However, in an innocent move, along with the cake,
plates, forks and napkins, her grandmother had sent
a knife to cut it up. Oh, we already know how this turns out. No knives in school kids! The teacher cut up the cake,
served all the students, and everyone seemed to enjoy it. But shortly after, the
teacher turned the girl in for bringing a weapon to school. Hey, man, that’s like having
your cake and eating it too. She was suspended, alarming her parents, who got in touch with
the local news station. After the bad press, the
school scrambled to fix things and the suspension was lifted. Number five is a kiss on the hand. In early December of
2013, a six year old boy, named Hunter Yelton, was
suspended from Lincoln School of Science and Technology
in Canon City, Colorado. But the reason for it had
his mother up in arms. Was it a knife again, let’s find out. The incident behind the
suspension involved Hunter kissing a six-year-old
female classmate on the hand. A girl who he believed
to be his girlfriend, and whom allegedly had
referred to him multiple times as her boyfriend. The peck was labeled by the
school as sexual harassment. But after a short fight,
lead by his mother, the label was changed to misconduct. The young boy’s family has
insisted the kiss on the hand was a consensual and innocent act. But the young girl’s
family strongly disagrees and Hunter found himself
suspended for four days over it. Consent is important,
friends, but it also kind of kills the mood when you’re
like, wait, can I kiss you? You have to write on this contract that says that I can kiss you. Also, can you record it on my
phone so I have proof, thanks. Number four is having a clock. On September 14th, 2015, a ninth grader, with a love of science,
found himself hauled out of his school in handcuffs. Ahmed Mohamed, a 14-year-old
student attending MacArthur High School in Irving, Texas, arrived to class ready
and excited to show off his latest tinkering project, a digital clock he built all by himself. You can probably see where this is going. However, staff at the
school mistakenly believed the teenager had brought in a bomb. They quickly called
911 and police arrived, soon after, taking Ahmed into custody. After the incident he was
cleared of all charges but still received a three day suspension. That’s a long amount of time. See, ’cause he brought in a clock. After the news hit the
internet, the teen received Tweets of support from a number of people, including Facebook
founder, Mark Zuckerberg, and then President of the
United States, Barack Obama. Number three is carrying a leaf. On September 22nd, 2014, an
unidentified 11-year-old boy began showing off a marijuana
leaf to his classmates from the gifted and talented program at Bedford Middle School
in Bedford, Virginia, before hiding it back in his backpack. After arriving for class,
an assistant principal inspected his bag and found the leaf. The boy, who happens to be the
son of two school teachers, was suspended and brought up on charges in the juvenile court system,
much to his relative’s shock. He was forced to enter an
alternative education program and was faced with being home schooled, while also seeing a psychiatrist
for substance abuse. However, after three separate
tests revealed the leaf was not pot at all, but a maple leaf, the charges were dropped. Sadly, the poor kid still
had to change schools and was searched at the end of every day. Being a Canadian, I can tell you, eh, those maple leaves are trouble, oh boy. Number two is potentially having Advil. Got a headache, leave school! On October 8th, 2003,
13-year-old, Savana Redding, an eighth grader at Safford Middle School, at Safford, Arizona,
was pulled out of class and brought to the nurses office. After arriving, Redding, an
honor student at the school, was put through a strip search, conducted by school officials, who were looking for contraband, specifically of all things, Ibuprofen. Vice Principal, Kerry Wilson
had caught a fellow student with the painkillers in her possession. A student who claimed
Redding had given it to her. With only that statement to go on, Wilson pulled the teen out of
class and ordered the search, which thoroughly embarrassed the teen. However, no drugs of any kind were found. Oh, yeah, ’cause she gave
them away and, or sold them. The US Supreme Court
later decided the search was a violation of Savana’s
fourth amendment rights. And number one was saving a fellow student from an asthma attack. On January 19th, 2016,
15-year-old, Anthony Ruelas, was suspended from Gateway
Middle School in Killeen, Texas, for a truly unbelievable reason. He attempted to save the
life of a fellow classmate. During fifth period, a
female student began coughing and gagging as if something
was blocking her airway. The teacher sent an email
to the school’s nurse, but shortly after the young
girl fell out of her chair and onto the floor, where
she was continuing to wheeze and struggling to breath. Side not, quick pause,
if someone’s choking, don’t take the time to send an email and be like, you’re choking, okay, let me email the authorities
to see what I can do. The teacher told everyone to stay calm as she awaited a response to her email. Deciding that the idea was,
hm, oh, what do you call that? A bad idea, he decided
that we ain’t got no time to wait for no email. He scooped up the girl and
carried her to the nurses office, receiving a suspension because
he walked out of class. Yeah, he defied the teacher
and he got suspended. That’s the world we live
in folks, have a great day. Do, do, do, do, do, (hisses).

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  1. I've had childhood asthma it's not joke when YOU can't breathe I've had the school shut down and jobs lost in that case yeah I'm saying teachers suck if IT was me YOU teachers would have had your jobs lost at that school I would not let go til your struggles stop like a πŸ… with a gazelle

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    Just saying cos I wear one everyday of my life even when I sleep
    Probs cos I am very supper stitous

  3. my high school has bananas for breakfast.
    good thing my school doesn't have that problem with potassium.


  5. The boy kissing the girl on the hand, the teacher who saw it probably got jealous of love because nobody loved the teacher

  6. This is why I don't public schools anymore. The people are just really dumb, and they were discriminating towards me as a person who has aspburgers.

  7. I bunch of comments are like why are all of these from Texas
    I live there, one time at lunch some kid popped his child and everyone started clapping, so we all had assigned spots at lunch and no talking for a week for starting a riot

  8. If my kids got in trouble for saving another students life cus the teacher was waiting for an email from the nurse not only would my kid not be in trouble I'd make damn sure of that anyone who tried to keep theme in trouble I'd knock out right there

  9. I once got suspended in elementary school from playing soccer because I bodied a student and he fell ON PURPOSE which he confessed and I wasn't allowed to play soccer in March April May June and July also the day after the birthday


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  12. look, rather than freak out at the school, how about these parents pay the same attention to little suzy or johnny in the first place. explain to them what the school rules are and that they can and will be enforced.

  13. In Grade 2, my teacher accused me of forging my mom's signature for a school trip, that my mom went to the school and payed for herself……..

  14. If you talk during a test at my school you get somthing called a "silent lunch" and you are not allowed to use the table, they make you sit the tray on your lap. Also if you talk during "silent lunch" they give you several peices of paper and tell you to write down
    I WON'T TALK DURING SILENT LUNCH 1,000 times which i think is outrageous. I had to do that and it took me 2 weeks to finish all the sentences

  15. Once I had time out from break time for NOTHING! because quote in quote I was being silly in assembly and talking when I wasn't and also 2 of my friends were in time out to

  16. Can you do a part 2? and also can you include me in the part 2 my name is Charlie Wright and I'm 9 years old and I attend Norbreck primary school in Blackpool,UK England and although getting time out from breaktime might seem tame but also can you include that I had to eat lunch in The Headteacher's office and listen to the school Quire every lunchtime for 6 months! and also the reason was because I was hurting so many people in my school at lunchtimes and I know that was a bad thing to do but thankfully I'm outside at lunchtimes now and I'm doing good THIS IS NO JOKE! I'm seriously telling the truth

  17. Got yelled at cuz I corrected the teacher. Still do sometimes πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‚πŸ€£
    Wait, MARIJUANA? Oh it was a maple leaf

  18. You know what I gotten in trouble for bringing a toy that was a Barbie and my dumbass teacher thought I was making fun of her with it.

  19. The Muslim boy with the clock had an extremist father who was trying to prove a point. And for the millionth time as a Canadian we don't say eh. That's generally found spoken by Eastern Canadians or those of low IQ. This would be like saying all Americans say Y'all or How you doing.

  20. Kid probably only got suspended because his name was Ahmed Mohammed, ie, he was Arab. If it was a white kid who brought in the clock, he would’ve received high praise.

  21. I'm Canadian and I can't believe how authoritarian these teachers and boards of trustees are being, No you do not have the right to strip search my kids you are not a F**king Prison warden. I understand some horrific shootings have happened in schools in states but given students are not allowed to correct their teachers when their wrong it makes you wonder how isolating a child would likely feel if they are getting bullied. If I got suspended for being right about something I would have no faith in going to a teacher and receiving help because I was getting picked on. I don't know how they got there but schools in the US sound more and more like a place I as a kid would have hated to go to. Toxic environment. Suspended for saving the life of a fellow student having an asthma attack. Wow. US parents trust me live near the US Canada border and enroll your kids in a Canadian school. I feel for those kids.

  22. I corrected my math teacher once she was mad because I did it in front of the class, but I didn't get in trouble for it.

  23. When are we going to take back our country from the so called,
    "We are just here to teach you to do as we say, idiots"
    The Government thinks it knows better than you, when it concerns your personal lively hood.
    That bunch in D.C., THAT can't even wipe their own butt, is the first to tell you how to wipe yours.
    The laws have gotten completely out of hand and getting worse everyday.
    Just like the case of the six year boy old kissing the six year old girl on the hand. It suddenly becomes a sexual harassment issue.
    Here's the kicker, the girl's. "ADULT" parents jumped right on the band wagon to make matters worse.

  24. That teacher looks like a stripper. A pen or pencil can be used as a weapon, especially if it has a metal body. Things have gone crazy in North America.

  25. I still find it ridiculous that I, going into sophomore year of high school, still have to ask permission to use the bathroom. Not that I would ever use a school bathroom, but the fact that I need permission to perform a basic human function.

  26. Getting suspended for saving a classmates life. goes to show how many idiots run Americas school board. But at least its not japan level jesus christ kids should look at how japan students hold up before going in there american school with there glock pistol

  27. How can you suspend someone for saving someone's life?! That's beyond unreasonable! That teacher needs to get slapped with a stick because apparently waiting for a damn email is far more important than actually taking action. That student could've died right there in that room by the time help arrived. Absolutely repulsive. -_-

    Also Texans: So, hey, you did something sensible to help another student? SUSPENSION!

    … I'm from Texas, and I was embarrassed that we were on this list THREE TIMES. We need to do better, people!

  29. When my now 18 year old son was in kindergarten his teacher motioned me to come see her while i was picking him up one day. She told me my son had a weapon! I was stunned and concerned. When i asked what it was the teacher said "he pointed his finger at a student and said bang bang"………
    Trying not to laugh i promised i would talk to him about it. ….

  30. I was bullied in 4th and 5th grade and my mom had contacted the counselor at least 5 times and guess what the counselor did? Anger management. She didn't stop the bullies. And she knew who they were since I told her. I also told her at least 10 times that I was being bullied and all she did was put me in anger management. Even worse, she said she would help no matter what. Here's the thing:

    1.) I cried because I was being bullied
    2.) I was freaking depressed, not mad
    3.) I was known as pretty much the most forgiving kid at my school

    Thanks my old counselor, Mrs. P!!!
    Not. I'm still very p***ed about it to this day. She even tries to keep in contact with me. -_-

  31. I once copied another student who draw a penis on his eraser when I was a 4th grader. I copied it and got in trouble. Don’t remember if I got detention, but I think I was laid off with a warning

  32. Dat's So Racist How Can't Students Have Green Jolly Rachers My Favorite Color Is: Green & Dat's Why I Eat Green Jolly Rachers Dat's So Racist Why Couldn't Ban A Jolly Racher The Watermelon Flavor.

  33. this is ridiculous. I literally brought an entire knife and sword collection to school for a reenactment of a war we were doing for history class. we regularly used recurve bows with a lethal drawback for archery in P.E. and even allowed to bring in our own compound bows to use if we preferred… thank God for small town schools.

  34. The first one is crazy! I once brought a large knife into school to cut cake, no one batted an eye. Some teachers need to chill out.

  35. Wow. I'm gonna show my students this video to help them understand just how absolutely amazing I am.
    And I am. Just ask any of 'em.
    And just having a cake knife getting kids suspended? Talk about overreaction. I teach Military History, and I've got a set of Katana/Wakizashi/Tanto on my desk, a yari and naginata, a set of ancient Greek armor with hoplon, Lakonian sword, Dory spear and a bunch of other stuff…I should probably be suspended for the next ever.

  36. Schools:
    When a student is bullying others: 😐
    When a student fails all classes: 😐
    When a student is late for a class: 😐
    When a student is watching porn in class: 😐
    When a student nukes the school: 😐

  37. Man imagine suspending someone then the bloody president says that they should be suspended if I were then I would be like "holy sh*t kid never mind"

  38. Back at my elementary school I made a gun shaped object out of LEGO blocks and a girl who was sitting next to me said we aren’t allowed to even mention guns at school. Keep in mind I was in pre-K to 2nd grade at the time.

  39. A teacher back in high school in South Dakota once called me a putsch, I
    looked it up what it meant, got mad with him and punched him in the arm, well deserved in my opinion.

  40. I got un trouble for sying "ROLL THE DICE" the teacher give me a parent letter πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ€£πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘πŸ€£πŸ€£

  41. Jesus, that last one is just horrendous. I get why rules are there, but they're supposed to protect. That's doing the exact opposite.

  42. For the last one, I think after the boy saved her, she most likely became his girlfriend! I mean, who wouldn't be your classmate's partner after saving your life! think about it, if it weren't for you he/she could've DIED! So obviously that mean a lot to a person when you save their life.

  43. That kiss on the hand was cute! Especially since they believed they were a couple! And they're six! They don't know what sexual harassment is!

  44. Every time my old math teacher said something wrong we would correct him and then he would say just testing that is what most math teachers say now days

  45. I had a friend who's parents were legal medical marijuana growers and the schools police officers would search her a few times a month because she "smelled faintly like weed". She never used it and they never caught her with it yet they still insisted on searching her.

  46. These are ridiculous….
    My story for getting I trouble was being disruptive and disrespectful (I was in 4th grade) and I went to alternative school. SMH πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

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