Scorching days make life difficult for asthma sufferers

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what’s impossible to avoid when you step outside the blistering heat another scorching day with the heat index topping out in the triple digits and the humidity and it feels like you could cut the air right in front of you yesterday heat related illnesses were a concern tonight it’s asthma yeah the hot and stuffy conditions they caused a spike in flare-ups of asthma and make it difficult for those with asthma to breed by now chief meteorologist John Gaughan is looking into when we’ll finally see a break of the gun rule but let’s get straight to news with Jax reporter Erica venire right now Eric you’ve got asthma so how have these high temperatures the humidity help the affected you yes I was actually born with asthma and through the years I have learned to control the symptoms by limiting my activities when the weather like this gets extremely hot and extremely humid with that Sun beating down for many people who aren’t aware a person with asthma has what’s called an asthma attack when the airways to their lungs become inflamed and swollen and when that happens it becomes very difficult to breathe a way to imagine what that feels like would be like trying to breathe with this washcloth stuffed down your throat so just imagine what it’s like for ass Mattox being out here when the air feels extremely thick it’s after 5:00 p.m. and the Sun is still blazing over Northeast Florida the humidity is still thick enough to slice with a butter knife despite the extreme heat and humidity people are still competing in outdoor sports and exercising people like Siobhan Stokes who was born with asthma she knows when an attack is coming on after a while you get to a point where you’re just trying to breathe you’re just trying to get some air in your body dr. Sunil Joshi treats asthma patients he’s seeing an increase in high school athletes suffering from asthma and complaining about shortness of breath they’re exercising in the heat and humidity that they’re not really used to doing and so their asthma tends to flare up as a result of that dr. Joshi is warning asthma sufferers who choose to exercise an extremely humid conditions to be careful if you’re jogging just for pure exercise when the humidity and the heat X’s over 100 degrees you’re just setting yourself up for issues those issues can include dehydration and other heat related illnesses that are already sending people to area emergency rooms or if you have asthma and asthma exacerbation so it’s better to do that indoors if you can’t if you have asthma and work or exercise outdoors dr. Joshi suggests using your inhaler fifteen to thirty minutes prior to outdoor activities as opposed to using the inhaler after you begin to feel asthma symptoms coming on by using the inhaler ahead of time as you’re opening up your lungs and keeping them open for about four to six hours exercise has a tendency to cause bronchoconstriction anyway even in people who don’t have asthma and when that happens to people like Stokes it’s like being held underwater without oxygen if you’ve ever been held underwater before after a while you’re like okay I can hold my breath for a little bit but once it gets really difficult it’s just it just becomes hard to breathe and you just want that fresh air you know dr. Joshi also went on to say that mild humidity is can be really can be good for the lungs however extreme humidity like what we’ve been experiencing in recent days can make the air feel extremely thick to asthmatics and when that happens it becomes increasingly difficult to breathe reporting live Erica Renee channel for the local station

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