Sculpting – From Dust to Dawn

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My name is Charles Dixon, I’m a sculptor Charles Dixon is a divinely taught individual that has pursued for 59 years His love of creating that new possibility Par that love is expressing the beauty of black women but of nature unto itself the whole process of the perfect process of Being born the process of living a life and Transitioning is part of what I want to include in my work I’m fascinated with those subjects. I First created my art for myself, as an artist though; I’m a servant of humanity So I create What is needed for people to see? to to enlighten and heal But when I was five I started carving wood. Wood is my basic stay of my basic way of expressing myself But I I like to carve anything hard. It could be a brick, or it could be a stone Eventually I became Interested in working with bronze so that led me to clay it led me to wax and Bronze and metal itself and it led me to welding So I like anything and everything that I can tell a story with. at the age of about 12 I became fascinated with just the beauty of the female form and not realizing that the black female was an actual it was a political issue because They weren’t being shown In positive light as well as they weren’t being shown so in my environment, that’s what I saw So I I tried to mimic those forms and everything I did found out that they were very unique unto themselves and So it led me to study that form for the last 50 years and when I say study the form I have everything from photography to sketching to Body casting to carving them to carving them from wood to making them in bronze To the point to where now I’m at creating them life-size out of wood, which was my original Intention but I used to think I had to have a big log to do it And so now I have a recipe to assemble those forms using various hardwoods things like that I’ve shown my art in Museums. I’ve shown my art galleries. I’ve shown my art on the street I’ve done all of the possibilities of showing my work within the 59 years of showing it Professionally. Yeah, actually, you know, my work has been seen internationally Through Gallery sources, but I’ve also shown across the United States And Yeah, I’ve been around a while to show pretty much all across the United States. Some of my works been toured. Places that have collected my work range from Museums own some of my work. There, I have a private Like private individual like James, Dr. Hobbs Among several other clients that I’ve done things for. I’ve also done public art. Public art where I was one of the first five artists to do art for Metrorail green lines and Uniquely One of the those artists that was able to do art Where we had no limitations of where we put it everything that was going to be built we could affect which had never been done after our group. And then I’ve done pieces that For the museum can museum I’ve done work before Watchtowers Art Center as an artist in residence there. There’s a large body of work since I’m I’m there Also, I’ve done work because I’ve done a lot of work I’ve done work at Neighborhood land trust I’ve designed Three stainless steel flowers 15-foot flowers from perforated stainless steel I’ve done the Martin Luther King monument in south-central in the In the shopping center there I’ve done Let’s see. I’ve done also of the faith and Hope Park and another land trust project I Produced 300 feet of fencing and This other stuff I’ve done a lot of stuff. I’ve done a lot of public art things. I’m very satisfied with where I am in regards to my productivity as an artist I’ve done a lot of different things as I said earlier. I I’m, you know, politically I’m not satisfied with that because politically I have to Literally get into a political game of showing up with the right people in the right places That’s a job unto itself. I would prefer to be Acknowledged for the work that I do And the skills that I have rather than the people I know But that’s not politics of art so therefore I’m written about and talked about but people don’t know who Charles. I Want people to know that I have to use special devices to survive? The processes of carving wood. When working with metals and all these other things. I wear respiratory equipment because I Had asthma to the extent to where I was no longer able to produce my work So, I came up with devices I saw myself in a bubble. So I came up with that bubble found that bubble to be respiratory safety mask that I was able to wear and Then I found myself as an inventor and I because these devices were only for escape. So I Start developing them so that I could wear them 24/7. So that meant that I had to come up with devices that would separate the waters, separate the oil. Eventually, I designed a compressor that I could wear, that I could work off with a hose and then eventually That was up upgraded to battery pack equipment and Then I discovered that that wasn’t enough. So I had to even modify the mask that that I used today which cuts out more ambient Gasses and things like that and also protects me from debris that actually hits my shield, my face shield. so in any case I’m Yeah, I want people to know that despite all these handicaps as you could say Because I was told that I need to change my career That they never stopped me I was I was passionate enough to continue to do what I was doing and that I Love what I do You

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