Sea Canyon Cliff Jumping in Croatia  | DD Squad Ep2

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Sit back, relax, and dive with DD Squad! *rock music* Oh my God! So we are here in Croatia – first day of
our cliff diving adventure! So we’re gonna go find some nice cliffs and try to do some creative dives. *rock music* Now we’re entering the restricted
zone. And a hole made by a tank Wooohooo! And let’s start jumping! *rock music* *seagull squawking* *rock music* *splash* *rock music* *splash* *splash* *splash* *splash* *splash* Spin it till you hit the ground. *rock music* *splash* *rock music* *splash* *underwater bubbles sounds* When we came here the first time, we said “Okay we need drone shots here.” So that’s why we called Mr. Sand, our drone
pilot *laugh* And yeah, we got some beautiful shots during these four days. *epic music* *splash* Wooohooo! *epic music* *splash* *epic music* *splash* *epic music* *splash* *epic music* *underwater bubble sounds* The drone rescuing mission wasn’t really
promising in the beginning, if I’m honest. But later on we checked the footage – the
last images that the drone made, we figured out the spot where the drone landed, and we were
successful at getting the drone out of water in like one hour. So today our
friends from Dunking Devils came here to jump with us, so we’ll go to some other
spots and we’re gonna have some fun. *rock music* *splash* *rock music* *splash* *splash* If you like what you see, DD Squad is the place to be! These girls are waiting for you! Okay, let’s go! 3… 2… 1… Woooo! *cheering and clapping* *splash* On the last day I pushed my limits, I landed on my belly and it, like, shook my organs around. The big challenge was double
gainer with 360° in the first gainer. I’ve never done it before. *seagull squawking* *rock music* *splash* *cheering* *splash* *splash* Whoa! *cheering* He’s okay. *rock music* *splash* *cheering* *rock music* *splash* *rock music* *splash* *rock music* *splash* *cheering and whistling* *rock music* If you want to spend next time with DD
Squad, write us! If you like our merch, This one comment below. So, thanks for watching the second episode! Subscribe, so you won’t miss the third one And press
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29 thoughts on “Sea Canyon Cliff Jumping in Croatia | DD Squad Ep2

  1. Wish I knew how to cliff jump like that!🤩 Teach me some time?😁 Awesome stuff guys, love watching your series. Keep up the good work!🔥

  2. Wooow that looks fun af!!🙌🏽🔥🔥😄 the drone shots😳😳amazing!
    Really good episode, u guys are pros💪🏽😁

  3. Jst predlagam, da začnete zraven vsakega videa še gatke ponujat, ker jih moram vsakič na koncu zamenjat 🙄 komot majo tud logo…

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  5. lupčki zlati, kle sem tut jst skalala, ko vi še privekal niste na svet, no ja salte glih ne 😉 težko gledam…sam da ste še živi in celi..

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