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Excellent efficacy of sea salt 10.
Did you know that superior health benefits can be obtained simply by changing salt to
sea salt? Let’s take a closer look at the effect of sea salt! Sea salt is a food that has become particularly
popular in recent years. It is popular not only as a substitute for refined salt but
also for promoting health. Sea salt is made by evaporating seawater.
In other words, we are not doing industrial treatment, so it is that the constituent substances
of the seawater are left intact . Essential minerals are very abundant and when
absorbed, the body has various benefits. Of course, the amount to eat should be a little.
Eating a lot in saying that it is good for your body will have an opposite effect on
your body. Although it is popular recently, there are
people who do not know about sea salt well. Let’s look at the efficacy of sea salt 10
today. 1. Strengthen the immune system: Sea salt nutrition helps the immune system
to produce antibodies. By eating a small amount of sea salt, it is
effective for prevention of virus infections that attack colds and influenza and body. 2. Help the body to alkalize: Sea salt has the effect of helping to alkalize
the body . This is because sea salt has been exposed to high temperatures. Even at high
temperature its nutrition has not been lost. In addition, the essential mineral of the
sea salt has the function of keeping the pH of the blood normal and promoting emission
of toxins and acidic substances. 3. Good for asthma: Because of anti-inflammatory and sedative
effects, sea ​​salt is considered good for troubles of the respiratory system. It also has the effect of preventing extra
sputum from being generated. In other words, it improves the passage of air and makes it
easy to breathe. Sea salt is considered very effective also
for people with asthma. 4. Protect heart health:
The 1/2 teaspoon of sea salt melted in lukewarm water will be a natural medicine to control
high cholesterol and blood pressure. Usually, people with high blood pressure must
refrain from salt, but sea salt is said to be safe if taken in small amounts. Sea salt contains a very abundant essential
mineral, so it will lead to reducing the risk of atherosclerosis, heart attack and myocardial
infarction. 5. Relieve muscle pain: Sea salt contains much potassium and magnesium
. Potassium and magnesium are indispensable minerals for muscles to function properly. These minerals have the effect of relieving
muscle tension, especially after intense activities and sports . Furthermore, it has the effect of keeping
the electrolyte value normal. 6. Good for depression:
Sea salt works to maintain the values ​​of two scientific substances, melatonin and serotonin,
related to human mental health . Because it suppresses the formation of cortisol,
it prevents the state such as stress and depression . 7. urge digestion: The chloride contained in the sea salt has
the function of generating natural acids that make carbohydrates and protein digestion processes
effective. By increasing digestive enzymes and good bacteria
for the body, absorption is promoted, the work of removing waste products and storing
nutrition is promoted. 8. Help sleep:
Due to the ability to stimulate the formation of melatonin, sea salt is also good for those
suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders. Put sea salt in lukewarm water and mix it,
because the mind and body relax, it is recommended before going to bed . I will invite a deep
sleep. It also works to clean the mucous membranes
of the body and will improve the snoring related to obstruction of the airways . 9. Make the most of the function of the brain: Essential minerals contained in sea salt are
very effective for brain function. When essential minerals are absorbed by the
body, the communication process and information process of brain cells are improved. This
is the key to concentration and memory. 10. Delay aging:
The antioxidant and alkaline effect of organic sea salt has the effect of delaying cell aging. In other words, adding sea salt to daily diet
has the effect of reducing the risk of physical or mental chronic illness. In addition, it has a detox effect, so it
is excellent as a supplement to prevent aging of the skin such as wrinkles. As you can see, compared to ordinary table
salt, sea salt contains many excellent health effects. Sea salt is sold at health food stores and
so on. Just because you are good for your body Do not overuse it Let’s take small amounts
into your usual diet.

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