Seasonal Allergic Asthma vs Non-Allergic Asthma

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Good morning Audrey, I see your son has
severe asthma… if his asthma is occurring mainly during this allergy
season..or spring and fall then then there’s a strong correlation
between allergies to pollen as well as mold in the air and asthma…it’s important to understand that there are different kinds of asthma..
there’s the allergic type and there is the non-allergic in which asthma can be
triggered by things like cold air, exercise, infections especially viruses
….this kind of asthma tends to occur
throughout the year and it tends to be worse during the winter time…so if you
notice that there is worsening asthma during the spring, summer, and fall
compared to the winter…then that is a strong indication that there is
allergic component and that his asthma can be much better controlled by
controlling the allergies…there are different ways to control
allergies for asthma which can range from regular medications and inhalers..
which I’m sure you’re aware …but there are other options and new treatments
like Biologics or.. allergy shots that can also offer a
great benefit to someone who has asthma.. and allergies…I hope this answers your

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