Seasonal Allergies or Sinusitis? – SLUCare Health Watch

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Health Watch many of you who may have
been reaching for the tissues more often now that spring has sprung however
those suffering all year long may be facing a more serious condition
one SLUCare doctor says those patients can still find relief Fox Two’s Kim
Hudson is on the Health Watch itchy eyes, runny eyes, itchy nose, sneezing, kind of
like hay fever type symptoms The miserable allergy season is here
but SLUCare ear, nose, and throat specialist Dr. Joseph Brunworth says
things can get worse Sinusitis adds on top of that nasal congestion pain and pressure in the face discharge coming out of the nose Dr. Brunworth says he
uses a CT scan and a tiny camera to see if an infection is blocking sinuses That sinus is filled with pus and sometimes we can do a little balloon in the office
to expand that sinus opening and then suction out that pus from that sinus But how can patients tell if they should go for an antihistamine or a doctor’s appointment if you’ve had one or two sinus infections per year I would
continue with the antibiotics but if you’re getting up to four to six times
per year of rounds of antibiotics it’s probably time to see a specialist and
think about surgery On the Health Watch I’m Kim Hudson

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