Seasonal Allergies

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Hi, I’m Dr. Hans Otto, a board-certified allergist with Family Allergy and Asthma. Every spring and fall patients come to us struggling with sinus congestion, post nasal drips, sneezing, coughing, and itchy or watery eyes. When a patient talks about experiencing these issues year after year in the spring or fall months, we start to suspect pollen could be the main allergy trigger. Seasonal allergies are often caused by tree or grass pollen in the spring and weed pollen, such as ragweed, in the fall. Sometimes symptoms can be managed with a combination of medications and avoidance methods, to reduce exposure to pollen. But knowing what you are allergic to is the first step to finding relief, so if you think you might have seasonal allergies, I recommend seeing an allergist for an allergy skin test to determine your allergic triggers and the best way to treat them.

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