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Blue Cross Blue Shield is a proud sponsor of “Second Opinion” Life Fearless. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches have
long been a staple kids diet but nowadays seems that peanuts have become a nightmare in
the school cafeteria. Allergies to peanuts must be on the rise.
Is that myth or medicine? Food allergy to peanuts is on the rise.
That’s medicine and I’ll tell you why. I’m
Carolina Marcus and I’m an assistant professor of pediatrics and medicine at the
University of Rochester. We do know that food allergies are on
the rise. food allergies in general but certainly peanut allergy as well. Over the last decade peanut allergy has
just about doubled in prevalence and it’s probably a combination of
various factors but the leading theory at this point is
called the hygiene hypothesis and basically what that means is that as we as a society have shifted our focus
tremendously over the last several decades to infection prevention
and attention to hygiene the immune system. Which use to really be
utilized early on in life to fight infection is actually shifting its
attention towards other things that its identifying as allergens
such as things in the environment or diet. Tom from Virginia asks “Do you have a
peanut allergy for life?” about 20 percent of children outgrow
peanut allergy by around the age of six so it really is
a minority of children who outgrow peanut allergy. That said
one in five will outgrow it. Child with food allergies really should
be scene and followed closely by an allergist immunologist there are various tests we can do to see if a
child might be starting to outgrow food allergy gives us an idea I’m things
such as allergy skin testing or blood IGE levels I do incourage
children with food allergies to be seen by an allergist
immunologist to get a sense as to whether they are outgrowing some other food allergies and also to discuss saftey
and that’s medicine. Not sure if it’s myth or medicine?
Connect with this online we will get to work and get you a second
opinion. Blue Cross Blue Shield is a proud sponsor of “Second Opinion” Life Fearless.

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