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Bluecross Blueshield is a proud
sponsor of Second Opinion. Live Fearless. If you have a child with allergies it is important to know how to treat a
reaction especially one that is serious signs of an allergic reaction can range
from skin rash to trouble breathing dyphenhydromine which is an
antihistamine like benadryl is often used to help alleviate symptoms
have allergies so if a child is having a serious
allergic reaction is it okay to treat with an
antihistamine and watch and wait? Is this myth or medicine? My child is
having a serious allergic reaction I should treat them with diphenhydramine
which is benadryl an antihistamine and I should watch and wait. That is a
myth, and I will tell you why. My name is S. Shahzad Mustafa I’m
a clinical assistant professor of medicine at the University Rochester
School of Medicine and Dentistry and I’m on staff at the Rochester
Regional Health System antihistamines such as diphenhydramine
or benadryl do not treat serious allergic reactions antihistamines are very good at treating
skin symptoms such as an itchy rash but they do not treat other serious
manifestations allergic reaction such as difficulty breathing,
gastrointestinal symptoms such as nausea and vomiting, and they certainly antihistamines do not
treat vascular system such as lightheadedness or passing out epinephrine treat all the symptoms that is one very important reason why
epinephrine is the only treatment for serious allergic reaction
a viewer asks after using epinephrine or an EpiPen,
why is it suggested to seek medical attention? If you use it Epinephrine to
treat a serious allergic reaction you we do ask that you seek medical attention not because the medication is
dangerous for you but rather because you just experienced a significant allergic
reaction twenty to thirty percent of significant
allergic reactions had a bi-phasic response and by that I mean that
they had a second wave symptoms that occur within 4-6 hours at the initial
episode is for this reason we would like to be
treated a medical facility once you have used epinephrine. and that’s medicine. Not sure if it’s
myth or medicine? Connect with us online we’ll get to work
and get you a second opinion Bluecross Blueshield is a proud
sponsor of Second Opinion. Live Fearless.

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