Sejarah Stone Garden, Padalarang Bandung Barat – Cerita Situs Laut Purbakala Bandung

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Hello guys … do you still remember our this video before? Father: Let’s keep going up The story isn’t finished yet … Khalif: Now I am at the highest point in this Stone Garden, the name is Puncak Panyawangan This rock peak in front of me is the highest point The situation here is very good view … Then … the journey to here is quite tiring But it all paid off with the beautiful scenery that I witnessed Now we continue the story … Okay … it’s time we tell you about the history of the Stone Garden Geopark HISTORY OF GEOPARK STONE GARDEN BANDUNG BARAT The Stone Garden Geopark was discovered in 2000 by Bandung basin researchers from ITB (Bandung Institute of Technology) But only in 2014 began to be promoted as a tourist spot It is recommended to wear comfortable sandals or shoes when visiting here because the land here is quite sticky and soft, especially now it’s the rainy season … don’t be like my sister … Formerly this stone garden is a shallow sea Around 27 to 30 million years ago This ancient sea site was formed due to the friction of the earth’s plates and ancient volcanic eruptions The process for millions of years has raised the surface of the stone garden to the mainland up to 900 meters above sea level this is evidenced by the discovery of fossils of ancient sea creatures For example like coral attached to the rock here so … this expanse of stone is millions of years old I imagined the beauty of this area in the past an area of ​​17 hectares more and more beautiful and artistic because it blends with the towering hill and verdant trees … Like in Pawon Cave, traces of ancient humans are also found here one proof, researchers found a tool to survive in the wild it is estimated that there have been humans here since 9500 years ago The karst region itself is estimated to have formed during the Miocene around 20 to 30 million years ago guys … if you play here be careful yeah .. the road is slippery but it’s really exciting … as well as challenging adrenaline Such is the story of the history of the stone garden from us if you want to add other information, of course you can Please write in the comments column or want to give references to tourist attractions in your area ?? We would love to receive it Don’t forget to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of the tourist attractions that you visit don’t scribble on rocks or litter so that this beautiful place will last forever … One more thing if you come here don’t forget the photos make sure the camera battery and cellphone are still full because the scenery here is very beautiful perfect for uploading on instagram As my mother did Khalif: Be careful Nezka … See, you fell alright then… Happy traveling, and still love the nature of Indonesia Greetings picnic from us … stay tune !!!

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  1. Wahh…..kereen banget spot di geopark stone garden Bandung……..🙏👍🏵️🌼💙💙🍒❤️💞🌷🍎👍🌼👍💞💞💞

  2. Hello my dear Layar!!

    Very beautiful video, i really like it very much!!
    Have good Sunday and Happy Holidays!! George + like 24

  3. Bagus bgt yah tempatnya…pengambilan videonya bagus bgt…informasi yg di sampaikan juga jelas
    Semangat terus berbagi tempat yg seru..semoga ada rejeki bisa main2 kesini

  4. Sekitar 27 – 30 juta tahun lalu ?
    Baru di bilang hati-hati, jatuh deh Hhihihiii … (maaf) ketawa dulu yaa 😁😁😁

  5. An excellent video of such a beautiful and interesting place.
    Awesome video. Love your camera angles and overall presentation. Well done! 👍39

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