SERU..!! Jajal Adrenalin Panjat Tebing Lembah Harau – NET YOGYA

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Enjoy the Adrenaline of Sport Climbing at Lembah Harau!! The beauty of Lembah Harau (Harau Valley) is not only make your eyes fresh But also, the cliffs can have attractiveness especially for the adrenaline junkies who loves sport climbing [music] Yes, Harau has been known as the heaven of sport climbing Why not? The place offered hundreds points to climb with various levels, from the beginner to the professional level Here’s the example, Merah Putih Harau Valley Climbing Community, with the same hobbies, the young guys are also focus to manage the potential in the Lembah Harau For them, cliffs are classroom to learn Learn the surrounding environment One of the climbers is Deden Has been being a climber for 12 years, he has travelled to various countries trying many impressing cliffs He also often makes records opened cliffs tracks around Indonesia Still, Harau is the most special for him What are the challenges? In Harau, we can climb more than 200 meters high of cliffs When we reached 200 meters, we can enjoy the magnificent scenery from the cliffs Not only can be enjoyed for nature lovers, Deden and other communities members open climbing class The program brings mission to share the beauty and the special sensation to anyone who wants to enjoy Lembah Harau Women instructors are available to assist women visitors I am curious and interested to try [music] It’s all ready, it’s time to climbing Bismillah The first step is not easy for me I am confused to choose the foot or the hand step The cliffs are not smooth There are many cracks and sharp edges I should through I feel pessimistic The choice is just take it or leave it I should not give up I’ve started so it’s impossible for me to stop before it’s done Moreover it’s a rare chance I won’t waste it Where should I go? Here or here? I am sure I can do it Go! Go! [music] Yes, slowly but sure I climbed the cliffs right in the side of Akar Berayun waterfall Even I can’t do it in one track, at least I’ve challenged myself to break my limit The key on climbing is we should try to find the right step and holder One more, don’t give up easily and throw all the fears! [music]

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