Sesame Street: Idina Menzel and Tay Diggs: Allergic

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IDINA MENZEL: Hi, I’m Idina. TAYE DIGGS: And I’m Taye. IDINA MENZEL: And we’re here
to tell you about the word, “allergic.” TAYE DIGGS: Now, the word
“allergic” means when you’re really sensitive to
something and it makes you itch or sneeze. DOG: Idina, Taye, I’m
sorry I’m late. I’m here to help you explain
the word, “allergic.” TAYE DIGGS: [SNEEZES] Excuse me. DOG: Hey, what’s
wrong with him? IDINA MENZEL: Oh, he’s
allergic to dogs. TAYE DIGGS: [SNEEZES] I’m sorry. DOG: OK, not a problem. I’ll send someone
bless you, honey. TAYE DIGGS: All right. Oh, thank you, baby. CHICKEN: [CLUCKING] All right, you cute
couple, you. I am here to help you with
the word “allergic.” IDINA MENZEL: Yeah,
oh, I’m itchy. I’m really itchy. CHICKEN: Oh, what’s
with the Mrs.? TAYE DIGGS: I’m afraid Idina’s
allergic to feathers. CHICKEN: Oh. Well, although the shave looks
great on you, I don’t plan to be a naked piece of poultry
any time soon. I’ll get someone to help. TAYE DIGGS: OK. IDINA MENZEL: Thank you. TAYE DIGGS: Thank you. IDINA MENZEL: Honey, can
you get my back? TAYE DIGGS: Sure, baby. [INAUDIBLE] Right here? IDINA MENZEL: Yeah,
a little higher. SHRIMP: Have no fear. I am here to help you with
the word, “allergic.” IDINA MENZEL: Oh no,
are you a shrimp? SHRIMP: Oui oui. Why? BOTH: Because we’re both
allergic to shrimp. IDINA MENZEL: Oh, god. SHRIMP: Oh, perfect. [LAUGHTER] ALL ANIMALS: Allergic. [MUSIC PLAYING] IDINA MENZEL: Oh, honey,
get my back. CHICKEN: I’ll help. TAYE DIGGS: [SNEEZES] IDINA MENZEL: God bless you. Ouch.

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  1. shes sooo ugly. square ass man face. he only married her cause hes a self hating uncle tom, typical of dark skin black men.

  2. @gettingthere007 How dare you! Just because they have the love that you may never achive does not give you a right to be so rude a disrespectful.

  3. While I know what they were going for here, and that it's a kid's show… that's not what it means to be allergic to shrimp.

  4. Bring Idina back to Sesame Street!! I would love to hear her sing with Elmo. Eden Espinosa (Idina's Original Standby for Elphaba) got to sing with Elmo at a benefit concert in honor of Kristin Chenoweth. They both sang FOR GOOD together.

  5. does it make sense to anyone that the chicken is help scratching her when she's "allergic" to the feathers? Haha love this clip ;D

  6. What stage did they play those characters? Was it Wicked? I'm pretty sure India was in Wicked. I haven't seen so I don't know for sure

  7. Yes it was Wicked and yeah! she was part of the OBC for Wicked and if you wanna see it i can tell you what to search for the show (im obsessed with Wicked but ive never seen it at a theater i love Idina too so ya know im an expert ;p) its bad quality though :/ but at least your get the gist of it search some of the songs if your intrested

  8. THEY'RE A COUPLE!?!?! I LOVE IT! However, this means my celeb-obsessed friends have failed me. What an inspiring combination. They are officially my favorite celeb couple. GORGEOUS AND TALENTED- BOTH!

  9. Did anyone hear the announcement today? IDINA is officially coming back to Broadway Spring of next year (2014)!!

  10. Lol!  Next time, bring Idina to explain "Frozen" (Not the movie!).  No really!  Bring her for a full show instead!  Worth melting for!

  11. Adele Dazeem!!!! Can't believe John Travolta mispronounced her name so wrong at the Oscars! It's Uh-Dee-Nah Men-Zel!!!

  12. SHE CALLED HIM HONEY AND HE CALLED HER BABY!!!!!!!!! WHY DID THEY HAVE TO BREAK UP!? WHHHHHYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????????????????????

  13. @Angie2343 Look, It's Maureen and Benny, even on Sesame Street they can't pay rent LOL They should get Jordan Gelber or Ann Harada to do a Word of the Day segment, maybe on the word "Divorce" or "Cynical", heck I'd kill to see Rick Lyon again maybe demonstrating how puppets work, (even though Paul Zaloom did that first)

  14. If you only know Idina Menzel because of Frozen I do not consider you a real "fanzel" until you have watched RENT at least once, have atleast 2 of her albums, have listened to all of her broadway cast albums, and are at least familliar with one of the shows she has been in. Otherwise, as many other fanzels who loved her before Frozen, would not consider you a fan. I have high respect for Idina lover's who came before Frozen. (not as long as I'd like-but fanzel for 7 years)

  15. Jonathan (Kallee's School) Because We are afraid that Idina and Tay are allergic to shrimp!!!!!!!! Kallee (Her School): nods her head yes

  16. Kallee (Bluevale): Hey, Everybody!!!!!!!! We are the kids from Bluevale!!!!!!!! I am Kallee!!!!!!!! Jonathan (Bluevale): I am Jonathan!!!!!!!! Abby (Sesame Street): And I am Abby!!!!!!!! Elmo (Sesame Street): Oh!!!!!!!! And Elmo is Elmo!!!!!!!! Kallee (Bluevale) And We are here to tell you all about the word Costume!!!!!!!! Elmo (Sesame Street): Yes!!!!!!!! Costume!!!!!!!!

  17. they never mentioned when you've eaten something like mushrooms or smelled something like bush daisies your whole body starts to swell up and you start sweating and shaking

  18. Idina: smiles, waves
    Taye: looks at Idina
    Idina: Hi, I'm Idina.
    Taye: And I'm Taye.
    Idina: And we're here to tell you about the word ALLERGIC.
    Taye: smack lips Now, the word ALLERGIC, means when your really sensitive to something,
    Idina: nods
    Taye: and it makes you itch, or sneeze.
    dog enters, panting loudly
    Dog: barks twice Uh, uh, Idina – – –
    Taye: quietly oh. . .
    Idina and Taye look at each other
    Dog: Taye, uh, uh, I'm sorry I'm late. I'm here to help you explain the word,
    Taye: scrunches nose
    Dog: ALLERGIC.
    Taye: sneezes, covers his mouth and quickly looks away
    Idina:* looks at Taye* oh, O0of.
    Taye: excuse me.
    Dog: Hey, turns to Idina what's wrong with him?
    Idina: Oh, he's ALLERGIC to dogs.
    dog: looks down, probably depressed oh, um. . .
    Taye: sneezes again
    Idina: looks at Taye, then back down at the dog
    Dog: Ok
    Taye: Sorry.
    Dog: Not a problem. I'll send someone else to help.
    Dog:* barks twice, leaves*
    Idina: Oh, god bless you honey, here hands Taye a random handkerchief
    Taye: takes the handkerchief and wipes nose oh, thank you, BABY

    Ok I give up now but leave a thumbs up for this work. Idina and Taye are adorable.

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