Seven natural remedies to eliminate sunlight allergy and hot urticaria

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Seven natural remedies to eliminate sunlight
allergy and hot urticaria. Hibiscus may develop as an allergic symptom
if it is in a hot place for a long time or hits sunlight . It is said to be an allergic
reaction of our body to the heat of the sun, the high temperature due to weather and temperature
changes. As a result, allergic symptoms such as redness
of the skin and urticaria appear with unpleasant symptoms such as pain. In particular, urticaria
tends to occur in sensitive areas of the skin including cheeks, neck, chest and other areas,
besides that it may develop fever, nausea, gastrointestinal diseases, etc. Some of these symptoms are suppressed by antihistamines
and cortisone, but natural therapy is recommended. In this video, we will introduce seven natural
remedies that you would like to try immediately as soon as allergy symptoms occur. 1. Dry yeast: When dry yeast is applied to the skin, it
reduces pain and itching due to urticaria. It alleviates symptoms by suppressing inflammation
while normalizing the pH value. How to use: Put the yeast in water and mix it, put the
part where urticaria appears and gently rub it,
Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cold water,
Please continue until symptoms disappear. 2. Ice: “Ice” is the most well-known method for relieving
symptoms such as urticaria caused by sunlight allergy etc. Improve circulation while suppressing
inflammation, relieve symptoms by keeping body temperature normal. How to use: Gently massage the affected area for 5-10
minutes with a soft cloth wrapped with ice. Repeat 2-3 times a day. 3. Olive Oil: Olive oil is a food with many efficacies to
the skin, but essential fatty acid contained in olive oil has the effect of preventing
drying and aging of the skin among them. How to use: Rub it gently by applying a small amount of
olive oil to the skin, Make sure the skin naturally absorbs olive
oil, Please go twice a day. 4. Aloe vera:
Aloe vera has various effects to relieve symptoms of skin related diseases. Especially while supplementing moisture while
reducing rash and redness due to high temperature and sunlight, it keeps natural moisturizing
effect and balance of pH value of the skin by antioxidant action. Ingredients: 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel. How to use: Rub it gently on the affected part with Aloe
vera gel, Leave it for 20 minutes and rinse with cold
water, Please go three times a day. 5. Chamomile tea: The cold chamomile tea acts as a lotion to
relieve symptoms such as tingling pain and rash. It also has the effect of keeping body
temperature and digestive function normal by drinking directly . Materials:
Chamomile 1 tablespoon , 1 cup of water. How to use: Put a tablespoon of dried chamomile in 1 cup
of boiling water and extract for 10 minutes as it is,
When it gets suitable temperature it paints on the affected part and gently rubs it,
If you drink 1-2 cups a day the effect will improve. 6. Oatmeal:
Oatmeal has a moisturizing effect, restorative effect, and the effect of alleviating symptoms
against various skin symptoms . By painting oatmeal directly, it reduces redness
and relieves pain and itching, so it reduces rashes and redness. How to use: Put 1 cup of oatmeal into a bath filled with
water and leave it for 5 minutes, I will enter this bathtub,
Please add massage with rose water as you like. Please go on a daily basis until symptoms
are relaxed. 7. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple cider vinegar has the function of preventing
and alleviating allergic symptoms while normalizing the natural pH value of the skin. Reducing
redness and itching while relieving allergic symptoms by painting directly on the affected
area. How to use: Mix water and apple cider vinegar and put
it in a spray bottle, After spraying on the affected part, wait
for natural skin absorption, Please go twice a day. As we have introduced this time we can relieve
allergic symptoms that are unpleasant with natural therapy done with 100% natural ingredients
. However, please try each natural remedy one at a time. To avoid side effects etc,
never combine.

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