Severe Asthma

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My name is Dominique Hill and asthma runs
through my family – my sister has it, my mother has it, I lost a best friend to it, and now
my daughter has it. I’m scared I might lose her one day. I’m Jake Cohn and I’ve had severe asthma since
birth. My lungs are extremely scarred from asthma
and all the steriods. My whole childhood just severe coughing spasms
and asthma attacks have damaged my lungs. Jake’s been a big challenge – for Jake, we’ve
had to use everything that we’ve learned from clinical trials to bring innovative new treatments,
medications, procedures, lifestyle changes. What is the next thing we’re gonna offer him? I am scared, you know, I’ve been scared since
she was 3 months. I could tell she was having trouble breathing
and she started turning pink and I got somebody to bring me to National Jewish and luckily
we made it here just in time. It’s just a really scary feeling with a 15-month-old. I’m scared to wake up to my child not waking
up in the morning. She’s only a baby. Kailia’s really young to have such a severe
case of asthma; she’s already been in and out of the hospital. She’s had several life-threatening episodes. There could be speed bumps along the way and
what I’m really concerned about is the next speed bump could cost her her life. When are we gonna get to a cure for asthma
and people like Jake and Kailia have more options? I’m hoping for Kailia that she’s able to grow
up and be able to play and run like the other kids. It changed my life. It is physically demanding; I get out of breath
every time I ski. For somebody like Jake, it’s just absolutely
amazing to me what he’s been able to accomplish. We need more research, we need more investigation,
we need to study people like Kailia and Jake and National Jewish is the perfect place to
do that. Never say you can’t do something because of
your asthma and never let it get in the way of your passion.

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  1. I have severe asthma im 14 I had it since I was 1 its been getting worse and im getting scared of it and I have really bad allergies to and I have to take shots

  2. Guys I have a big life hack for Athsma drink strong coffee or tea when having a asthma attack or feel one comming on 2 think about switching toothpaste and switching to a more natural one it really helped me

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