Sharing Decisions about Asthma Treatment Options

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Our shared decision-making intervention is a series of tools, it’s kind of a toolkit. It was originally designed by Kaiser
Permanente, so we kind of borrowed it and adapted it for our patient population,
and we go in and we work with the patients with a series of dials and
interactive materials that are color-coded and it leads them through a
shared decision-making process, which is a five-step process, where we engage the
patient, share information, negotiate with the patient through different treatment
plans, and finally we come up with a treatment plan that’s agreed by both the
patient and the provider. Patients very much like shared decision-making.
Providers like shared decision-making, we saw examples throughout our project of
spread of shared decision making a real ripple effect, in that they were trained
in asthma shared decision-making but they were taking that approach into
other disease states.

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