Shark Cartilage Supplements Put to the Test to Cure Cancer

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[Music] when it comes to marketing unproven cancer treatments the Internet has become the Wild West fraudsters are able to take advantage of people like never before cancer patients find quackery on the web boom owned the National Cancer Institute did you know there were more than 200,000 documents about cancer on the web what when was this published Oh 1996 s just a few years after the web was born not to worry though said the author of dr. London’s guide to online medicine it takes a lot of time and money to maintain a webpage so don’t worry the massive information on the Internet will dwindle during the next few years as the internet matures right yes doodling from 200,000 down to a mere quarter of a billion and one of the most commonly recommended quote/unquote alternative cancer cures on popular websites is shark cartilage much has been made in recent years of the mystical aura afforded to the stuff clearly part of it is the visceral fear of cancer combined with a healthy respect for creature that survived basically unchanged since prehistoric times it’s been reported that sharks rarely get cancer and their skeleton is made out of cartilage and so logic has led some to believe that this must be the reason for sharks relative health not exactly sure that’s logical but they do have a lot of cartilage cartilage in general has few blood vessels and blood vessels are important for cancer growth and all this conspired to prime fraught cancer patients for shameful exploitation by pseudoscience and the supplement industry with the addition of just one myth and that’s sharks don’t get cancer but they do get cancer after all just another layer of fallacious arguments successfully convincing desperate cancer patients to buy ineffective products but wait you don’t know if it’s ineffective until you put it to the test 60 patients with a variety of advanced cancers given like a dozen scoops a day of shark cartilage and not a single even partial response was noted in any of their tumors ineffective with no salutary effect on the quality of life in fact suffering significant gastrointestinal toxicity from the stuff all the while the tumors progressed in all the patients but what’s missing from this survival greville what happened in the control group there was no control group so while this is what you’d expect to see in advanced cancer patients how do we know the cancers wouldn’t have progressed even faster without the shark cartilage that’s why we need randomized controlled trials but there weren’t any until the Mayo Clinic stepped up a randomized placebo-controlled double-blind clinical trial for patients with incurable breast or colorectal carcinoma data on a total of 83 patients was analyzed and there was no difference in survival between patients getting shark cartilage versus those getting placebo nor any suggestion of improvement in quality of life there was evidently a prostate cancer study – only five patients were even able to complete the study and in all five their cancers continued to progress unabated so unfortunately the claims for benefits of shark cartilage are completely unsubstantiated by any objective data from controlled clinical trials not so fast that supplement manufacturers may be these crude commercial shark cartilage powders just don’t have high enough levels of whatever active components there may be so cancer patients should instead be taking shark cartilage extract pills Southern National Cancer Institute said fine we’ll test that – just to make absolutely sure and so they funded a randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial to put it to the test unlike the other heartless dietary supplement studies they used the purified extract and the study outcome was on ambiguous it failed the shark cartilage group lived 14 months in the placebo group lived 15 months so no significant difference in survival or at the time progression or tumor response rate so these clinical studies suggest shark cartilage is not just an unproven cancer remedy but actually a well disproven one yet despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary such claims persisted for example the huckster who started it all wrote a sequel shark still don’t get cancer perhaps the only cure for this myth is to spread the rumor that cartilage from the noses of such quacks fights cancer – anyway if you really want to eat angiogenesis inhibitors why sit down to a bowl of cartilage powder when you could just eat an apple or drink green tea or turmeric or pomegranates berries and nuts soy beans flax seeds broccoli all of which have been shown to have anti-angiogenic effects [Music] you

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  1. Quack, archaic quacksalver, from Dutch: kwakzalver a "hawker of salve".
    Harper, Douglas. "quack". Online Etymology Dictionary. Retrieved 2015-11-06.

  2. I imagine they all felt an improvement in their joints which is what shark cartlidge is renowned for. Never heard of it being good for fighting cancer, wouldn’t makes sense.

  3. And once again, the medical pseudoscience community gets rekt by Dr. Gregory’s inhuman ability to… speak logic. Gg m8. <3

  4. That guy (author of the book) should burn in hell. But since I am an atheist, instead we should put him on an Aleutian Island where he can scrounge around for rat meat.

  5. Charlatans that lie to desperate and ill people in order to extract money from them deserves to be target practice at the shooting range.

  6. Hi Dr…I would like to know if there are trials made for the plant Neem…two good friends of mine, with stage iv breast CA, cured completely eating healthy, no sugars and this plant was added to there salad, 1cup of the leafs 2x a day. Any trials made? Any info?

  7. Why am I not at all surprised… -Add to that the fact that half the time supplements don't even contain what the packaging says and it's just more snake oil selling… -Me and the few sharks still out there are very thankful, Doc!

  8. I've been looking at all the alternative cancer cures ever since my father was slashed, burned, and poisoned to death. Never came across anything on shark cartilage but maybe I unknowingly ignored it along with a lot of other BS. So doc, how about a look at some of the alternative cures that work? Like iodine for breast cancer? Oh wait, there's no studies on that so you'll never know. Things that work don't have studies published likely because that would put the cancer industry out of business.

  9. It's sad that they have to spend money to perform trials on hypothesized "treatments" in which there isn't even a theorized mechanism for how it would work. I guess these could eventually result in some finding, but it seems way less likely than embracing the existing body of scientific knowledge.

  10. Hi Dr, I would like to know what´s about shark cartilage against arthritis pain and osteomuscular pain. Because here in Argentina shark cartilage is sold with thats property and i suspect that doesn´t works too.

  11. Curcumin and green tea also listed in those quack cures. I wonder how far you have to go down to find flaxseeds or broccoli or kale or a vegan diet.

  12. Thank you Dr. Greger! As always, I appreciate you dispelling scientific facts from cultural myths! To your health and those of the people you serve! Cheers! Go plant power!

  13. Can you make a video about snail protein supplements and joint pain? The theory seems flawed – the snail is able to regenerate itself so if we consume snail protein, we might be able to regenerate our joints?!?

  14. Shark & All Animal protein causes us infinite diseases & environmental Biggest disaster, in addition to most devastating pain, Suffering & forever wipeout extinction of animal species that otherwise would fertilize, plant, germinate, enrich water & dry Land soils to continuously grow our Environments Survival Essential Oxygen Abundant Rich Edible~ Nutritionally Balanced Plants & Planktons to Heal our health & our world Environment💚🌱🙏Go #Vegan4Health #Vegan4Environment #Vegan4Compassion #Vegan2Save50ThousandGallonsWaterFor1PoundMeat🚫 #Vegan2StopContaminatingPlantsW_SalmonellaAnd_E_Coli #Vegan2EndWorldHunger #Vegan2StopDailyBurningAmazonJungleAndRainForest2GrowGMO_CancerousSoyWheatCorn2FeedAgricultureFarmedAnimalPrisonersOfRapeAbuseAndTortured2Death🔥🌳🐅🦁🐻🐺🐢🐠🦇🐒🦍🐘🚫

  15. Read almost all the comments, some smart and awake people BUT. No one seems to notice that ALL this research was done by goverment funded cancer institutes, same goverment that allows and promotes MSG ASPARTAME and other chemicals in 2 our food (not to mention) GMO) u really think that they would tell you the truth ? Idiot this mcgregor

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  17. How much protein do I need for muscle growth?
    Is it true if I eat a lot at once some of it will go to waste because the body can only absorb a certain amount per meal?

  18. i read the book, Sharks Don't Get Cancer by Dr. Lane and I recall that of 10 terminally ill patients who underwent Shark Cartilage suppository protocols, 1 patient died early, 1 quit, and the other 8 showed significant improvement. however from watching this video i am stunned and will slow down my claim that SC might just do the trick. i did not expect to hear this 8{. i do recognize the voice of the narrator, however, and didn't he write "How Not To Die"? i'm listening to his audio book regarding the benefit of a plant-based diet. still/always learning!

  19. On your list 1:10 was Curcumin as well, & you validate Curcumin in a number of videos…So may be, just may be, Shark cartilage will be validated in the near future (I hope).

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