3 thoughts on “‘She literally could not breathe,’ Amarillo mom links daughter’s asthma attack to vaping

  1. Google "Tobacco Master Settlement Agreement" and you'll actually find the truth behind all of this. It's all about bonds and debts and has nothing to do with anyone's health.

  2. The reason for children using vape devices are they where being pushed on marking to kids by juul?? good to know. Also juul has high nicotine compared to normal vapes also juul is available in stores which allow children like drugstores and a convenience stores. The stores that are exclusive vape stores tend to sell wide variety of flavors and allow no kids they sell to adults and ask customers they are meeting for the first time questions like how much do you smoke so they can. They tell a non-smoker to not vape at all. No reason to have anyone start using nicotine. For the past ten years there has been great success at getting smokers to quit using vape device but, this should not be at all to the detriment of children health. The many benefits of this technology should not be overshadowed by negligent politicians unwilling to regulate these products.

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