Shell Eco Marathon 2016 – Days 6&7

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Days 6 & 7 – Runs We’ve got some technical issues Namely… A failing velocity sensor Thus we repaired it, that’s okay Now we are ready for the run And we hope the best ! Nico, Lea, how things are going ? Yes! We finally validate a run, we did it ! We are ecstatic ! I think we’ve applied a good strategy. We were pretty well, with a safety margin But we had to validate We managed to respect the right accelerations The track wasn’t overcrowded It was nice we could act freely on the track It was perfect, without too much participants How many kilometers ? We did 931 km/L! Validate, Amazing! Which rank us currently… in the top four ! AND IT IS A TOP FIVE ! YEEEES ! Aeeeem… After this first run, We realized that We’ve got enough time to perform a last – bonus – run So a fifth run So we were motivated, the car was awesome, We went for a last attempt to improve our performance That’s what we did, our strategy works pretty well, And we finally set our record of 1020 km/L of gasoline ! That’s great, we reached the symbolic 1000 km We improved our previous performance And we’re in the top five.. At the fifth place of the Shell ! * Voilà 😀 * 5th over 51 Gasoline prototypes
Thanks to the whole team, our partners, INSA, and Shell

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