Should All Children Have Their Cholesterol Checked?

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[Music] this is not a slice of pizza but could perhaps be thought of as the result of too many slices of pizza this is what the inside of our major arteries look like in an advanced stage of atherosclerosis lined with fat and cholesterol we know that coronary artery disease doesn’t just magically appear though the disease begins during early childhood progressing unrecognized for several decades – it’s often final an unexpected endpoint of chest pain disability or simply death we need to remind ourselves that atherosclerosis begins in childhood as fatty streaks in the arteries which are the precursors of the advanced lesions that ultimately kill us by our 20s 20% of the inner surface of the artery coming off the heart is covered in fatty streaks so 50 years ago pathologists started raising the question of whether heart disease is best handled by cardiologists or by pediatricians because by their 30s many young adults already have advanced coronary atherosclerosis an intervention from our 30s on is actually what’s called secondary prevention just trying to mediate the ravages of the disease rather than prevent the disease itself because advanced atherosclerosis is likely already present and we’re exporting the problem around the world young thin apparently healthy individuals yet 97% of their collected arteries looked like this so even in developing countries where they’ve acquired our eating habits we’re seeing an epidemic of heart disease and sudden death that is if you’re not shot first moreover the risk factors that correlate with the extent of such early lesions are the same risk factors that correlate with heart attacks later in life in other words it’s the same disease just in the early stages some pathologists the ones doing the autopsies and all these young people and seeing all the this coronary artery disease began urging many years ago that preventive measures should be instituted earlier in life we’ve known that fatty streaks exist in young children for over a century but it wasn’t until 1994 that a taskforce convened by the government came up with a radical idea the strategic key and the greatest opportunity in preventing cardiovascular disease is to prevent the development of risk in the first place in my video heart disease starts in childhood I noted that fatty streaks the first stage of atherosclerosis were found in the arteries of nearly a hundred percent of kids by AIDS age 10 raised on the standard American diet in recognition of this fact the latest Academy of Pediatrics recommendation is that all kids get their cholesterol tested starting between the ages of nine and eleven of course this has drug companies salivating at the thought of slipping statins into Happy Meals but long-term drug intervention is costly may be associated with adverse effects they’re talking about lifestyle modification in my video how many meet the simple seven I revealed the breathtaking statistic that only about one in two thousand US adults met the seven American Heart Association criteria for a heart healthy lifestyle what about American teenagers of the 4673 adolescents aged 12 through 19 that were studied 0 made the cut what was the main sticking point well you know most teen boys and girls don’t smoke the the white bars show the percentage meeting the criteria most aren’t overweight but almost no one ADA healthy diet less than 1% of young men and women met a minimum of healthy diet criteria this sorry state of affairs is what’s behind this controversial paper suggesting that the current generation of us children and adolescents our children may be one of the first generations to be less healthy and have a shorter lifespan than their parents [Music] you

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  1. Been plant based for two years now. I'm 24 and my cholesterol hasn't budged from the optimal range, I keep a very lean physique all year round and have incredible energy. I feel like I can jump,out of bed in the morning and I'm excited for some green tea. I pretty much have this channel and Dr. Gregor for these amazing health benefits that I am having. It's not that I don't miss the taste of meat because I do on occasion, but the reason I don't eat it is because of the way it makes me feel. It makes my lethargic and bogged down and does not sit well with my stomach.

  2. Dr Gregor could u give us some advice on how to change our diets. Because apparently cheese is one of the most addictive foods, and none of my freinds want to give it up. If u can't thanks anyway for u work

  3. I have a friend who is borderline diabetic and overweight but she's falling for the low carb nonsense. I've tried to encourage reducing meat consumption in her diet because that's how I lost weight, but she just has her fingers in her ears. I don't know how to get her to see the light. I figured being a good role model would help but it hasn't. Some people are just too stuck in their comfort zones I guess.

  4. When I was 6 my mother took me to the hospital to have my blood tested to look for an allergy cuz I had an itchy reaction in my skin. What the doctor found out was that my cholesterol levels were over 200. At age six!

  5. It is so sad that it is the adults that are giving unhealthy foods to the children. They just eat what they are given or have access too.

  6. Though I ate healthier than the SAD most of my life, I must have had some fatty streaks, cause I had chestpains after 30, but I remember getting back bloodtests as an omnivore and my cholesterol was generally fine…

  7. glad im watching these videos as a twenty-something and not when it might already be too late. too bad talking to friends, family and colleagues about these things won't change a fucking thing. sucks to feel alone as somewhone who actually cares about stuff.

  8. At age 53, I weigh less today than I did 30 years ago. It's simple: plant based diet and starchy foods. I don't even exercise but do go for long walks every day.

    I've been to Brazil many times because my ex is from there. Meat, meat products and cheese are ubiquitous. And even though fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables are also everywhere, I couldn't see how eating them could control health deterioration when every meal has meat in it.

  9. Crazy! Food Cholesterol has no relation to blood cholesterol levels. I like your videos Dr. Greger but you do have a serious biased against all animal food products even, eggs. To put the unnecessary fear of Cholesterol on the hearts of Children would put more pressure on they're already heavy burden hearts.

  10. Most of the kids in this country are unhealthy and at high risk because of the crap food given to them by the schools lunch program. Carbs, fat, salt, sugar and questionable meat products are all the food contains. This is a government mandated program they have to adhere to. It is a sad thing. Thank you Dr Greger.

  11. Hi DR, l tried plant base food for two weeks, and l liked it, however l started get headache , the same one l used to had before when my blood has less VB12, l tried all yours advices, Do you think there is exception for some people need to eat animals products…

  12. So fucked up, when you are young its when your body needs the best food. This is when your body NEEDS optimal nutrition so you can set your life up for health, wealth, and happiness… Sad that most of us get fucked over from the get go…

  13. Can you do a video on consuming canned goods like beans and vegetables and by draining the liquid in the can are we reducing alot of the sodium?

  14. Yes you're right about the American diet and lifestyle, but cholesterol is not the problem…you gotta look what caused the cholesterol to build up and why? nobody talks about that…"just give em statin drugs and it will lower cholesterol…and fertility and give you alzheimer's disease"…says the almighty MD
    …CHOLESTEROL IS NOT THE PROBLEM!!! CHOLESTEROL IS TRYING TO SAVE YOU. Do some research before you go on or give your kids statin drugs.

  15. "sigh" I watched a Webinar about the dietary guidelines sponsored by someone who consults for the beef board, dairy counsel, and yogurt board….but had no conflicts of interest 🙂 I love it – note – sarcasm – But I got a free credit from it!!!! – thanks !!!

  16. This is totally insane. Children need cholesterol for brain development and for growing bodies. They need it so much, that every cell in the body produces it.

  17. Great points for those of us with infants just starting to eat solid foods. Start they early. Fruits. Vegetables. Early and often!

  18. Can someone help with my discouragement ?
    I watch my friends and co workers eat eggs,bacon,bread white of course, pizza,ham n cheese on white bread rolls, chicken, fried chicken, steaks,hotdogs,burgers,chips,french fries, and everything with cholesterol,
    And yet we compare dr visit cholesterol numbers and they're at total 160-170.
    They're mostly over weight fat bellies and almost completely sedentary.
    I'm always at 200. I know I eat much healthier then they do and I swim and walk. Wtf.

  19. I ALWAYS blame the parents, as children do not make their own food choices, nor do they purchase nor cook their own food.

  20. No mention of the calcification of the arteries? No mention of vitamin K2? No mention of inflammation? Come on Doc your bias is blinding you to the rest of the story, there is MUCH more to this problem than just cholesterol.

  21. my son had cholesterol at 10! no junk food and plenty of exercise. The problem was genetics plus chicken breast in his diet. 6 months later he went vegetarian and cholesterol was 150 not 200. Now he has been vegan for 3 years and is super healthy and tall as a 17 year old

  22. Thanks Dr. Greger. Love your videos. My two kids (6 and 8) have never had meat in their lives and have been 100% vegan for 2 years now. Despite that I'm a single mom with no time to help with their homework so they are fully self driven, they excel at school and are top of the class for math and my daughter mastered reading very early. My son mastered the rubix cube last year. They never get sick, not even little colds and go to public school. They both are thriving and full of energy. I don't believe they have any blockages like this and this makes me feel like I am really helping them with something so important – setting them up for a lifetime of wellness. I hope we can be an example of thriving on plants because I still hear people thinking they need animal products to be healthy, not realizing it works the other way around.

  23. Thank god I went vegan at the beginning of age 14. With 11 I already had high blood pressure. I must have had that pizza looking fat inside of me. For sure!

    Whole plant-based ♡♥♡

  24. Ignorant rants are when free speech goes wrong, it's intriguing how vegans who are self-claimed compassionate humans attack others based upon pure ignorance. Some vegans have to work twice as hard to undo the damage that is caused by so-called advocates of love and kindness 🤦🏽‍♂️

  25. I am a 21 year old vegan who is generally healthy and exercises a few times a week. Would there ever be a reason for someone like me to ever go to a cardiologist later in life?

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