Sick Kitten Dropped Off In A Box

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Hannah: So right now we are turning into Petco. I have deja vu. This is like, we just did this. Andrew (mumbling): It’s almost nighttime… Hannah: I see the kitten! Andrew: She looks okay! Hannah: Hi! Hannah (giggling, singing): How much is that ki-tten in the window? Let’s go in. Here we are again. [Hannah laughing] Hi! How’s she doing? Employee: Wheezy. She’s sneezing snot all over herself. Hannah: I hear her breathing. Employee: She’s, we’ve cleaned her face up a couple of times. Employee: They brought her in this Mr. Coffee box.
Hannah: Sweet! Hannah (reading sign): “Brought kitten to Petco, left with thanks.” Employee: This eye looks a little bit red. It’s got some irritation by it. The other one seems a little better though. Hannah: I’m mostly worried about her inability to breathe. Employee: But the green one — nope there’s the — Hannah: Sneezing. Employee: And the skitchies. Hannah: Okay. Can I? Employee: Yeah, absolutely. Hannah: Hi! It’s okay! Oh, hi! She’s like eight weeks. Employee: I saw her and I figured she was over six. She might be a he. Hannah: There’s a lot of fur between the genitals and the butt. Employee: Okay. Hannah: That’s his testicles. Employee 2 (offscreen): Wait, so it’s a boy? Hannah: It’s a boy. Yeah.
Employee 2: We gotta boy! He looks a little better then I was expecting, but he feels thin. He nuzzles a lot. Oh my god, you’re so sweet! Employee: I got here, and I called Alana, and I was like, so do you think Hannah’s gonna come if I tell her I have another kitten for her? Hannah: And Alana was like, “She’s a sucker.” Employee: Alana was like, “Call her!” [Hannah laughing] Employee: We need an official, just like a kitten lady. But, we’re getting there! Hannah: Thanks! Good to see you!
Employee: Thank you for coming to pick him up. Hannah: Good news is he’s meowing. [Kitten meows very quietly] The bad news is he’s very wheezy. I can hear him from here. It could just be a really bad upper respiratory infection, so we want to get him hydrated, going to get him warm. You want to give him an antibiotic. Hopefully he will be feeling better in a couple of days. He won’t be feeling better right away. But the thing is, if he doesn’t get on an antibiotic, it will just keep getting worse. He’s really beautiful. So this little guy has a really bad upper respiratory infection. I can tell because he’s wheezing. [Very faint kitten wheezing] I can hear all of his breathing, and he’s got a really, really, crusty nose. So the first thing I’m gonna do is just… try to clear some of these external boogers off. You just want to be careful, of course, never to totally cover their nostrils, ’cause then they won’t be able to breathe. So just quickly wiping. Great! His nose is clear now. So this little guy is so small and thin that his dose is really, really, tiny. So he is going to get 0.03 milliliters of doxycycline, which looks like this. Aw, you’re so nice! [Hannah making kissing sounds] Nobody likes getting medication, but not so bad! Right? [humidifier whirring, kitten meowing] Beanie, you just gotta breathe in that saline, buddy! [Kitten meowing] Hannah: Hey! [Kitten meows] Hannah: Whoop! Hannah: You ready to play popcorn? Doop! Good job, Beanie! [Kitten purring] Okay Beans, have a nice life! You did so good! I’m proud of him. He was such a mess when he got here. Seriously was like, bone thin, couldn’t breathe. He was like sunken in, and now he’s like this, fat, glorious cat. That’s probably why he eats so freakin’ much, because he’s making up for lost time. Thank you for giving him a good home. Adopter: Oh, thank you. Hannah: I’m very happy for you!

100 thoughts on “Sick Kitten Dropped Off In A Box

  1. Ma come si fa a fare una cattiveria umana nei confronti di questi poveri animali indifesi? Quando stanno bene ok e abbandonati quando stanno male 😤😤😤😤

  2. I am literally crying on every video i watch on your channel like your the sweetest person in the world 😍

  3. You're so awesome. I really love what you'r doin -^3^-
    About 2 years ago, I found a litter of kittens at work. 2 are already dead an 2 alive. The mother has left them… I took the 2 left with me. Sadly one has passed away 2 weeks later but the other one is still with me. My little big boy Damon <3

  4. My cat had fiv and kittens flo when she was a baby and I fostered her until she was completely better

  5. God bless people like you I am so happy there is people in the world that love and care for animals like you Cats are my favorite animals thank you😘😘😘😺😸😍😍👍🏻❤️🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼👱🏻‍♀️. Love you 😍

  6. I did not know cats had tear ducts, but his little eyes were so watery! Poor baby thanks for making him better! Hes so sweet!

  7. Please help me 562.276.6640. I have two kittens a week in a half and I'm an extremely hard sleeper, and I have no one to help me

  8. Awwwwwwwwww this video heals my heart 😭😭😭
    This is the type of thing i need to make it to tomorrow
    Thank you 💕💕💕💕

  9. 3:33; the "undiscernable" is "saline", which is salt water used to treat dehydration.

  10. I knew once the kitten was in your hands he would be OK. I have seen sick kittens on other channels who have died because of improper care. The care giver loved the cat but just didn't know what to do. I have often wished they could have gotten the kitten to you. I know you can't save all kittens. But, if a kitten dies on your watch it is only because absolutely nothing else could have been done.

  11. I was never a fan of tattoos on a woman, for Kitten lady it is a little extreme.. But I love it on her, anyone who cares for such vulnerable and needy kittens or all animals like that has won me over.. You go Kitten Lady.. Do you have a donation box I can check? I am a recently retired soldier and can do a few bucks on the 1st.. Take care and keep it up..

  12. this little guy made my heart melt cause I have a cat kinda of like him. my cat is actually around 7 but he has really bad allergies so he has a lot of snots and sneezes, but the vet has told us that it is just allergies. my mom and I can sympathize, we also have pretty bad pollen allergies. the way this kitten was nuzzling his humans is so cute and like my other cat lol

  13. Awww! He reminds me of my cat, Bisque. He is now a year old, and sweeter than ever. He loves to nuzzle, as well as Beanie!

  14. I can't believe people think cats are mean, selfish creatures when this little fuzzy bean exsists. Look at him nuzzlin! Such a sweet little man

  15. wow, he looks so much happier! it's so nice when you show us the sick/hurt ones n how you fixed em all up 🙂 you're my favorite YT channel.

  16. Poor baby doesn’t like to be separated from his human. Real lovey and nuzzley. He is so adorable and I wish I could’ve adopted him! Glad he has a home though.
    I lost my sweet boy kitty who was attached to me since he was two or three months old. He would follow me everywhere. Not to be crude but he even followed me to bathroom and would sit on my foot haha if I didn’t let him into bathroom, he’d squeeze under the door to get to me or claw it.
    When we lay down he would wrap all paws around my arm. Fell asleep hugging my forearm most nights. Wish I could post the photo I have of that!
    I nicknamed him Klingon (that kitty clung on to me from the day after we met, that is when he finally trusted me. Permanent full bond). Thirteen years of his love! ❤️🙏🏻 I miss so badly. I feel guilt for three years now and still working on “things happen and it’s not my fault” part of grief… I separated him and I so I could short travel. last time I saw Klinger was from street when I left. I saw him through window. His mouth was moving from meowing, I could not hear but I waved and whispered apology for having to leave.

    These days for my peace is I pretend he is snuggling to God or angel, being fed the best of tuna and able to know the joy of feathers-on-sticks that never break or shred.
    I commend you for being able to save/foster animals, bond and adopt them out. I’m relieved when people give you the cats back instead of just leaving at shelter or in box at store. That must be part of your adoption contract?
    Bless you, your boyfriend, anyone who helps you and those who adopt/foster too!

  17. I feel so invested in these beautiful creatures…. my cat Dexter feels cheated on. But I love this lady. How can we be so obsessed with these beautiful creatures.

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