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(bass notes) – [Tiffany] Good
morning, Babies. Woof, woof. – Good morning.
– [Tiffany] Good morning. – Good morning. – [Tiffany] How are you?
– Good. – [Tiffany] Was
it a happy Halloween? – Yeah.
– [Tiffany] Did you have fun? Yeah, back to school. Three more days this week. – It just kind of
feels like a Friday. – [Tiffany] I know, I know. Alright, ready to go to school? (Tiffany chuckles) – [Clintus] Oh, yeah,
smell that coffee? You smell it? Of course you can’t,
there’s no smell o’ vision. But imagine you’re
smelling the coffee as it brews. It’s glorious. G’morning, guys,
welcome to the vlog. It’s November 1st,
which is what, Sierra? – Our birthday month.
– Our birthday month! That’s right. And it’s also Thanksgiving,
here in America. Which is a feast,
a family feast, if you will. And we’re having Thanksgiving
dinner here at our house. We have this lovely buffet
line here, as you can see. We have this lovely island here. This kitchen was made for family get togethers and family meals. There’s only one problem. We got nowhere to eat
our Thanksgiving dinner. We gotta do that in
the next like two weeks. (laughs) We went looking. You guys saw the vlog,
Tiff and I went looking. I think she found
the one she wants. We just gonna
have to order it online, get it shipped into the store, and then have it
delivered to the house. So, that’s the plan. We just gotta pull the trigger. Pick a day,
pick a week, whatever. Get it in here and
settled before Thanksgiving. Before our family
starts coming into town. That’s the plan. (microwave whirring) (chuckles) So, I just edited the Halloween vlog. And I decided to just put it
up early, like really early. And I’m just shaking my head ’cause it’s like I’m such
a bag vlogger, you guys. (laughs) It’s the
worst Halloween vlog I think I’ve ever done. Like, I didn’t even
show the kids’ costumes. Granted, if you watched
the kids’ Halloween party, last week, you saw the
kids’ costumes already. But it’s Halloween,
it’s Halloween. And I didn’t even show Bryce. Like, I don’t even think Bryce
was in the vlog yesterday. Like, aside from maybe standing
right here about the candy. (groans) Guys, I don’t know. I’ve lost my vlog mojo. I don’t know,
I love live streaming. I think that’s what it is. I’d rather live
stream all the time. And I don’t know. Oh, man, I’m sorry, I’m sorry. It was a horrible vlog, it was
a horrible Halloween vlog. That’s even why
I chose the title of the vlog, like, “This
Halloween is different.” Because like, the kids
didn’t even want to– Like, they went
trick or treating on one street, that’s it. I’m like, “You guys
want to go around the block.” And they’re like, “No.” They just wanted
to hand out candy. Bryce wanted to scare kids. You know, he didn’t
really scare any kids. He was just kind of
being creepy, which was funny. But you know. I don’t want to vlog
in front of my house. I just don’t want to do that. (groans) I gotta
find my mojo back, guys. I gotta get my mojo back. ‘Cause I look at that
vlog and I immediately go, “Oh, I should’ve done this.
Oh, I should’ve done that. “Oh, I should’ve done.
Why didn’t I do that? “Oh, that’s a
missed opportunity.” Like, I did that
while I was editing. Like, (groans). But in the moment– This is what I want to do,
guys, I just wanna talk. Which is what
I do when I’m live. When I’m live,
I’m just talking to you guys. I’m talking through the camera
but also talking to chat. And that’s what I love. And that’s the
part that you guys, a lot of you guys are
like, “This is boring. “Your vlogs are getting
boring, you talk too much.” That’s what I want to do. That’s how the vlogs started. (sighs) I don’t know,
I don’t know. To be continued. – Bam (laughs). I had to pick up Sierra from
school a little early today ’cause she has her
doctor’s appointment for her allergy test. So, I’ve never done
one of these before with either of my kids. But from what I understand, they’re gonna take
samples of certain things and just like rub it or
scratch it on your back. If you’re allergic to it,
you’ll react to it. Bumps, hives,
redness, I don’t know. So, we’ll see. I mean, after that,
I guess we’ll just be like, “All right, we’ll either pull “these plants from your backyard “or take allergy
medicine everyday.” I don’t know. Okay, so, she’s all marked up. And they just put on her back, all the different samples. Now she has to lay here for
15 minutes and see what reacts. How you doing?
– I’m itchy. – [Tiffany] It’s been
like three minutes and she’s itchy already.
– Yeah. – [Tiffany] All right, we’re
about five minutes in now. Definitely red and blotchy. This one, she
says, is the itchiest. She can’t tell if those
are hives that are forming. It’s so crazy. Wait, those are
definitely hives (laughs). Definitely allergic to
whatever’s in that one. Got one over here for sure. – [Sierra] So itchy. – [Tiffany] And then, the other
ones are just kind of red. That one’s been the
best, like the clearest. H, the last one. – The girls have returned
from Sierra’s allergy test. And she definitely
has some allergies, guys. We got this little chart here, the kind that
breaks down all of the, like what she’s allergic to. It’s hard to read. Like, what is Bahia,
what is Jonsil? Like, these are, I guess,
different types of grass. That’s what she’s
allergic to the most is grass. There’s like a dozen
different types of grass and she’s pretty much
allergic to all of them. They didn’t test for food. I thought they were
going to test for food. – [Tiffany] No. – Just like trees, grass, weeds. – But she’s not
allergic to any animals, right? No, cats, dogs, or horses. So, she’s good there.
But grass and some trees. – [Tiffany] And weeds. – Weeds.
– A little bit of dust mites. – So, I think
what we’re going to do is we’re just
gonna take her out back and just rub here
against every tree and bush in the backyard and
see which ones are the worst and we’ll just rip those out. Sound good? (laughs) She’s
like, “No, thanks.” And you said the C one,
the one that was the worst, like itched the worst? Like, you felt in your back? – Yeah, up here, that’s
where all the grass was. – She actually felt the burn. – [Tiffany] The
appointment was at 2:30, it’s a little after five. – [Clintus] Yeah,
she still has marks. – [Bryce] Can we
like scratch them? – [Clintus] No,
don’t scratch them. Just feel them,
they’re like puffy. – [Tiffany] Yeah. – [Clintus] Ouch. – [Tiffany] Now they
just look like bug bites. But right away, they
looked more like hives. – [Clintus] Yeah, yeah, yeah. Now we know. – So, she’ll basically
be on allergy medicine. She won’t grow out
of it, most likely. Or there’s a different
option that I have to explain. – [Clintus] Kind
of like Uncle Jack. Like, Uncle Jack
always takes like, something when he goes outside or he’s outside for
long periods of time. – Or when he comes to
our house ’cause Baby. – [Clintus] Right. – Just once a day.
So, she’ll have a pill that she takes and then– – The nasal spray. – [Clintus] Really?
– My nose won’t be as itchy. – [Clintus] I don’t like that. – Shake it and bake it. – [Clintus] Shaking and baking? – Shake it and bake it. – [Clintus] I like it, I like it. Got some Shake’N Bake
with some chicken tenders. I’ve got some brown rice and
quinoa boiling on the stove. Sierra’s doing homework. And Bryce is brushing the pool. He’s done already, yep. It’s about that time. It’s about 5:30,
we got two hours ’til Bryce’s
basketball practice. All right, aftermath. A little left over there. – Is that not open all the way? – [Clintus] It’s fine. – Here, hold on,
there you go, guys. You wanna see my whole face. This is why I do the cooking. I’m like, “This stuff’s
really crunchy, Clint. “Like, did you not
cook it long enough?” And then, I just asked
him ’cause we had two boxes, “Did you double the recipe? “Like, you have to double the
water and double the oil.” And he didn’t (laughs). – [Sierra] He’s like, “No.” – So, it was
undercooked (laughs). – That’s why it’s dry. – That’s what I get
for trying to help. “Hey, is there anything
I can help with dinner?” And she’s like,
“Yeah, here you go. “Cook this rice and the quinoa.” I’m like, “Okay.” I read the
instructions on one box but I poured both boxes in so it should’ve been
four cups of water not two. But it’s like a 20
minute timer, right? So, I set a 20 minute timer. And about 10
minutes in, I’m like, “Oh, crap, it’s out of water. “I’ll just turn it off,
it must be done already.” So, yeah, next time I ask if
you need help, just be like, “Why don’t you just go sweep
the floors or something.” – I did, I pulled the box
out ’cause I second guessed. I’m like, “Are you
cooking that right?” You were, you just
didn’t add enough– – I didn’t add
enough water, yeah, yeah. Sorry, sorry, guys. (basketball bouncing) (whistle blows) – [Man] Oh,
there you go, Bryce. Come on, Mark. – [Clintus] What are you doing? (Clintus groans) We’re back home. I’m enjoying some ice cream. As you can tell,
I haven’t touched it since the day we got it. Which was, what, Saturday? – Yeah.
– Saturday, yeah. I think Tiff’s is
almost gone (laughs). I just don’t eat
sweets like they do. – You have to eat this soon. – I know, I got a week. A got a week, I’m good. I got that. Anyways, Bryce is gonna
head upstairs, take a shower. Tiff and Sierra
are already in bed. I’m gonna edit the vlog. And I’ve gotta book a
hotel room for me and my dad because tomorrow night,
slash, Friday morning early, we’re heading to
San Bernardino, California to go to the
World Veteran Nationals. World Vet Nationals
at Glen Helen Raceway in San Bernardino. So, I’m really
excited about that. This is my third
year going with my dad. I think this is his
fifth year of racing. I’ll have to find out. But yeah, I’m just
really excited about that. So, I’m gonna book
the hotel for that. We’ll be over there
for a couple of nights. And it’ll be good times. So, thanks so much for watching. We’ll see you guys tomorrow. And I’ll keep you guys
updated on Sierra’s allergies. Tomorrow, we’ll pick
up some medicine for her. But thankfully,
no allergies to food. They didn’t test for that. But she doesn’t have
any allergies with food. It’s all like grass and trees and bushes and stuff like that. So, as long as she doesn’t
roll around in the grass, she’ll be okay, she’ll be okay. So, we’ll see you guys tomorrow. Vlog on.
– Vlog on. (upbeat music)

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