Signs and Symptoms of Cat Allergies in Children — From the makers of ZYRTEC®

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Cats are a favorite pet of people of all ages.
But while cats are found in one-third of all households, they also happen to be the leading
cause of childhood pet allergies. The symptoms of cat allergies in children are the same
as those caused by many other types of airborne allergens, and include: Sneezing, runny nose,
itchy throat, and itchy, watery eyes. But symptoms are not always easy to spot in children.
So, watch for these key signs: breathing through the mouth and a nasal quality to speech; and
a runny nose lasting longer than two weeks. Also watch for excessive eye rubbing. If you
suspect your child may have an allergy to cats, your doctor can perform a simple test
to confirm the diagnosis. And once diagnosed, you can develop a strategy for managing the
allergy that works… for everyone. Visit Zyrtec-dot-com for more tips and tools to
manage your child’s allergy symptoms indoors and out.

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