Singing with Allergies

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hey guys I’m Katie Talbot with Singing
Success and I want to talk to you about dreadful allergies i know we have a few videos and even a
few blogs on this subject but it seems like this year at least in Nashville has
been one of the worst years for allergies and i say that because my
body has been actually holding onto allergies more than it usually does and I’ve had to kind of up my defense
towards it and I just wanted to give you a few pointers on what I use when it
comes to allergies and some of the specific practices that I do like
at home and then some of the exercises that I do as well. when it comes to
getting up in the morning especially as a coach I’ve got to get my voice warmed up
quickly for six or seven-hour days of teaching background singing vocal
producing. you name it I’ve got to get my voice ready to go but when we wake up with allergies it’s
just that that tickle in your throat even and that’s what I have even right
now and it’s so good to get that light and right connection so I’ll kind of
start with (edge exercise) digging into that vocal fry and then
sliding up to an easy clean connection just a (edge exercise) this is easy to do too when it comes to morning too because our voices are down here we
don’t really want to be up we don’t want to be – give me my
coffee – don’t talk to me until I’m through my coffee so use that to your advantage. so nice
easy “ah edge ecersise” just gonna walk up a little bit (ah edge exercise) and if open mouth a little bit difficult go to an “m” go (mm exercise) because then you’re not letting any air
flow out you’re keeping those muscles coordinated without any air flow it’s more so the compression (edge exercise) this is such a great exercise to get
those edge cords coordinated again get that light and right connection again
use those lip rolls ok we do this because it takes pressure
off the cords it gets you through those bridges without
those breaks this is why we are so passionate about this exercise. so I like to do a mix octave in the morning and I’ll just kinda if I don’t have a piano with me i’ll just (demonstrates lip roll exercise) again i’m all about dancing through my bridges (lip roll exercise)
(lip roll exercise) this going back and forth really turns
your voice into the vocal instrument that is. it doesn’t give you a chance to
to think of “okay, here comes a high note” in that back and forth going back and forth that’s so great to keep that mind at
ease and just let the freedom of your voice happened that connection come another thing is actually i’m going to
show you something I am an advocate for oils and one thing that we use here at
the studio all the time is our doTERRA oils and a huge advocate for allergies
is the peppermint oil and I always have one of these i actually just like I have
a few drops left of this one I’ve been using it like crazy and what I
love about this oil and you can find just a peppermint oil at whole foods.
I love doTERRA just because i love what the company stands for and I love all
the blends that they have for the body but what I love is you literally all it
takes is a little bit of the top put some of the top of the roof of your
mouth it’s great for breath as well and what
this does is this opens the nasal cavity in the head and it clears
it out it’s like immediate i wish that i could
do this for all of y’all because it’s real every time I let a student use this
it’s just amazing how open your sinuses feel and the peppermint also is a good
defense mechanism when it comes to just keepin on for the allergies it just
really helps balance out the sinus and the nasal cavity this is something
that we all have to deal with especially Nashville of all places to be Music City
Nashville’s #1 for allergies so these are just a few tips for you guys
if you’re struggling with allergies if you’re losing your voice really quickly
if your hoarse if you have been sick for a while and
have gone to the doctors and nothing seems to be working A. just rest. that’s the most important
thing it’s important that we rest all of us
coaches here have to remind each other hey take some time for you and rest but
if your if your voice is still scratchy and there’s lack of connection with with
any of your songs give us a call let us work you through
even the hard times vocally and physically because your
voice can still be used to its advantage no matter where it’s at

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  1. Boil many slippery elm needles and drink it like tea, with stevia and your allergies will calm down and the voice will be perfect

  2. I notice that a common theme throughout the videos on this channel is "give us a call". Is this a free thing? Like could I just shoot over an email or call for my vocal problems, or should I use the forum on I have lots of questions in general and I'd prefer to get them answered for the least money on my part. SS360's a bit pricey, but gladly I received it as a gift 🙂 Thanks for the tips!

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