92 thoughts on “Sinus Release And Soft Tissue Work For Patient With Allergies | Baltimore Chiropractor

  1. Wow i never knew that people donate their bodys to chiropratic schools. Learn something new everyday. Ty to Dr. Warren and John, and to Dr. Blake for another good one.

  2. This just reminds me how badly my own allergies suck this year, HAHA
    Miss you guys, and so does my hip! Hoping to get back in before June is out!

  3. My favorite chiropractors! I absolutely love your videos. Keep up the great work and please continue helping us crack addicts with your videos! You all rock!

  4. Oil of oregano has mostly cleared up my allergy issues. I haven’t had a sinus infection in over 2 yrs and I was one that was in the Dr office 2-3 times a season

  5. Thanks! My wife is a Godsend when the weather changes, my allergies are nasty and she looks for more ways to help me with face massages. She used this video and I was really cleaned out…thanks!!!

  6. Hello this was excellent and you are very calm and patient and thorough. I'm a chiropractic student at Life University in Ga so I appreciate the work that you're doing and I also suffer from severe allergies. I would love to get something done like this. God bless you and your practice!

  7. I’m currently suffering from allergies for the very first time in my life and man is it awful!! I truly need something like this! Looks so incredible!

  8. I’m always scared I’d get hurt with all that cracking my allergy are awful especially working in a factory

  9. Jst stumbled across ur channel, excellent work and really enjoy the way u explain ur work as u go,u r gd at ur job,gr8 vid👍

  10. I really enjoy your videos, and that facial massage looked great! You are Jonathan are defiantly handsome, and you guys make a great team! 😊

  11. I had no idea you could get sinus relief from Chiropractic massage. I've suffered from terrible sinuses my whole life. Thank you so much! Very informative and educational. I subbed! 🙂

  12. Omg, I used to LOVE the activator on my sinuses back when I went to my old chiropractor. She did it every time. I have a lot of sinus problems due to having Sjogren's Syndrome, so that means a lot of sinus infections. The activator was a Godsend.

  13. 7:00 I love how it sounds like it's his forehead that's making that sound. Laughed more than I should've

  14. Well when my allergies set off and I start coughing, hacking, sneezing asthma attacks, bronchitis and dying, I sound like a dying horse…him not so much

  15. Are you related to the other older red head gentleman? A son or cousin? You guys look similar, just wondering, either way thanks for doing this! Cold weather is coming and that means stuffy noses

  16. I've been up all night with nasal congestion, and you guys are only down the road 😣. Where can I get that pressure tool?

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