Sinus Rinse: Benefits and Making the Solution

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After I do my nasal wash I feel much better. Since I’ve been doing nasal washes everything
smells so much better, especially when I’m cooking I can really smell what I’m cooking. Before I had to do it with my mom when I was
a baby, she always had to hold me down cause I didn’t want to do it and now I know how
to do my nasal wash and it’s easier for me. Our nose is a wondrous thing that has four
main functions. The first function of the nose is to let us
smell. A second function is allow air to pass through
so we can breathe. The nose also warms and moistens the air as
it enters our passageways, and it helps filter out unwanted particles. Our nose is the primary passageway for breathing. The nose has two openings called nostrils. The area between the nostrils is the nasal
septum. The sinuses are air filled cavities in the
skull that are connected to one another. They drain into the nose. We all have four sets of sinuses, they are
the Maxillary, Frontal, Sphenoid, and Ethmoid sinuses. A nasal wash helps clean allergens and irritants
from the nose, it decreases swelling in the nose, and it cleans the nose so medication
may be more effective. Today we will discuss the sinus rinse technique. But before we get underway let’s look at the
equipment and supplies you’ll use. First you will need a sinus rinse bottle. You can use sinus rinse packets to make the
salt water solution. If you are making the salt water solution
yourself, you will need measuring spoons. You will use regular tap water, un-iodized
salt, and baking soda to make the solution. If you’re unsure about the water quality,
use distilled water instead. A box of tissues is always helpful as well
as alcohol for cleaning the bottle after the nasal wash. Perform the nasal wash by a sink. It’s important to organize your supplies and
keep them near the area where you will do the nasal wash, and remember think of the
nasal wash as part of your everyday routine. When I first found out we had to do nasal
washes I thought uh-oh, here’s something else to do in the morning when we’re running around
trying to get ready for school and it’s crazy, getting ready for bed at night I worried how
much time is this going to take? Is this going to be a battle? But it really hasn’t, and he really didn’t
have a hard time doing it. It’s part of our routine now and it’s been
very beneficial. Before starting the nasal wash be sure to
thoroughly wash your hands with warm water and soap. Make the salt water solution fresh for every
nasal wash. Start by putting 8 ounces of warm water in
your sinus rinse bottle. At this point, you have two choices, you can
use a sinus rinse pre-mixed packet, or you can make your own salt water solution. If you use the pre-mixed packet, open the
sinus rinse packet and add the contents to the bottle of water. If you make your own salt water solution,
measure one-half teaspoon of un-iodized salt and add it to the warm water. Next, add a pinch of baking soda to the warm
water. Then place the cap on the bottle and shake
the mixture well. Make sure you shake it well so the salt doesn’t
sit on the bottom. Now you’re ready to do a nasal wash.

20 thoughts on “Sinus Rinse: Benefits and Making the Solution

  1. I was a little worried seeing the rubbing alcohol bottle in the caption for this video. but after review of the video i was relieved

  2. Is it really ok to use TAP water? when doing this. When you shake this sinus rinse bottle, keep your finger over the the top opening so the liquid mixture does not come flying out. There are times I have done a sinus irrigation rinse and sinus symptoms have appeared to have gotten much worse with constant sneezing all day accompanied by weakness and fever much like the flu. Perhaps this is because the liquid mixture has gotten into my head and ears when performing this procedure…?

  3. Do NOT use tap water!!!! Do NOT use Motron’s Salt, it has an anti-caking agent mixed with the salt, so it is NOT pure!!

  4. why do we need so many holes? Seems like a complicated design, which only purpose is to hold mucus…can’t we fill them up with plaster or something, and begone with all this sinuses nonsense

  5. Why not explain why baking soda? I google "why baking soda in nasal wash" and your site comes up. Why not explain the answer to the question I google. Why are doctors so arrogant that they think they have no need to explain why you use the ingredients you do? We all want to know why we are putting an ingredient into the mixture. Terribly irresponsible to prescribe without explaining. Why non-iodized salt? why baking soda? Also why not just salt? Why add baking soda? Any chance you are part of the medical mafia that wants the public stupid regarding their medical care? Why trust your instructions if you don't explain the purpose of each ingredient why trust you?

  6. Where can I find non iodized salt to make the solution. I'm tempted to use iodized salt if I can't access the other. Do they even make non iodized salt, or do I need to spend more money?

  7. So funny how people complain about tap water. People in other countries drink whatever water they can find and they still alive. What water u think your parents and grandparents were drinking while growing up? There weren't bottled or filtered water back in the days and they did well!

  8. This was before they found out bacteria in tap water can kill you.
    She washes hands and uses a spoon for salt, the uses fingers for baking soda, I probably wouldn't do this every day, because of nasal lining.🤔

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