Sinus Surgery and Sublingual Immunotherapy | Dan’s Story

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Things weren’t looking good. And I knew that having infection
deep inside my head was probably not a good thing for longevity. [MUSIC] The sounds of the Himalayas. [SOUND] I love to travel. I set my mind. I don’t let things stop me. And I found that attitude too in
the doctors that I dealt with in Baltimore. What brought me to
Johns Hopkins was, roughly eight years ago or
so, I developed a very aggressive sinus infection
that came on very quickly. I became very sick and
long story short, there wasn’t a penicillin in
the world that was touching this sinus infection. That led to three surgeries and
a different set of doctors. And none of them could
get at the infection. They told me there wasn’t
anything they could do for me. They wished me luck. The fact that I was in a
situation where I needed to seek out the best capability
available possibly in the world, probably in the world. I wanted the best. After doing some searches, we
found Dr. Lane who specialized in abnormal sinuses and that’s
what they had told me, that I had sinuses that were unlike
anybody else’s in the world. And after a five or
six hour surgery, he got it. First time. I’ve suffered from allergies my
whole life, that something like that had happened to me,
it was, this can’t happen again. This is where I decided okay, let’s get back on some
sort of allergy treatment. Maybe this might keep
this from ever happening. So he referred me to
his colleague, Dr. Lin. I asked about sublingual
therapy which I’d heard about as opposed to the allergy
shots where you have to go to the doctor’s office once or
twice a week or once a month. Get the shot,
sit there for 20 minutes. They wait to see your reaction. You got to do the copay. So the idea of being able
to treat myself daily without all the hassle and
try something different. Maybe it would work
better than shots. So I’ve been on allergy
drops for five years. I feel better than I have, so
I think the allergy drops have helped contribute to the quality
of life that I really enjoy. Since the drops, I don’t take
a decongestant every day. I haven’t had a sinus infection
since surgery, thank goodness. I’m really grateful for
the advancement in medicine and what’s been given to me
through the therapy, through the surgery. I’m a lucky guy. [MUSIC] Very lucky guy. [MUSIC]

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  1. Wow. This sounds like my situation except for the fact that I am only 25 years old. It’s really scary to have a sphenoid sinus infection. I’m glad he found relief! I just started on allergy immunotherapy.

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