Skin allergy treatment  at home – Tamil with English Sub titles.

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Hello Friends, this is Ambika Welcome back to San Square. Today i am going to share with good health tips lots of people having skin allergy some people have allergic with new dress or due to sweat / soap they will get allergy any kind of skin allergy will be cured from the method i am going to share you will be completely cured from allergy plenty of remedies available for skin allergy this remedy is very much effective try this remedy for complete cure. Please subscribe to my channel and click the bell icon to get my complete updates. we need coconut oil to cure this skin allergy take 2 table spoon of coconut oil some people having irritating feel due to lemon so, please add 3 drops of lemon extract If not you can add 1 spoon lemon extract to the coconut oil 2 spoon Coconut Oil & 1 spoon Lemon extract add together and mix well we should not directly heat lemon extract and coconut oil take a small vessel and add some water heat the vessel from the boiling water we need to keep the oil & lemon extract. our extract will get heated from the boiling water. oil extract should be in warm condition and not in boiling state. once the extract become warm take it out from the water apply the warm oil firmly in the affected area leave the oil for atleast 30 minutes and wash with warm water you can see the results after the first use it will get rid off the skin allergy infection, irritation etc you will feel little irritation due to lemon extract. But this will cure your infection completely Lemon juice is the main ingredient for the remedy. do this for a week regularly apply twice a day if you have more infected skin or apply daily within four days you can see the results allergic skin tone will be changed. do this for a week if needed so that complete cure will be a miracle this is going to be a effective treatment though you tired many. after allergy vanished you may have black skin tone apply aloevera jell gently you may need to apply daily so the black tone will normal over a period This tips is very effective please follow the tips i got 100% results from this remedy. That why i am sharing with you. will be back with another useful video, see you bye until next time.

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  1. Mam enakku udambu mulukka namikkura mathiri irukku . namaikkura edathula sorinja erumbu kadicha mathiri veengiduthu

  2. Please enaku next month marriage yesterday naturals saloon la skin whitening facial panen skin fullah over pimples more than 100 vanthuruchu chicken pox madiri avlo pimples vanthuruchu bt normala enaku lightah maxi 5 to 10 pimples tha irukum please help me

  3. ennoda mustache la alergy iruku புண்களும் இருக்கு coconut oil use panlama sister reduce aguma plz reply

  4. Mam I have full body itching iruku and skin shine use pannen but ippa atha vida mudila vitta itching aguthu pls solution kudunga

  5. Mam enaku body la itching vantu coin coin a veengutu..half hour marirutu.then tirumpa varutu..ita use pannalama mam

  6. Hi sister…ennoda wife ku body fulla allergy mathiri vanthu romba arikuthu…pimples aah Maruthu intha remedy try pannalama?illa vera iruka…pls rply sis

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