Skincare Product Allergies [ Epi #495]

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Finding that you’re having an allergic reaction
to a skincare product? What should you do? Stopping the product is certainly a good start,
but what else? Should you swear off all skincare products? Of course not. I’ll tell you exactly what to do and how
to avoid similar problems in the future. Allergic reactions to skincare products aren’t
rare events. And they’re not subtle. I’m not talking about slight irritation. An allergic reaction results in significant
swelling, redness, burning and even blisters anywhere on your skin, but especially on the delicate eye area. Of course, the most important thing to do
is figure out which of your products is causing
the reaction, which may take a little detective work in terms of where on your skin you use different
products and where your allergic reaction occurred and which product you started using in the
10 days before the reaction began, since allergic reactions usually occur during the first 10 days of using a new product. Another approach is to stop using all products, and start testing each product in a different
area to determine the culprit. And don’t be ashamed to enlist the help
of your dermatologist if need be. Next, to find out which ingredient in the
offending product you’re allergic to, you’ll now need the help of your dermatologist. He or she will contact the manufacturer of
the product and inform them that you had an allergic reaction and explain that you want to be tested to
the ingredients in the product to find out which ingredient is actually causing
your problem. The manufacturer will send actual samples
of the ingredients to your doctor to test you to. But here’s the catch… To protect proprietary information, the manufacturer won’t label each ingredient
with its name but instead identify them with unique codes. Your dermatologist then tests your skin to
all the ingredients to see if you react. If you do, then your doctor tells the manufacturer
the ingredient code, and the company will reveal the ingredient. Then you’ll finally know which ingredient
you’re allergic to and more importantly, to prevent similar allergic reactions, it’s then time to start reading ingredient
lists on new products before you use them. The process takes time and effort, but it

14 thoughts on “Skincare Product Allergies [ Epi #495]

  1. Reina Alano why don't you try Burt's Bees natural face essentials. Its natural really good and doesn't irritate. I have bad acne and everything else makes my face red and sore and this is soothing and my acne and skin condition has improved a lot.

  2. I was sent a face cream to try out, left me looking very burned! Upon reading the ingredient list online, I discovered almond oil was in it, I'm allergic to nuts!! Few days of Benadryl and pure aloe I healed up.

  3. Wow I never would've known that a dermatologist can do all that! I had a horrible reaction to benzoyl peroxide when I tried it a few years back (proactiv). Pretty much had chemical burns on the areas where I applied it. Just wash your face with oatmeal & water, & moisturizing with something very light & gentle, don't try to put heavy creams/ointments on a chemical burn (unless specifically made for them – u could end up causing more damage!) & you'll be alright in a week to a week & a half 🙂

  4. I believe this method only works in US and Europe, not in Asian countries, much less a third world country. Unfortunately I have so many allergic reactions and my dermatologist here could only prohibit the use of most irritating ingredients (e.g paraben, sulphate, salicylic acid etc.) without knowing the true cause.

  5. 0:44 hahaha I was going to say "That isn't me…" until you said on the eye area!

    My eyes are like swollen because of this 10% wash I bought but it kinda went up to my eyes because I was gonna wash it off fast but it didn't come off!

  6. Today I got a allergic reaction from a skin care product, my face started to swell up, I got some bumpy spots, it started to burn and it was red, it is really hard because I have allergies and ezema. I'm allergic to wheat, fruit, nuts, eggs and shellfish.

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