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  1. Who all has woken up unable to move, breath and speak? I used to think dying in your sleep would be peaceful. Now I'm scared shitless.

  2. My brother passed away from sleep apnea he was also overweight too on 43 years old , my little brother has it too but wears a mask to sleep

  3. Omg I stop breathing when I was dreaming a clown from the it was on the stage and when on the end show many audience run around the stadium through the hospital and then I can’t can’t stop breathing so I BREATH!!!! finally oh my…

  4. I have faced this problem last night at 4 am. before that i did not know about it. My breathing was completely stopped for 10 to 15 secs. It was scary

  5. Is it true, I read somewhere, that when you have sleep apnea your body doesn’t rest well enough, hence you’re not as productive during the day in the workplace during the day? I read that it’s specially if you have an office job or work in front of a computer kind of job

  6. I wear my mask and I still wake up every 2-3 hrs… doctor have set it and same results.. I sleep longer without it, but I stop sleeping without it cause I've read where ppl die from not wearing it.. And I want to know can you die while having your CPAP mask on?

  7. Sleep apnea makes most Americans sick ! This hospital in Switzerland can cure sleep apnea with surgery by cutting the jaw and moving it foward 2.5 centimeters …..you need 70 thousand U.S. dollars! very expensive plus the trips to Switzerland – Zurich .

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  8. i think i have this i’m only fourteen but i only sleep with my mouth open but during the day i breath with my nose and i don’t always sleep with my mouth open.. only sometimes maybe like 2 days out of 7

  9. I don't wake up gasping for air but I do notice when I wake up that my mouth is open. Is this bad? Do I have sleep apnea?

  10. I've been wondering if I have this but I don't ever remember gasping for air. I snore loud but I do mainly sleep on my side or stomach. I mainly just get sleep paralysis or my head/brain feels funny. Ever waken up to your body being super sensitive and a vibration feeling in your forehead?

  11. iam a mouth breather bcos I have chronic nose block
    tonsil infection and allergy
    headache while reading or giving stress
    less concentration
    short memmory lose
    sometimes hyperactive
    but not have problems while sleeping and not wake up unnecessarily from sleep
    did I have sleep apnea
    and affecting with all facial deformity, nose bended
    now spine is hearting due to bad lying posture
    easily get tired while playing and muscle cramps

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  14. Whenever i go to sleep , i close my eyes then i start paying attention on my breathing because of which i cannot sleep and whole night pay attention to breathing. I cannot disengage my mind from paying attention to breathing. Pls help what should i do.

  15. I’ve been waking up lightheaded after drifting to sleep for even just 10 min. I want to go to sleep but once I start dazing off my breathing becomes extremely shallow that I can’t. Does anybody else deal with this problem. Ive been constantly stressed the last couple months that it’s starting to take a physical toll on me.

  16. Thanks to my roomates, they bring me to this video. They are still snoring while im watching this video.
    Now im gonna be their doctor and telling them sad effects of sleep apnea. 😄😄😄Haha

  17. For two years, I was sure I had narcolepsy. Even despite it being so rare. Because I don’t snore at all, and I have other symptoms of it such as nightmares, night terrors, and occasional sleep paralysis. EDS, yeah of course – with any of the disorders. The main reason I’m worried I was misdiagnosed with sleep apnea rather than narcolepsy, is the fact that I have SEVERE cataplexy when laughter hits. I have to be sitting down or hold something or someone, or I will fall down because my eyes roll to the back of my head, the side of my face droops like it’s jello, my words will slur, and all I see is blackness for about 30-45 seconds. My mom is a very loud and annoying snorer, but I’ve never snored, according to those who’ve known me for a long amount of time and been around me when I am sleeping…. I don’t know what to think about the sleep apnea diagnoses after my sleep study. They’re professionals, so I should trust them, yeah? But they haven’t answered the question about my severe cataplexy… which is often the biggest and first sign of narcolepsy.

  18. I just got surgery for my gallbladder… the doctors kept freaking out when they where operating on me because I would be snoring then BOOM!! Stopped breathing out of nowhere!! Then got my breathing back .. doctors told me i almost kept waking up so they had to give me more anesthesia .. I got the amount a large person would get … I’ve read up on it and it’s dangerous to get operated on when you have sleep apnea .. and I did not now I had this until I got out of surgery.. did freak out my doctors lol …

  19. I’ve had it wear my heart stops and it feels like I’m dead but for an almighty boost of adrenaline similar to in pulp fiction and I jump out my skin. It’s frightening.

    I’ve also had it when my heart feels like it’s exploded. I hear a huge bang.

    Anyone else get the same?

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  21. I'm only 11 when I was dancing at night idk why lmao it was amazing when I tried to sleep everything was fine and then suddenly I couldn't breathe whenever I sleep it felt like I forgot how to breathe but I do not wake up gasping for air tho. So I just entertain my self however it always happens to that day it still does now any help please?

  22. Im 11 and I have it, it really sucks.

    Because growing up I wanted to do many things. I guess life isnt fair.. 🙁

    Oh yeah btw im struggling to.sleep again rip me

  23. I had a dream that I was on the boat and in the middle of the ocean with some other people that I don't know and I had a dream that we all jumped out of the boat and swam and then the boat went away by itself no one was on it and I just got pulled down to the bottom of the ocean and I couldn't breathe and I felt like I wasn't breathing in real life and then I tried to swim back up and then once I got back up to the top I woke up and that was my dream I don't know if I was gasping for air or not because that dream happened like 1 year – 10 months ago

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  25. I was diagnosed with sleep apnea at only 19, I still remember not wanting to use my CPAP. I was embarrassed of it and felt like I shouldn’t have to rely on something for my health. Let me tell you a CPAP is a life saver and will improve almost every aspect of your life. Since beginning treatment my symptoms of depression are almost none, I am alert, focused, and generally more motivated. If you are feeling embarrassed or skeptical the same way I did, please give it a shot.

  26. Im currently going truw similiar problem i wake up gasping for air and that feeling triggers a panic attack and sends adrenaline truw my body and hAve to get up from that area i calm down after 5 -20 mins then i lay down and the same thing happens over again resulting in hardly any sleep and frustration and the intense feeling of fear from the panic attack does not help overall hell

  27. I hate sleep apnea. I cant sleep for shit. I wake up tired as a motherfucker.

    Would be nice if they could develop a sort of small mesh that can be inserted under the skin preventing the tissue from ever collapsing.

    Right now they put little tiny rods but that shit is dangerous if one of those rods dislodge

  28. Ive visited the doctor all my life since i was 12 and they always turn me down i have huge tonsils and they fuck with mt breathing. And they always get in the way.

    Also my lower jaw is a bit inward i know because when i push it out my breathing is easier. Doctors are garbage especially in america.

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    considered a serious threat to your health because you can go undiagnosed and untreated
    for years. The symptoms are hard to notice and many people attribute them to
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  30. i sleep on my stomach to prevent this, gravity pushes my fat away from my throught and lungs, if i dont sleep on my belly i could die in bed. I also have sleep paralysis. sometimes ill roll on my back during sleep or forget to roll over on my fat belly and ill start suffocating unable to move, i am fully conscious the whole time i am choking. I must sleep on my belly to survive.

  31. I'm not fat or really big at all and I'm in good shape but I feel like during the winter my nose seems to be blocked all the time and I feel like it's causing sleep apnea. I have the tired feeling in my lungs. It feels like I just ran a lot or held my breath for a long time. Only occurs in the winter.

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  34. I usually notice I’m choking when in my dream I’m choking as well. Then I turn on my stomach, then it goes away. Scary though!

  35. hi everyone ,if anyone else trying to find out best treatment for sleep apnea try Tarbetti Apnea Expert Tutor(do a google search ) ? Ive heard some super things about it and my mate got great results with it.

  36. You may not really need a CPAP hose/blower/mask, first try one of the many types and brands of nasal dilator clips, [cheap, ~$10.00] and a side-sleeping backpack, or make/modify your own [also cheap]. These work wonders for me.

  37. The muscle that blocked the air: Imma Close your air mate
    The guy sleep Wake for a sec
    The muscle: Oh shit he waking up

  38. Relax your Jaws as if you're not using them. If you have an overbite, you're likely to have sleep apnea than someone with an underbite.

  39. It’s weird, this doesn’t happen when I sleep (I don’t think) but just when I’m lying down trying to fall asleep.

  40. I am a mouth breather when I sleep. I have severe insomnia not sure if I have Sleep Apnea or not that is why this Sunday Night I am going in for my Overnight Sleep Study

  41. Does sleeping position affect that? For example if you sleep sideways your tongue an tissues will not be a problem when relaxed

  42. I’ve been tired everyday for 2 years and think I have sleep apnea. My parents don’t believe me and probably think I’m faking it. what should I do?

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