Sleepright Intra-Nasal Vapour Inhaler – Tested & Reviewed

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Upon first use, the Sleepright Intra-Nasal
Vapour Inhaler delivers menthol vapour with explosive force. Thankfully, after about 30
minutes this subsides and the delivered aroma is comparable to an application of the popular
topical ointment, Vicks Vaporub. We found that with continued use, the vapour
strength diminishes, but was still detectable 9 days after initial use. Fitting the device is simple, however correct
placement within the nostrils is essential. Push it too far into the nose and aggravation
to the septum can occur. The most comfortable and effective position
was with the nasal flare sitting flush with the bottom of the nostril. In our tests on night 3 the device became
dislodged slightly during sleep and some discomfort was experienced. As a nasal dilator, this really does the job
particularly well. Nasal airflow was considerably improved. We would recommend this product, but only
in certain situations. If you’re struggling to sleep due to hay
fever allergies – or from nasal congestion due to a cold – then this may well offer the
relief you can’t get from other nasal dilators. To find the cause of your snoring and which
product would be appropriate for you, visit our web site and take
the Interactive Snore Tests. The online tool used by over four hundred thousand snorers
on their journey to a finding the right anti-snoring product for them.

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