SML Short: Bowser Junior’s Allergy!

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(GULPS) Oh man! I love soda so much It’s my favorite— WHUH! Im’a go ask Chef Pee Pee to buy me some (Chef Pee Pee Singing) SNIFFSS SHIT Oh god wait WHAT IS THIS?!! (SHIT) CHEF PEE PEE CAN YOU GO TO THE STORE?? (fatass again) and buy me some more soda I think we’re out! (leave him alone fatass) No Junior, I’m not buying anymore soda (good boy) It’s not good for you. Just drink water! Water!? Ew! I hate water! (it’s my favorite) No you DON’T. ugh. It’s good for you Junior, just drink it! (Listen to him fatass) I can’t drink water, I’m allergic to it! (LIAR) You’re not allergic to water, stop being stupid! (you’re right peepee cause you are a doctor) w-well I AM allergic to water, I’ve been allergic to water for my entire LIFE. (fatass caught lying) Every time I see it, I SNEEZE. (….) Oh really? Yeah I sneeze really bad yeah like really bad sneeze oh ok *chef peepee shows water bottle* *Jr sneezes* J-J-JUNIOR WH-WHY WOULD YOU KNOCK THAT OUT OF MY HAND JUST DRINK THE WATER! (cheff pee pee mad as shit) I told you I was allergic to water and you put it in my face and I started sneezing! (fatass is really allergic to water isn’t he?) [Chef PeePee scoffs] U know wat? since u SOOOO allergic to water, u better not drink water, you better not wash your hands with water, you better not BATHE WITH WATER! wha– I can’t take anymore BATHS!? No, because there is water in it, idiot! Well, I’ve never taken a bath in my entire LIFE! YES YOU HAVE! I SAW you take a bath before (PERVERT) (happy music stops) EW, PERVERT! (yeah get him Jr) NOT LIKE THAT!!! I mean, I saw you get READY for a bath! (that’s still pervert) WAIT, SO YOU SAW ME GET NAKED, PERVERT!? JUNIOR, NO! YOU ARE TWISTING MY WORDS! Just DON’T DRINK WATER ANYMORE! *doorbell rings* JUST– JUST GET… Who is that? H– Ho–ho– hold on, I will be right back Chef PeePee *sigh* So annoying… Jr: Uh hello? Cody: H-H-H-HEY JUNIOR Joseph: HEY DUDE (why is ken naked?) Jr: Hey guys what’s up? Cody: You comin’ to the water park? Joseph: yeah! It’s the grand opening! Junior: It’s like 20 Degrees outside! ( wow Jr is actually smart) Cody: Yeah Junior (IDK what he said) Joseph: YEAH HYPOTHERMIAAAAA (i have never seen someone so excited to get hypothermia before) Its gonna be SICK (IKR) Let me ask Chef PeePee if I can go! OK x2 Ohh GOD THIS STINKS!! CHEF PEEPEE x2 What do you want Junior? MY FRIENDS ARE ON THE DOOR AND THEY WANNA KNOW IF I WANNA GO WATER PARK WITH EM’ (YOU ARE ALLERGIC TO IT FATASS) Ok I’m back! what happened… OH GOD ONE WEEK??!! Le blow GET OUT OF HERE *Another doorbell* Uh hello? HEY x3 Le sniff x5 Oh god Junior what that smell? It smells like my house! I-I I haven’t taken a shower in a week Oh! Me neither dood, STINK BROS Y junior? I’ll explain when you come in OK? Guys why were you away for a week I am too bored to caption this, just listen to what they say Junior is an IDIOT How’d u like the waterpark They keep ranting on and on Aww, I wish I would have went! So, Junior, why haven’t you taken a bath? Yeah… Well guys, I’m allergic to water. 🙁 whAT? Junior, you’re stupid. You’re not allergic to water. Yes I am, Cody! You can’t tell me what I’m not and not allergic to!>:( Uh- Junior, I have seen you around water so many times! *Sounds of the wild liar in its natural habitat* Junior, you’re not allergic to wat- Why do you think you’re allergic to water? ok nevermind… THIS is the BEST EXCUSE OF 2018 So you were being dumb so you did not have to drink water? STOP WITH THAT EXCUSE ITS NOT THE BEST ANYMORE ITS GETTING OLD Junior, do you want to know how I know you’re not allergic to water? How? Because 60% of your body is made of water! *Sudden realization* *Vigorous vibrations* What- J-Junior? What’s wrong, dude? *New England Flood of May 2006* WHAT HAPPENED DUDE!? J-Joseph, I think he EXPLODED! WHAT?! I guess he REALLY was to allergic to water! Aw… Hey, Hey Joseph. What? H2OH-NO!(My edit: add a withered chica jumpscare with the scary maze game scream and add a troll face in the static just like what happened in bowser juniors sleepover(Kids, don’t watch bowser juniors sleepover because its innapropiate)) You know, about that thing earlier with Junior being lucky, scratch that, now we will not see him for a week! D: Theses subtitles are made by Rocking Pikachu RUBANO SuperMarioEthan04 ChipTV official and erin dolan so subscribe to these guys and me (Rocking Pikachu)

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