SML Short: Cody The Vampire!

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-You’re watching Dr. Finkleshitz. Hello! I am Dr. Fredrick Finkleshitz. and today, we will be
talking about vampires. Vampires have 2 sharp pointy teeth that they use to bite
people and suck their blood. [sucking noise] Mmmmmm, delicious! [slurping] Can I have some
more please? NO! Not until you have
had your vegetables. Now vampires can
also turn into a bat. [making bat noices] Just like that. They are afraid of
garlic and sunlight and they do not appear
in reflections on mirrors. Now, be very, very careful because there could be a vampire RIGHT NEXT TO YOU!! [Finkleshitz intensifies] [scream] JOSEPH! Do you
think vampires are real? Dude, I don’t know
but I don’t wanna get bit! Me either! Like it when I bite you Ken? Wait. Wait, WHAT?! CODY! Uh! What? What were you doing?! I was making out with Ken. Why? Because you said you
were biting him! Yeah! Oh yeah, he’s into that.
I bite Ken all the time… OOOOOOH! Dude, did you hear him? He said he bites
them all the time! Like a Vampire! Yeah! Like a Vampire! Cody? Uh, uh, are you a Vampire? No Junior! What would
you make I was a vampire? Cause’ you were just biting Ken! And Dr. Finkleshitz said that
Vampires bite you all the time! Ya! That Doesn’t Make Me a vampire Junior that just makes me kinky (OR GAY) Joseph, Did You See What I Just See?! What? Cody Has 2 Teeth! Oh My God! I Didn’t Notice That!!(Junior only has one tooth and Joseph is toothless) Just Like A Vampire! Uh-Uh Cody How May Teeth Do You Have? Uh… 2 teeth, why? Because, Vampires Have 2 fangy teeth! Its Proof, You’re a vampire Cody! Yeah, You’re a vampire! Junior, I Have always had 2 fangy teeth, you never mentioned it before… But you’re always talking about sucking stuff! Yeah! Well Yeah, But-But Not Blood. So that proves it, you’re a vampire Cody! I’m not a vampire, Junior! Then Prove It!!! Well, how am I gonna prove it?! Uh, How About We Go Into The Bathroom And see if you have a reflection in the mirror. (Proof that Cody is not a vampire! Yeah.. And If You Don’t Have a reflection then you’re a vampire! That’s not going to prove anything Junior! Yes it is! Come on! Yeah, Take him to the bathroom. Alright Cody, let’s see if you have a reflection. (Gasp) Dude!!!! Cody! You don’t have a reflection! Guys, It’s kind of embarrassing to say this But, I was born without a reflection. What? You Were Born Without A reflection? Yeah.. How Is that even possible? Yeah? I Don’t Know My-My Mom Drank When She Was Pregnant And I was Just Born Without A Reflection I’ve been made fun of a lot… Okay, I don’t really wanna talk about it… Okay, well this proves That you’re a vampire. No It’s a medical disorder-er (small gasp) Ok, Fine. I’m Gonna Find Another Way To Prove That You’re A Vampire, Come on. Alright Cody! So You Don’t have a reflection, And You Have Fangy teeth, And You Like To Suck Stuff, And Bite people , You’re A Vampire! Yeah. Junior, I Can Understand Why You Would Think I’m A Vampire But I’m Not! Oh Yeah? Well Then, Why Don’t We Ever See You Outside During The Sunlight? Huh? Yeah Because You’re a Vampire? No, You’ve Seen Me Outside During The Sunlight Tons Of Times! When? Well, Like-Like I Go To School During The Day And We Played Outside And I Had A Lemonade Stand And-And The Pokemon Series, What Ever Happened To That? Well…. Good Points, Cody… JUNIOR!!!!! (Sigh) Your Food’s Ready! Come On!!! It’s Time To Eat Dinner! (Chef Pee Pee Not Happy) Alright Guys So Uh, Dinner’s Ready So Uh We’ll Settle This After Dinner! Yeah. Come On Let’s Eat. Alright Guys, Bon Appetiti Chef Pee Pee, What is this? Its Just Pasta With Garlic, Eat Up… God! EW, I hate Garlic! (LOUD GASPS) Joseph, Did You Hear That?! Yeah Dude, He Said He Hates Garlic! He’s a Vampire! He has to be… Cody, You’re A Vampire, You Don’t Like Garlic! Junior, Come On, I’m Allergic To Garlic. Uh-hun, That’s An Excuse Because You’re A Vampire! Junior, I’ve Always Hated Garlic! And What Are You Drinking, Blood? (Loud Gasps) BLOOD?! Hawaiian Punch. It looks like blood! x2 Hawaiian, PUNCH! Its Red Like Blood! You’re A Vampire! It says Hawaiian Punch, Right There On The Bottle! You’re A Vampire Cody, Just Admit it! Alright Fine Junior, I’m A Vampire. *Taunting Blah Noises* HE’S A VAMPIRE! Come On, Guys… *sigh* AHHH! Joseph, Cody Admitted That He’s A Vampire! I Know Dude, What Are We Gonna do?! I Don’t Know You Guys Are Being Ridiculous. *Screams* VAMPIRE!! Get away from us!! Yea, We Don’t Want You To Bite Us! I’m Not Gonna Bite You! Well, What If You Turn Into A Bat? Yea? Oh, You Wanna See Me Turn Into A Bat? Here. *Puts down baseball bat He turned into a bat! Let’s get out of here! Get Out, Let’s GO!! Alright, You Know What Guys? I’m going Home, And I’m Taking This Bat With Me. *Screams* Joseph, Cody Turned Into A Bat! I Know Dude! What Are We Gonna Do? If He Bites Us We’ll Die! Oh I know I know Okay We Have To Kill Cody Before He Kills Us Yeah Yeah We Should But How Do You Kill A Vampire Uhhhh!! Ummm! Dude What About Garlic Garlic??? Yeah If He Eats Garlic He’s Gonna Die What really oh yeah! Dr. FinkleShitz Said that garlic would kill a vampire YEAH! OH Oh okay so what if we took garlic rubbed it on Ken’s Mouth And Cody Started Making Out With Ken, Then He Would Die! Dude That’s Genius! Ok let’s do that x2 YEAH!!!! Alright Joseph I Put Ken In His Sleeveless Tux Because I know Cody can’t resist him when he’s wearing that Dude That’s Smart! So I’m Gonna Take This Garlic Rub It All Over His Mouth And Bye Bye Vampire HAHA I Like It I like it Yeah, take this vampire OO OO make sure you get it all in there dude Yeah, It’s in his mouth Yeah!!! KEN!!!! Dude Its Cody, Cody’s Coming EHEH Ken!!! Oh Hey Guys I Forgot Ken Don’t worry, I’m Not Gonna Bite You Well Good Wait Junior Why is Ken in his sleeveless tux He said he wanted to look good for you so he could make out with you What really but Ken we already made out Well he said he didn’t get enough REALLY!!!!!!! Yeah enough of you’re mouth OK!!!! He said he wants to get in a tongue fight with you OH alright Yeah!!! He said he want’s too clean your teeth with his tongue OK!!!!!!!! Yeah, he says he wants to do the hoke poke with your mouth What? Dude Thats Kissing! Yeah! OH OK! Yeah, so you should make out with him Here I come big boy! *Interesting Noises* (Cody Making Out With Ken On The Mouth) Ken what’s wrong with you’re mouth YAY!!!!!!! Die Vampire 2x Junior What did you do? I Rubbed Garlic All Over Ken’s mouth Because I knew You Would Kiss Him UH HUH Yeah! I’m having an allergic reaction! YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!! DIE DIE DIE DIE DIE Vampire! Call 911 (Coughs) (Dies) YAYYY!!!! Die Vampire Yeah Yeah, you died vampire! Yeah I didn’t want him biting us right Yeah get out of here vampire DIE DIE Alright, Let’s call a doctor and make sure he’s dead Yeah Let’s do it dude Yeah! x2 WOO! Take it! Suck it! Take it! (Gibberish) Yeah! (Doorbell Noise) Hello!!! uh did somebody call a doctor WE DID BECAUSE WE JUST KILLED SOMEBODY! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH! YEAH! MURDER! (Cheering) YOU’RE THE MAN JOSEPH, NO YOU’RE THE MAN BRO YOU’RE THE MAN GIVE ME HIGH FIVE (More Cheering) ALRIGHT LETS GO SEE THAT BODY! (Cheering) Yeah! A Dead Body! Where’s that dead body at!!!!!? Logan Paul In A NutShell THERE HE IS RIGHT THERE YEAH!!!!! W-W-Woah you were being serious?! YEAH HE’S DEAD AF YEAH What did you do? Well obviously he’s a vampire We don’t want vampires in this house no way What makes you think he’s a vampire? Look at the fangs the pointy teeth that screams vampire ok yeah I see that Since he’s a vampire we didn’t wanna get bit and possibly die so we killed the vampire So Vampires can’t have Garlic and we took Garlic Put it all on that Ken doll because he always make out with it for some reason And then he uh, had an allergic reaction and died Okay, hold on one minute. Did you say garlic? (Interesting Noises Intensifies) (Ken Got Cheated by Brooklyn Guy) (Brooklyn Making Out With Ken) (Kinda) I um… I like garlic. (More Interesting Noises) (No not again) (Cody Shakes On Couch) What’s your favorite SML video EVER?

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  2. It makes me so mad when Junior be stupid work makes me so bad I want my Brazier explode that's why I hate this video well I like it at the same time but I still hate it because I love you and I hate that I love you and I hate it but I hate it when junior is stupid but I like the video but I hate junior cuz he's so stupid

  3. This is another episode when I saw Dr. Fickleshitz, just like in the other two episodes which are "The Asteroid" and "Bigfoot".

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