Some Symptoms of High Cholesterol

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Hi! I’m robo-Suzie and today I’ll talk to
you about Some Symptoms of High Cholesterol. Also don’t forget to subscribe for more tips
in the future! But back to our topic. The symptoms of high cholesterol are sometimes
invisible, but tell-tale signs include shortness of breath, pains in the legs when walking
or running and weaknesses in the fingers and toes. As the degree of cholesterol in the
blood stream rise, so does your chance of cardiovascular disease or stroke so it really
is worth having them checked regularly. As we age our blood cholesterol starts to
rise, usually beginning in our 20s and rising far more sharply after the age of 40. Women
before menopause have levels which are below men of a similar age. When a woman is experiencing
the menopause her levels of cholesterol, and proportionate risks of CHD will usually rise.
In the developed world, for both men and women heart disease continues to be the number one
reason for death. High cholesterol levels, however, are modifiable so it is definitely
worth having your cholesterol levels checked regularly to reduce the risks of heart disease. High blood cholesterol amounts within the
body may be induced either by environmental or hereditary factors. They can also be affected
by your lifestyle, your levels of exercise and the type of diet you eat. Any diet that
includes a lot of saturated fats, trans-fats and hydrogenated fats is bound to increase
cholesterol. High cholesterol levels are generally connected
to arterial deposits, even though it is in fact the LDL-cholesterol which is responsible.
This condition’s medical name is atherosclerosis. This causes a buildup of deposits within the
arteries which reduce the volume and restrict the flow of blood through them. If this condition
persists it may cause those blood vessels supplying your heart to become so narrow insufficient
oxygen is delivered to the heart muscle. This can cause you to feel chest pain (angina)..
If one of those plaques is dislodged it could cause blood clots; they are very dangerous
as they can either block the blood flow to your heart in which case you will suffer a
heart attack, or your brain in which case you will suffer a stroke. Consequently it
is extremely vital that you monitor blood cholesterol levels to avoid these situations. Medical reviews indicate that there’s a relationship
between high cholesterol and stress. Tension leads to added hormones to be introduced which
could cause clinical depression, cardiovascular disease, a reduction in our bodies’s immune
function and have many added consequences. Add to that the increased threat from comfort
eating, especially of greasy foods, and ldl cholesterol levels are certain to rise. An underactive thyroid gland, a liver or kidney
disorder or badly controlled diabetes can all contribute to higher cholesterol counts.
Certain medicines including steroids, beta-blockers and some diuretics can also influence blood
lipid levels, and smoking raises the danger of arterial blockage dramatically. There are a number of specially designed food
products (for example, some spreads and yoghurts) which are aimed at those who want to bring
down their cholesterol levels. Typically, they include substances such as plant sterols
and stanols which can help diminish LDL-cholesterol. If you decide to use these products, always
check the label and make certain that you do not consume too much. Pregnant women and
nursing mothers should use caution when using any of these products, and nobody should eat
too much of them for safety’s sake. That’s it! Thank you.
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