Spa European Facial Massage Movements Protocol | An Overview

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Facial massage is an important
component to a facial treatment. It is the most relaxing step of a facial and
will keep your client coming back. Knowing your muscle anatomy and physiology of the skin can take your facial massage from a feel good treatment to a beneficial treatment to enhance skin and muscle tone through increased circulation, lymphatic drainage, and calming sensory nerve endings. The Touch Research Institute has
concluded over 100 studies on the positive benefits of massage from diminished pain to enhanced immune functions and many more. It is important we incorporate massage into our aesthetic treatments to help the biggest organ in human anatomy, skin. This series of videos will guide
you through all 22 steps of the professional European facial massage to prepare
you for the Humber Spa lab and the spa industry. A professional level massage will create return clientele for you in the spa industry. Now that you have completed extractions on your client, it is time to move on to your European facial massage.

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