Speedrun of The Outer Worlds (SPEEDRUN EXPLAINED – Any%)

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to get 10% off your order with free shipping and returns. Link is in the description. Hey everyone, my name’s tomatoanus, also
known as the Air Bud of Speedrunning, and this is an Any% speedrun of The Outer Worlds. The goal of this run is to start a new game
and to reach the end credits as fast as possible, by any means necessary. If you’d prefer to watch this run without
my annoying voice, there’s a link in the description to a version of this run without
my commentary. When we create our character, we max out Dexterity,
Perception, and Temperament for the bonuses we get for Dodge, Sneak, Lockpick, and Lie
that those skills give us. We then tag Stealth and Dialog for our skills,
which increases our Sneak to 40, allowing us to pickpocket NPCs, and also increases
Lie to 25, which is closer to our end-goal of having 40 in Lie. Tagging stealth also gets our Lockpick to
40, which allows for us to pick locks without Mag-Picks, and also increases the speed at
which we pick locks, which comes in handy later. Aptitude doesn’t really matter all that
much, so we take the one that increases our Medical skill by one. Once we finish creating our character and
skip the first two cutscenes, we hit a loading screen, after which the run officially begins. We immediately skip through Phineas’s dialogue,
and land on both Terra 2 and Captain Hawthorne. Our immediate goal is to make it to the Unreliable,
which was the ship of the now-deceased Captain Hawthorne. We’re gonna run pretty much straight to
it, utilizing little speedtech along the way like double tapping ‘Space’ to dash out
of our crouched position when we’re waddling beneath rocks and other stuff. You’re going to notice that we run past
the enemies in this intro area and don’t fight them. This is pretty standard for the run as a whole,
as combat is largely avoidable, and we’re only gonna be firing three shots the whole
run. Spoiler alert for the general story of The
Outer Worlds, close your ears until the Shiba Inu on your screen goes away if you don’t
wanna hear. Our character was a passenger on the Hope,
a ship sent from Earth to colonize Halcyon, which is a star system on the fringe of known
space. The Hope contained hundreds of thousands of
colonists who are referred to in-game as geniuses, scientists, and engineers. Long-story short, the Hope arrived 25 years
late, and the people running Halcyon hid the fact that it ever arrived due to potential
public outrage. A scientist named Phineas Welles began experiments
to revive the colonists who were placed in long-term hibernation, and was branded a criminal
by Halcyon’s board. Phineas rescued us so we could help him liberate
the other colonists. When you play through the game casually, you
can either side with Phineas to attempt to revive the colonists, or side with the Halcyon
Holdings Corporate Board to put the workers in the system into hibernation, freeing up
resources for the elites in Halcyon. There’s a hidden, third ending that is unlocked
by having low Intelligence, which is actually the fastest way to finish the game, and will
be exactly what we do for this run. With that history lesson over, we arrive at
the Unreliable and meet ADA, the AI onboard who identifies us as Captain Hawthorne so
that she’s able to take orders from us. After the Turing test, we pull up our character
screen to take the ‘Cheetah’ perk, which increases our sprint speed by 20%. We then fast-travelled to back outside the
ship, and began running across the Emerald Vale. ADA informed us that the Unreliable’s power
regulator has been damaged and is in need of a new one. The reason our character was on the Hope wasn’t
because we were a genius, or a scientist, or an engineer, or any of that. It’s solely for our incredible gift of foresight. We know that in order to get a power regulator
for the Unreliable, we’ll need to salvage it from the transformer of either Edgewater,
which is the main settlement in the Emerald Vale region, or from the Botanical Labs, which
is a settlement comprised of deserters from Edgewater who grew tired of working conditions. This is why we run straight towards the geothermal
plant to discover the fast-travel location for it, before turning around and running
to Edgewater. It’s thanks to our foresight that we know
that if we’re going to salvage a power regulator from one of these two places, we need to first
divert power away from the location that we’ll salvage from. And we know that the only way to divert power
away from a location is to go to the geothermal power plant and manually divert it. We can’t go straight to the geothermal plant
though, because in order to divert power, we need to have a passcode for the plant. That’s why we instead have to go to Edgewater
before going to the geothermal plant proper. In Edgewater, we enter the Saltuna Cannery
and ride the elevator up, being sure to appreciate the elevator music along the way. When our ride ends, we breeze through the
conversation with Reed Tobson, and internet darling Parvati Holcomb. Unfortunately, we’re leaving Parvati behind
because we’re only here to get the passcode from Reed, after which we fast travel away
to the geothermal plant itself. When we load in, we fire the final two bullets
of the entire run to blow up a barrel to manipulate some enemy AI, and then leap over a fence
to enter the geothermal plant. Inside the plant, we’re going to pick up
a tube of ‘Stimu-Lotion’ and then use Reed’s passcode to unlock the door to the
rest of the plant. We then run through the passageways, flipping
all three switches required to divert the power. While we do this, there’s a small bit of
luck involved with whether or not some robots will block your path, but most of the time
you can quickly run around them. The only time it can really be an issue is
right after flipping the final switch, due to how narrow the walkway is. Also, we want to keep moving while we flip
all the switches. If you’re fluid with how you move your camera
and how you strafe, you can flip the switches without ever coming to a complete stop, saving
fractions of a second since we don’t have to build up speed again. Once we’ve flipped the upcoming final switch,
we’re going to run to exit the building before we divert power, being sure to crouch
as we access the door. This is because we’re technically in combat
right now, and you’re not able to access terminals in The Outer Worlds while you’re
in combat. By crouching as we exit the building, and
then immediately re-entering, it should deaggro the enemies that were chasing us in the plant,
allowing us to divert the power. We still have to run to the terminal where
we divert the power though, which requires us to run right past a robot that has its
back to us. We have to jump as we pass the robot and access
the door to the next hallway. If we were to just run right by it, then it
would hear our footsteps, turn around, and see us. Jumping makes it so that the robot hears us
just as we leave the room, not giving it enough time to turn around and see us, and have us
enter combat again. It’s thanks to this that we’re able to
access the terminal and divert the power away from the Botanical Labs, exactly as Reed requested. Outside, we have to run a short distance to
the left before we fast travel, otherwise our fast travel would be blocked by a nearby
enemy. Once we load into Edgewater, we immediately
pull up our character screen and level up our ‘Dialogue’ by 15. After that, we pull up our inventory, drop
the Stimu-Lotion that we picked up earlier, exit our inventory, and quicksave quickload. Once the game loads, we pick up the Stimu-Lotion
and quicksave quickload again. When the game loads again, you’ll realize
that the Stimu-Lotion is still on the ground. This is a duplication glitch that we utilize
to get a total of 18 Stimu-Lotion. For some reason this glitch doesn’t work
in every location in the game, like it doesn’t seem to work in the geothermal plant, so we
have to do it in Edgewater. To get to 18 Stimu-Lotions, we dupe six individual
tubes, and then drop the stack of six and dupe that three additional times. We follow this up with taking all of the Stimu-Lotion
at once. Rather than the effect of Stimu-Lotion stacking,
the duration of the effect stacks, so rather than a 20 second effect, it will be a 360
second effect. By the way, the effect of Stimu-Lotion is
that it increases our movement speed by 20%, which obviously is very good for a speedrun. After rubbing lotion all over our body, we
head on over to the Saltuna Cannery to tell Reed all about how we diverted power from
the Botanical Gardens, only to realize that we’ve made a grave mistake and fat-fingered
the wrong button, directing power away from Edgewater. Reed asked us why we did it, and rather than
tell him the truth about our error, we intimidated the everloving heck out of him and proceeded
to take the power regulator for ourselves and return to the Unreliable. Here we head on over to ship’s transformer
and insert the power regulator, and then jump off the upper level to return to ADA. Normally when you fall from such a height,
you’re slowed momentarily as you take fall damage, but because we’re absolutely lathered
in lotion, our joints take the drop like a champ and we aren’t really slowed down at
all. With the ship powered, we breeze through a
brief chit chat with Phineas, who tells us all about his grand plan and what we should
do next. We’re going to semi-follow his instructions
by heading to the Groundbreaker, which is an orbital station in Halcyon, and the only
place in the entire system not under the control of the Halcyon Holdings Corporate Board, or
any other corporation. Upon arrival we have to get through customs,
which is as easy as just saying ‘hello’ to Cpl. Leonard Wheeler. Our overall goal right now is to get to Byzantium,
because once we’re there we can get fuel in order to skip the Hope to its destination. In order to land in Byzantium though, we need
to get a Navkey, which Udom Bedford can give us in the Groundbreaker. Firstly though, we steal an item from a safe
in a room full of people by hiding in a blind spot in the corner allowing us to go undetected. This item is the ‘Official Seal of Halcyon
Holdings Board.’ But I digress, we need to get the Navkey from
Udom Bedford, but in order to get it from him, we need to get an item for him in return. That item happens to be the ‘Official Seal
of Halcyon Holdings Board.’ If that sounds familiar, that’s because
I literally just said it 15 seconds ago. With the seal in hand, we spoke with Udom,
who is voiced by the same guy who voices Knight Rhys in Fallout 4, and also voices Wolf in
the English audio of Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. After talking with Udom and letting him know
that we have his seal and that all is good, he handed over the Navkey and we fast travelled
back to the Unreliable, where we then captained the ship to Byzantium, landing at Adjutant
Akande’s Landing Pad. Normally when you arrive in Byzantium, you
begin a series of quests which eventually leads up to you getting access to the Ministry
of Accuracy and Morale. Instead, we’re just going to implement the
biggest, and really only sequence break in the speedrun. We attempt to pickpocket this Percival dude,
who will then chase us and come within range of a locked door that will automatically open,
demonstrating the horrors of face scanning technology that’s invading our lives today. This door is normally locked with no way to
open it other than doing a lot of quests. With access to the Chairman’s office, we’re
able to access his terminal to print ourselves a key to the Ministry, skip a cutscene, and
then fast travel back to the Unreliable. The only reason why we returned to the Unreliable
is to grab the ‘Holographic Shroud,’ because we’re going to be needing it in a second. We then returned to the HHC Building, and
got in another darn elevator to go to the main floor. Once it’s through, we’re going to sprint
to the exit and hurdle over the receptionist desk to go outside. There, we’ll run past a mech-gardener and
use our new keycard to enter the Ministry. In the Ministry we’re going to be calling
yet another elevator, but this one will have a delay before it opens because the last person
to use it went down, so we’ll have to wait for it to arrive at our floor. While we wait, we’re going to be spamming
inhalers to keep healing ourselves as we get shot at, as well as lockpick a door to be
able to grab the UDL Identity Cartridge from a locker. This cartridge is what we’ll passively use
in the shroud that we grabbed from the Unreliable, which allows for us to pass by enemies in
heavily guarded areas in a disguise so they won’t attack us. When we begin the elevator ride down, we spam
quicksave and as soon as the pop-up appears indicating that we’ve saved, we then quickload. This is because one of the guards above us
will somehow still talk to us despite us going down several floors in the elevator, but quicksaving
and quickloading breaks his ever seeing gaze. When we finally arrive in the lab, we follow
the yellow line on the floor, which will bring us to the main research room where the fuel
that we’ll use for the Hope is located. The fuel in question is dimethyl sulfoxide,
which you’ll get really comfortable with in real life if you ever synthesize polymers
in a lab. The only issue is that by taking the DMSO,
we’re taking a handful of scientists of off what is essentially life-support, but
hey, the ends justify the means. After we yoink the DMSO, we head to the exit,
which surprise surprise, is another freaking elevator. When we finally make it back outside, we’re
going to immediately fast travel back to the Unreliable, where we’ll have a brief dialogue
with ADA and Adjutant Akande. Fun fact, the voice of Udom isn’t the only
voice actor in this game who worked on Fallout 4. The voice of ADA is actually the same person
who voiced Nora. Once our pow wow finishes up, we then head
on over to Phineas’s Lab. At Phineas’s lab, we don’t have much to
do other than talk with the man himself. When we skip through his lines, we’re going
to eventually hit one line that for some reason is unskippable. While we wait for the line to finish, we’re
going to position our mouse cursor in a spot that lines up with fast travelling back to
the Unreliable once we finish up the dialogue, so we just have to click rather than move
our mouse around. This is a tactic that we’ve used all throughout
the run. After the dialogue finishes up and we fast
travel back to the ship, we can’t help but feel a little dejected that we didn’t get
to see Ferb hanging out at the lab. At the Unreliable, we navigate on over to
the Hope and have one final conversation with our spouse/lawyer, before heading out into
the final area of the speedrun. The first thing we’ll do upon exiting the
Unreliable is reroute the power from the Unreliable to the Hope’s auxiliary power supply, which
repowers the Hope’s Skip Drive. Also, while we do this, we look down while
running because the game tends to hitch a bit right upon exiting the Unreliable which
slows down your running. With the Skip Drive powered, we then have
to head over to the communication room, where we’re going to patch Nora through so that
she’s able to communicate with the Hope’s central computer. Also in the communication room, we have to
pick up the ‘Hope Bridge Keycard’ before we can progress to the final moments of the
speedrun. We then can ride the final godforsaken elevator
in the run. Normally at this point in the game, you can
choose to either skip the Hope to Tartarus and side with the Board, or skip it to Terra
2 and side with Phineas. As I mentioned at the beginning of the run,
we gave our character ‘Below Average’ Intelligence, which unlocks some new dialogue
choices. One of these choices is to skip the Hope manually,
foregoing the ship’s central computer which would normally perform all of the calculations
and commands. By choosing this dialogue option, we get the
secret ending of the game, where we skip the Hope into the sun. The run officially ends as soon as we finish
the dialogue and the final cutscene begins. If you made it to the end of this video, I
truly can’t thank you enough for your time and support. I also wanna give a quick shoutout to Sharo,
who’s the current record holder for this run, for reviewing the script and making sure
I didn’t say anything incorrect. Sharo’s also going to be running this game
at the upcoming AGDQ, so be sure to check him out there. I’d also like to specifically say thank
you to those of you who have decided to support the channel on Patreon. It’s completely not necessary, but you guys
choose to do it regardless, and your generosity is both perplexing and truly appreciated. If any of you, Patron or not, have any feedback
on this video, or recommendations for videos to make in the future, feel free to join my
Discord server. There’s a link in the description, and we
have text channels for both video discussion and suggestions, so please join and let me
know what you have to say. That’s all for this video though. This was an Any% speedrun of The Outer Worlds,
I’ve been tomatoanus, and I hope you have an above average day.

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  2. If it's one thing I don't understand about Parvati, it's her issue with the physical aspect of romantic relationships.

    She will inform you that she doesn't like it because people call her "cold."
    At first I imagined that she meant "cold" figuratively, as in her personality doesn't accommodate the touchy-feely aspect of love.

    As someone with High Functioning Autism and social anxiety, I could get where she was coming from; the expectations from others and that emotional void was getting to her and she gave up the prospect altogether.

    However, the game doesn't ever demonstrate this aspect of her because she's a bundle of sunshine and innocence for the entire game after recruiting her.
    She is, hands down, the one person in the game with the MOST personality and emotion… thus her explanation of having a "cold" personality make NO SENSE.

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