Spiritual Adrenaline – Manevi Adrenalin – الأدرينالين الروحي

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Masha’Allah!Ya salam, ya salam,ya salam! We are people looking for salam. We are people looking for inner peace. We are people looking
to be inside the inner peace. We are not having any interest in the materialistic side. If somebody
coming here for the materialistic side he will be in the wrong address.
This is not a factory, this is not a financial institution. This is not a political institution. This is not a place for entertainment. This is a place only to
get your inner peace. We are people following the great people that they give us the door for inner peace. The Turkish people they have a saying: kervan yörür it örür. It is very nice saying, that the caravan when start to travelling you must find so many dogs
barking around the caravan but the caravan never
change his destination and never stops for dog barking. That’s why we have to come
back to our origin. We’ve done enough,
we’ve explained enough. It is not our job anymore. We have to look for our main
mission, that anybody coming here he is welcome. Anybody wants to be here, he is welcome. Anybody wants to be
here also, he is welcome. This is Maqam Mawlana Sheikh Nazim,
qaddasa Allahu sirrahu al ‘ali. This is his place, this is his Maqam. This is house, this is his residence. And this is his guesthouse. And
this is his children’s house. Now everybody it is the spiritual child for Mawlana Sheikh. It is not necessary to be
the biological father for us. It’s necessary to be spiritual
father for all of us. This is what the people
they are missing. Nobody care who is his
biological father. Everybody cares about his spiritual
father, this is important. Of course the family matters. I’m not, it is not for negotiation, but
this is how we have to go ahead with our spiritual journey because we all of us are travellers. We all of us are having a distance
to go in our spiritual journey. Yes, the life itself is a journey.
But the life has 2 or 3 sides of the journey. So, some
journey will be for business, some journey it will be for pleasure, some
journey it will be for spirituality. This is important. If you can
realize your journey, then you understand the address
and you will not have a fear. When we’ve been saying so many things in the past days and months since
Mawlana Sheikh passed away, the idea here it was just to make for our murid, for Mawlana’s
Sheikh’s children, the address to be clear.
Everybody in Europe, in America, everywhere now they
are using the navigation in the car. Once upon a time we’ve
been going to London – and the necessary things in the car more than anything is “A to Z London”. If you don’t have “A to Z London”in your
car, don’t drive. They say don’t drive. The first thing is you have
to buy “A to Z London”. If you are in London, very important
they say don’t drive – you will get lost, all houses look the
same, all the streets look the same. That’s why they were having
this “A to Z London”. The other day I was in England say”where
is this “A to Z London”? Say “no, no we don’t need anymore.”Say”Why it’s very
necessary?” “No we have the navigation. Or we have the Tomtom.” This is cheaper. Then they put the address: “go right, go left, go up, go down,
go this go that.” Finally you find your destination,
you find your address. And when you are in address the
flag will tiritiritiri you are there. Very important. “A to Z” doesn’t tell
you this. You have to search, look. This one, this one, this one.
No, this takes you. “Wa ‘allama l-insana ma lam ya’lam”
(96:5) This is Allah Almighty He teach His servant the thing they never
talk about it. This must be coming inspiration for the heart of the
person, that Allah Almighty He make him to produce such a thing for His other servants to be, to make it easy on them. Alhamdulillah
what we are doing since Mawlana Sheikh passed away until today – that
we are showing address. We are just telling you, put this
address in your navigation, because everybody has
navigation, it’s here (heart). And everybody has this navigation to be, to take him for the right address. But sometime the cloud will come, wiswas will come, ego will come, rumor
will come, so many thoughts will come and make your navigation between
your heart and you a distance. So you have to clear slowly, slowly
and to get for him the right place. And what Mawlana Sheikh
he was doing through me that he clear the way for the murids
because he cares about his murids. He doesn’t want any of his
murid to be hurt. He doesn’t want any of his
murids to be lost. This is the heart of the mother –
maybe she has 40 child. One of them is missing, she
doesn’t see the 39, she will try to look for the one missing.
Yahoo you have 39 it’s more than enough! You’ve been really heavy
work looking after 39 child. “No, no my heart is with my son,
where is my son?” “What about this?” “I want to look” This is mother heart. And imagine Sheikh heart how it will be. And this is what I’m trying to
explain – explain that be little bit with your Sheikh heart; little bit, not too much, and
see what will happen. See how it will be open, see how you
will be happy. This is the inner peace. Because
when you are running away, your inner peace will also run away
from you and then you will be confused and you will have so many things in
your mind and you will be eaten by wolf. They say the one he is alone, he
will be eaten by wolf, yes. You never know which kind
of wolf you will face. Maybe you will face a wolf who is… maybe you will face a
wolf with very nice looking, holy looking, or you will find a wolf that he give you treatment.. that
you never know what will end up. That’s why you must be open eyes,
you must be clever. And you must be looking for
your Sheikh calling; for your Sheikh taking you back; for your Sheikh that he brought
you; the Sheikh that he take you from dust, from dirty, and make you clean and
shining, and put you. He doesn’t want you to go back
for your old place. Be careful. What Mawlana
Sheikh he give to us in inner peace and beauty, we
don’t have to go back again. No, no need. You are there, you
are in the King’s presence, with Allah Almighty presence. And say “Hmm I feel bored here no
enjoyment, I must go back.” What do you think doctor?
(“I don’t think.”) I am feeling bored here very much. I’m boring. No, it is the enjoyment, the heavenly
enjoyment you cannot find anywhere. Because it’s endless. It is going
on, and on, and on… It will be going on and on. This is when somebody has the
inner peace, that will be Alhamdulillah! Your health, your looking for dunya,
your mercy for people, how you want to help, how you want
to take these people out from their what’s happening and this will make
you good servant to Allah Almighty. Because when I’m looking at you,I never
looking at you with material looking.I’m looking at you with the
brotherhood, with the love that the true love coming from
Allah Almighty, from my heart to your heart, from
your heart to my heart. There is nothing. You see
some people they are having business, or having
some corporation. One of them will say “Eh! I
didn’t like this business.” So if they are 10 people, 1
of them spoils the game. Everybody will be having so many
things in their mind, saying “yes maybe this business is not good,
this..” because it is materialistic meeting. It is materialistic meeting. When you have materialistic meeting,
must have a problem. Because 1 of the 10 people he will
not be happy from what he got. He says “I’m not happy from what I got! Maybe you take more,
I think you take more! He is sitting in the middle
too much!” No! When it is spiritual meeting everybody satisfied from what he’s got. And satisfied from what he is
getting and here it will be boiling with happiness. The heart
boiling with happiness because the heart must boil with something. The heart cannot…The heart energy
must boil with something. Adrenaline they call it. That’s some
people they jump from the mountain, the heart blblblbll…Some people
I don’t know what they do blllll….some people, you know..so
many things. But when you have the real spiritual adrenaline, it is coming from the spirituality
that the Sheikh he put it there. And make you boiling boiling and this
boiling it will be peaceful boiling. It will be nicely boiling, spreading
love, spreading respect, spread so many nice things.
Spread good smell, good thinking, good thought, everything it is called good, good, good. This is how your heart will be boiling
because you are giving. You start to be giver. Because
we have to give. This we cannot keep in our
heart, must be spread. This is the biggest example in
our life is Mawlana Sheikh. How his heart was boiling, boiling… and giving everywhere, giving
everywhere. Not only Lefke, not only his
house, not only his heart, not only his room, not only
his seat. No. Everywhere. And this is very big example to
understand how your heart when start to boil
with the spirituality and love of Allah Almighty,
Prophet, Awliya’, Anbiya’, everything it is like wow! So they say the body of the human it is universe. It’s big as universe. Imagine this, this universe that’s been
with Mawlana Sheikh how it jump for other
universes, it is so huge. So huge! But Allah Almighty how He create us, how
He make us complete. How He make us so beautiful,
so fantastic as universe. We are universe.
Everybody it is similar to this universe, that is everyone is.
That’s why when they say the creation
of Allah Almighty endless, when you look for yourself
you understand. When you look for yourself
you understand. And this boiling… boiling, boiling, boiling touches
how many universes. This is how Mawlana Sheikh he
was the best example for us to understand how it was so nice, how it was so beautiful. So
that’s why, now no any Sheikh can satisfy us. Nobody can satisfy you. No, because we see Mawlana Sheikh. When you see Mawlana
Sheikh, finish! Game over. What we are doing here
is just explaining what was Mawlana Sheikh, small light of him. Trying to explain, and we try to hold tight with that small light
that Mawlana Sheikh he give to us. This is how we have to understand the inner peace that Mawlana
Sheikh he put in our heart. With so inner peace, half of the
jama’at slept, Alhamdulillah! Too much inner peace – everybody sleeping. This is Mawlana Sheikh. Alhamdulillah this is how
Mawlana Sheikh he is. This is how Mawlana Sheikh is making us to be with him. Alhamdulillah! May Allah bless you and
may Allah forgive me for my sin or for my bad adab, or for my bad behaviour. And I’m trying
to fix myself as much as I can and this is what I can. More than this I cannot do. Wa min Allahi t-tawfiq, bi hurmati
l-habib, bi hurmati l-Fatiha.

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