Spirometry Training for Asthma

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With the spirometer we can make a faster diagnosis
and a more appropriate diagnosis for children
and adults with asthma. [MUSIC PLAYING] ED: A
spirometer is a device that we use to
measure lung function. We’re basically measuring
how big the lungs are and how fast the air
comes out of our patients. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Keep going. Big, big, fast in. All right. Now let’s see what
it looks like. DR. FULLER: If you think in the broad
sense of buying something like that for the
provider’s office and getting the correct
diagnosis for children and adults with asthma, It’s
a very low risk item to buy. CARLA:
Most of our children come from low socioeconomic
status families. So it’s just a really
under-served group of kids with a lot
of health care needs. And in the clinic, we’ve
noticed a trend in asthma. So we definitely thought
rolling out or implementing this program at the
school-based clinic would be extremely beneficial. [MUSIC PLAYING] It’ll give us definitely
more accurate diagnoses. It will tell us the
severity of their asthma. It will definitely give some
stronger baselines, as far as what these kids need. Oftentimes if we don’t
have diagnostic testing, we’re not 100% certain if
this is appropriate to treat in primary care. What’s the severity of
it or the extent of it? So oftentimes having
those diagnostic tests give us better comfort
level in managing asthma. So I think it would definitely
keep more asthma management in primary care versus sending
them out to specialists. DR. FULLER: The
American Lung Association offers the spirometry
implementation and interpretation training once a year. If you would like to
know the next time we’re doing this training,
please check our website, lung.org, or give us a call. [MUSIC PLAYING] [MUSIC ENDS]

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