Spring allergies lasting longer this year due to warmer temperatures

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now as much as we love spring and the
beauty of the flowers in full bloom for those of us who suffer from hay fever it
can be one of the most uncomfortable times of the year and our Oh Sooyoung
tells us why the symptoms are lingering longer this year and some ways to ease
them spring allergy seems to be losting longer every year with more and more
Koreans having reactions to pollen release from trees according to the
health insurance review and assessment services this week the number of
patients with allergies many of them pollen related rose by fifteen percent
from 2013 to nearly seven million in 2017 those who specifically have hay
fever make up about 17% of adults with allergies and 37 percent of teens
according to Korea’s weather agency this month
experts say hay fever has become increasingly prevalent in densely
populated cities and that symptoms are lasting longer due to global warming as
temperatures rise trees in plants grow stronger and flowers blossom earlier to
the period exposure to pollen gets longer so recently we’ve seen a growing
number of patients suffering from hay fever allergic reactions are triggered
when grains of pollen make contact with the eyes or enter deep inside the nose
this activates your immune system causing the release of a chemical called
histamine histamine can cause swelling rashes itchy eyes runny noses and
sneezing severe symptoms include headaches excessive tiredness and
worsening of asthma researchers say around 13 types of trees on the
peninsula release allergy triggering pollen the worst offenders are oak trees
pine trees and alder trees with pollen counts peaking between April and May hay
fever is usually treated with antihistamine which can be bought over
the counter more serious cases can be treated with amido therapy also health
experts recommend staying indoors during the peak hours of pollen activity and
wearing sunglasses and the masks if you have to venture outdoors but the best
course of action is to consult a doctor for accurate diagnosis and treatment Oh
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