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So my name is Asma. I’m from Morocco. I
study at the International University of Rabat. I wanted to
come to summer school to explore the Danish culture which is very different
than the Moroccan one and even the French one that I usually go for. I heard
about this program and I am taking a very creative class and that’s very
unusual. Everything is special about this course
because it’s a very unusual course where you can sit wherever you want.
I choose the window I really like to sit next to the window and it’s very
creative and very open-minded, you can be whoever you want on that class. You can
be Yoda, you can be Darth Vader, you can be stormtrooper and or any other character
you would like to. Oh the summer school in general is great because you meet a lot of people from different countries and we instantly become friends and we
are we are like a team, we do everything together and as long as we are together
the force may always be with you. We’ve been working on a lot of stupid
things which is a good thing according to Adam. We’ve been working on how to
make a project, how to work in teams successfully, how to how to keep the
creative going on and yeah that’s pretty much it. We’ve been playing a lot to keep the creative going on. Oh it exceeded my expectations actually.
I didn’t imagined I would be like that I’m really satisfied and I would
recommend this to anybody who has asks about it. Whoo I really like Odense because it’s a
very calm city. I’ve been to Copenhagen last weekend and I was shocked of the busyness of the city. I really like it here, it’s very calm.
We have to walk alot but it’s okay the landscape is beautiful, it’s green and it’s pretty. Yeah I would definitely recommend the
summer schools to my fellow stormtroopers.

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