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 Brits have been left dumbfounded by the cost of US privatised health care as fear the NHS could be carved up post-Brexit mount   In a series of street interviews conducted by , passersby are asked to guess how much fairly standard medical items cost on average in America   Across the board they guess much, much lower than the average American ends up forking out  When one woman is asked how much an inhaler costs for asthmatics on the other side of the pond, she guesses $100 (£76)  The interviewer informers her that the actual cost of the devices – which can be life-saving for the 25 million asthmatics in America if they have an attack – is $250 to $350  The woman looks visibly shocked before exclaiming: “For an inhaler? Man, so if you’re poor, you’re dead ”  Other guesses include $80 for two EpiPens (actual cost $600), $100 to give birth (actual cost between $10,000 and $30,000) and $1,000 for the coil (actual cost $1,300)  The revelation that not only is there a charge for calling an ambulance in the US, but that it can cost $2,500, causes one man’s mouth to drop open in surprise  The interview then asks: “(How much would it cost if) You give birth by C-Section and you would like to hold your baby after you’ve given birth?”  “You have to pay to do that?” the interviewee asks  “To hold my own child that I have been carrying inside of my womb?”  When it is explained that the cost of skin-on-skin contact is $40, the woman says she would punch any doctor who presented her with such a bill   The vox-pop experiment comes as the conversation about the future of the NHS heats up ahead of the General Election next Thursday   The Labour Party has accused the Conservatives of holding secretive trade talks with US envoys in which access to parts of the NHS in a post-Brexit scenario was discussed  Jeremy Corbyn has suggested the Tories cannot be trusted not to put the country’s health service on the table in future trade negotiations with the US   During a press conference in which he presented 451 pages of notes on six rounds of trade talks the Labour leader said: “These documents confirm the US is demanding the NHS is on the table in trade talks These uncensored documents leave  Boris Johnson ’s denials in absolute tatters”.  The public status of parts of the NHS has been in doubt for years  Research carried out for the GMB trade union by Tussell found that £15billion of health care contracts had been handed to private companies since 2015  That means by value almost two-thirds of NHS contracts have gone to private companies in the past four years  Rehana Azam, GMB’s national secretary, said: “These shocking figures expose the extent to which our NHS is increasingly falling into private hands  “Outsourcing is bad news for patients and NHS staff. Time and time again, we have seen private providers fail to deliver while our members’ terms and conditions and the NHS national agreement have been undermined ”  The Conservative Party has denied in strong terms that they are selling off the NHS   Responding to the GMB data, Mr Hancock told The Independent:  “I love our NHS and am completely committed to ensuring it always remain free at the point of use  “The NHS has always used private provision – GPs, opticians and pharmacists all operate privately  “The important thing is that patients access the care and treatment they need, free at the point of use ”

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  1. The NHS has been sold off to the EU. In America part of your wages are payed by your employer. You are comparing apples to bananas.

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