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The first thing on the summer fun list is… We have arrived. ♬ Don’t you think we’re better together ♬ ♬ Oh Honey ♬ ♬ I think we are ♬ Good morning! It is. It is. What? Apparently the talking isn’t happening today. We are packing up. We are getting ready to leave today. We’re still in Maryland with our families, but we’re leaving. I just finished all my morning stuff and we are packing everything up so. Peter found us a very fun place to stay tonight on our drive back to Massachusetts. And I’m really excited about it, so I cannot wait to show you guys where we arrive to in a few hours, but until, from now until then we need to finish packing the car. We’re gonna say goodbye to his mom and then go say goodbye to my family and hopefully we’re gonna be able to stop by my grandparents’ house on the way out of town. They live like an hour away ish and so we’re gonna say goodbye to them. Say hello, say goodbye, and then be on our way to our next stop. [coughs] And it’ll be fun. Good morning guys. I know Mary already started the vlog, but we are making one pit stop before we leave town today. I stopped at Starbucks because I gotta upload the vlog before we get on the road. But I know Mary told you we have, I’m excited for our trip today. We’re gonna check something off our summer fun list tonight, so, here we go. Welcome back to the car. We’re coming at you here from the parking lot. Where the vlog is uploaded and we are getting on the road. But the first thing to do is to pull up our summer fun list. Oh my gosh! Because a couple weeks ago the weather was starting to change and Mary and I sat down one afternoon. We’re like, let’s make a summer fun list. I don’t think we got too far. We’ve added like four things. We have… Three things. Three things. But the first thing on the summer fun list is… [both] Staying in a tiny house. I speech jammed you! What!? You were like going so slow. You’re like… stay…in…a… We are, okay, we’ve titled the vlog when we went to Mary’s parents’ cab… Cabin. [laughter] We can’t talk. [stumbling over words] [laughter] We went to the cabin a few days ago. It is a tiny house. It is a… It’s a cabin, but we are today, tonight for the first time in our lives. Well… Well, go ahead, and I’ve got a thing. Go ahead. For the first time in our lives we are staying in a tiny house. And the difference between my parents’ cabin and this tiny house, the tiny house we’re gonna be staying in, is on wheels so it is the true embodiment of a tiny house. But I think there is a square footage requirement for the technical term “tiny house.” And? I don’t actually know Oh. [laughter] Well, either way we are literally psyched out of our minds. So excited. I wish you guys could be in this car with us and you could experience the fun-ness of Peter. What? No, like seriously! We’re driving by this guy and you know that like when you’re like checking out the person next to you, not like checking them out but like… Yeah, you like, it’s just a natural thing when you’re driving by somebody you kinda look in the window. [Peter] But like I looked over and there’s like an SUV about the same height as us and our eyes met, my eyes met with the guy and I just like, it’s one of those moments where you gotta do something and I was just like… [laughter] And I was like, just gave that guy pretty vigorous head nod. And much laughter ensued. But like, that is something that’s hard about vlogging. I wish that the camera was on for that natural moment that happened. But the reality is we can’t have the camera on all the moments. So then we have to try to retell it and then it’s like hashtag you had to be there. Oh my gosh. That was amazing. We just got to spend time with my grandparents, and they’re just fun! They’re fun to spend time with and we love hearing their stories. They were talking about one of their first homes. They got an… how long was it? 28 feet with the tank on the end so a very small trailer and that was their entire house. [Peter] It came up because we were telling them that we were staying in a tiny house tonight. They’re like, well we lived in a tiny house. That’s right. Before it was popular and they just made it work. And they said we didn’t have a lot of money, but you just, you work your tail off. They didn’t say that, but you work your tail off, you pay the bills and you make do with what you have and you choose contentment with what you have and they had a small trailer and they were together and they were happy and now they live in a house and they’re happy and they’re together, and it doesn’t matter like how much or how little you have or don’t have, but you make the most of it and anyway, it was just so fun to like hear their stories and sit and drink coffee with them and… I just loved it, and I got a couple pictures. Last time we were there I set my phone up and I recorded when Mommom and I were playing… She was playing the piano and we were singing and so if you want to watch that we’ll link that video up here. Guess what we did? We bought batteries! I don’t think they’re gonna last very long, but we bought batteries so that I could do my middle of the day Cayston in the car. How convenient. I’ll keep you updated on how many times the batteries let me do my nebulizer. Okay guys. The moment we’ve been waiting for. It was a pretty swift drive. We have arrived. Let me um… Let you guys focus in on this. This is the outside. We will give you a daylight tour tomorrow, but we’ll give you an initial nighttime tour. You can see a Mary and Ollie are already in the tiny house. This is actually built on a trailer so there are wheels down here, so it is off the grid and it has solar panels. This tiny house is kind of semi off the grid because it has solar panels, solar power and inverter but it also has a line of power to it and a water supply to it so that makes some modern comforts like a shower and sink, but let’s go inside and give you a little tour. [Mary coughing] [Mary] That was perfect! [Peter] So we actually also have AC so I’m going to turn off the AC while we do this little tour. [coughing] It’s so cool! [Peter] We love it. So, you come in the door… [coughing] [Peter] And here is the view from the door. And of course we already have all of our stuff. [Peter] Yeah, we’re like, we should have done this before we brought our stuff in but hey, this is I guess… [coughing] [Peter] A real-life tour in a tiny house. [Peter] We brought in Mary’s vest. We have our clothes and cute little dining, like, one of the things I loved about this [Peter] they called it the glass house, and it’s just windows all the way around. [Peter] Thankfully there are blinds that we can put down so we can… We weren’t sure. [Peter] We weren’t sure there would be. [Peter] But it has this kitchen area. [Peter] Fridge, microwave. [Peter] Hotpot stove kind of thing and a toaster. [Peter] The sink, like I said, there’s a supply of water. [Mary] Isn’t it like a tank? [Peter] There is a tank, but I think in the winter they turn off the supply of water to here. [Peter] But like, I think in the warmer months there is actually a supply, they have a water supply. [Peter] I think they run a hose out here, but we are like far removed. [Peter] This is like on a farm property and we’re far removed so like, [Peter] there’s no house around, it’s just kind of wilderness around us. It’s so nice. [Peter] But this nice bed here. So, I’m thinking if we shut all the lights off we can see the stars. [Peter] Out the windows. Yes, it’s a starry night [Peter] What’s under the bed? Is that like a drawer? More sheets. Thankfully, cuz come here. [Peter] Oh, are they microfiber? [squeals] [Peter] That is hilarious. If you were with us for the last Airbnb… Hashtag microfiber, that’s all I have to say. [Peter] Yeah. But there are cotton sheets. Do you want me to do a little food snack haul? [Peter] Yes. Mary… I had to get us some rations. This is Mary’s gas station tiny house… Food haul. Food haul. Poundcake. Awesome. Cheese crackers. “Real” cheese. Nice. Holy cheese Snyder snacks. Those look cool. They look cool. Krispy Kreme powdered Donuts. Who would’ve known? They charged me two dollars for this. What?! That’s a ripoff. And honey roasted cashews and I got Did you get some drinks? I got the only milk that they had plain, and it’s called ultra-filtered milk aka it lasts forever. Interesting. But that was the only milk option, so we got some milk. Okay. And that is our… Wait, we forgot to show the bathroom. Oh, yes. And uh…apparently we haven’t checked out this toilet yet. The owner of this Airbnb… Where’s the toilet paper? Uh oh. [gasps] There’s no toilet paper. Wait, what? That would sure stink… We’re gonna have to read the thing and see if it says no toilet paper allowed or something. Well, what do you do? Shake and run. There is the shower so there’s a little…uh. Well, there’s the shower. Wow, it’s like a full size shower? Yeah. And a sink here, and so this is called a dry flush toilet. And I think what it does is when you, after you go you flush and it, I think it just kind of like vacuum seals and there’s like 17 flushes per cartridge. And that is for wet or solid. Yes. I assume. So we have yet to experience what that is like. But I’m curious because that is one piece of like I’ve wondered what it would be like to live in a tiny house. Yeah. And uh…but because some have composting toilets and different options, but this will be interesting to try out. Okay. We are going to relax. Another like modern convenience that this tiny house does have is that it has Wi-Fi which is super nice so we’re gonna relax, enjoy our evening before we get back on the road tomorrow and head home. But as we always say whenever we’re on the road we don’t have a partnership with Airbnb or anything, but we do have an affiliate link that if you guys sign up through our link for Airbnb you can get somewhere between like thirty and forty dollars off your first booking and… And we see emails come in from Airbnb like “Britney just booked a stay” And I like, get so excited so you guys get credit we get some Airbnb credit as well which actually makes it possible for us to like come stay at places like this and give you guys tours and that sort of thing so the link works out on both ends. And we are thankful to see those pop up when you guys make bookings and stuff. So maybe there’s a tiny house near you that you want to check out. There’s actually a filter for it so when you’re searching like search like New York or wherever you’re going and then you go down to filters, and then you go down to unique property types, I think. More filters, and then tiny house will be there so. That’s how we found this one. Let us know if you find any and we’re gonna go turn off all the lights so we can see the stars and. [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Good night! ♬ Ollie, can you say good night to all the people? [Peter talking as Ollie] Goodnight guys. We’ll see you tomorrow. [Mary talking as Ollie] Good night! ♬♬


  1. A power inverter would be great for you! It plugs in to cig lighter and you can plug into the outlet it provides

  2. I know one thing I've realized growing up poor and now dating someone who was always upper middle class is that a lot of things from my childhood and teenager-dom are very abnormal and are things his family can't even imagine happening but my family was just fine. Like one year when I was 12 we were living in a little run down trailor and we didn't have electricity for the entire year and I mean yes it was tough but we made the best of it and it wasn't that bad. I had my dog and my friends. But my boyfriend couldn't even imagine living without electricity then. About a year or so later we ended up going a year without running water which was a bit more tough but we still got through. Basically what I'm trying to say is always keep your head up and do your best. Even when things are tough there's always better times ahead and you can make it there. I believe in you!

  3. I have never seen a toliet like that!! That would be amazing for our camper, no more nasty tank dumping😝😝

  4. Hi! Random question, are Air BnB’s required to accept service dogs like hotels and businesses are??

  5. I'm obsessed with tiny house! Thanks for showing us this one. I'm going to a Tiny House show this weekend in the northwest suburbs of Chicago (Schaumburg, IL if anyone is local and interested). Love and vlogs and I'll see you tomorrow 👍

  6. According to FYI's "Tiny House Nation", the max square footage to define a tiny house is 750 square feet. 💚

  7. My husband and I just stayed in a tiny house/cabin that was built into the side of a mountain. It was one of the coolest Airbnb rentals we've stayed in. Nice tiny house you guys found! 😉

  8. I lived in a tiny camper for a while when I was in HS & it was the worst. it was me, my mom, & my dog in like a 6ft by 16ft (including the bathroom, which somehow always seemed to have at least 3 mosquito hawks in every morning, which give me panic attacks because I'm insane) and its AC was definitely not strong enough for the florida heat. (ugh & don't even get me started on having to wake up at 4:30am to turn on the propane tank to take a warm shower before school) so now every time I hear someone say that they wished they lived in an RV or a tiny house I look at them like theyre crazy.

  9. Looks amazing. How fun. Looks like you both enjoyed it. Hope you had a lovely time with family and in your tiny house. I would love to stay in something like than in the country.

  10. My 2yo always hums your intro song when it comes on! It's super adorable lol She says, "I like it!" ❤

  11. I lived in a studio apartment for a year while I was at university (It was probably slightly bigger than that house, but not by much) and honestly I loved it so much. There's something almost magical about having everything in one room. When I moved in to a house in second year I ate sooooooo much more junk food, just because cooking meant going down stairs.

  12. I don't think I could never live in a smaller house that I live in now. A lot of tiny houses are amazing.

  13. You can take a bath every time you go to the rest room or wipe with a warm cloth it’s ok that’s what we do in the Hospital when we take care of patients that can’t clean themselves they say it’s better on you than toilet paper but of course toilet paper is more sanitary if you need to flush it lol but. What can you do

  14. I'm having a little panic attack over the TP situation. LOL!. The tiny house is so great tho. I hope you were able to see the stars and got to lay there looking at them! I love the night sky away from city lights!! Look up dark sky preservation if you want to see how few places have a relatively dark sky without a ton of light pollution. I hope you had a wonderful cozy night!

  15. You got to visit 2 tiny houses?!? Cool! My wife is disabled, but we have found a campground and spot that works perfectly for her. So we go camping very close to where friends and family are so we get in a lot of visiting.

  16. Ugh, I wish I’d known about your Airbnb link. I just booked a place a few weeks ago for a Doll show in Kansas.

  17. Fair Life milk is great for those of us who are watching calories. One of things filtered out is lactose, a sugar.

  18. It's so nice that you got to spend time with your grand parents. Love the tiny house. You guys do the coolest things.

  19. You are both snoozing by now, or Mary can't sleep tonight and is reading
    I ADORE the tiny house living, and is on my bucket list. Thanks so much for sharing! Love all three if you xo
    P.S. I'm so glad you both got to visit family. I hope your weather at home is as warm as it was there.

  20. House in the wilderness? I need to be in a house in such location. And, I will take holy cheese, too. 😀

    It would have been great if we also saw the stars.

  21. I’m not sure if anybody has said this to you in the comments yet but they have these really cool converters that you plug into your cigarette lighter and you can plug any two or three prong appliance into. We’ve done everything from portable DVD players to my Keurig, lol. They really aren’t very expensive at all but that would save you on so much time and money.

  22. I work in the er here in Lousiana and tonight we had a patient come in with a service dog that looks just like Ollie. I got so excited. His name was Gumbo. I was telling the mom about Ollie and she was like, oh the Frey life.!

  23. You guys are so cute I have never heard of a camper being called a tiny house. Oliver is going to love it

  24. I've never stayed in one (I think my power wheelchair would take up too much room lol) but I love looking at Tiny Houses. I'm also in love with my microfiber sheets.

  25. I know it's probably been answered before but how long does your morning treatment routine take? 😊

  26. Man I wish I would have know about. The airbnb booked my fist trip last week.. 😟 oh well. We're there now and I love this place, wish I could live here lol….

  27. Why do people do thumbs down on this couple…What could they possibly do to deserve it …I will Pray for all of you

  28. "I speech jammed you!" — that reminds me of the time my husband and I did a video using a speech jammer. We laughed so hard we cried! That was a fun night. Also gotta say that road trip funnies are the best…I've made some of the best memories while "trapped" in the car with my husband haha!

  29. Do you both miss Scotland I live there and would like to know if you miss it and how much you both enjoyed living there

  30. That sounds like such a cute and comfy tiny house to stay in! I do plan on going on vacation within the next few months so I’ll definitely use the credits if I use Airbnb .

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