Step-by-Step How To Use Afrezza®

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Afrezza is the only inhaled insulin. Afrezza is delivered by inhalation using a specially designed device. Afrezza is
available in color-coded single dose cartridges of four, eight, and twelve
units. These cartridges are clearly marked with a number of units at the
bottom. Afrezza is used at the beginning of a meal, and the insulin
powder is delivered through the inhaler by breathing in. Afrezza
is administered in four steps. Step 1: Select the Afrezza cartridge. Check the
number of units at the bottom of the cartridge to ensure the correct dose is
selected. Multiple cartridges are required for doses exceeding 12 units.
Step 2: Open the inhaler by lifting the mouthpiece. Load the cartridge into the
inhaler. The cartridges fit into the inhaler in only one direction.
Make sure the cartridge lies flat. Keep the loaded inhaler level. Do not turn
upside down, shake, or drop it as this could cause a loss of insulin. Close the
inhaler by lowering the mouthpiece until you hear a snap. Step 3: Remove the
mouthpiece cover. Hold the inhaler away from mouth and exhale fully.
Place the mouthpiece in mouth with head and inhaler level, then tilt the inhaler
down toward chin. Inhale deeply through the inhaler and hold breath as long as
is comfortable before exhaling. Step 4: Put the mouthpiece cover back onto the
inhaler. Lift the mouthpiece then remove the cartridge from the base. Dispose of
the used cartridge in household trash. To recap, 1: select the Afrezza cartridge, 2: load cartridge into the inhaler, 3: inhale Afrezza, 4: discard used cartridge.
Repeat as necessary to obtain the prescribed dose. Refrigerate unopened
foil packages, blister cards, and strips. Cartridges and inhaler should be at room
temperature for 10 minutes before use. Once a blister is opened, cartridges must
be used within 3 days. The inhaler can be used for up to 15
days from the date its first used, and remember to keep the loaded inhaler
level when not inhaling to avoid spilling the powder.

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