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of emphysema COPD according to the World Health Organization COPD is the third
leading cause of death worldwide taking more than 2 million lives annually
medications and treatments prescribed for COPD and emphysema will not cure the
disease or stop its progress clinical trials have demonstrated these
medications and treatments slowed the progress of emphysema and COPD but did
not stop its progression therefore patients relying solely on these
medications and treatments will eventually succumb to the disease but
the medical and pharmaceutical industry is these missing or the ignoring of
obvious cause of evidence patients who have deteriorated them to stage 4 or in
stage report an inverse relationship between their meal size and their
supplemental oxygen requirement that is the more supplemental oxygen they
require the less food they give you before it would negatively affect their
breathing I noticed this relationship firsthand with my mother was diagnosed
with COPD and she deteriorated down to end-stage after four years more than
6,500 hours of research and observation I developed a hypothesis which logically
described as disease progression my hypothesis was smoking introduces a
pathogen into the lung that contains proliferating whether the patient quits
smoking or not this explain why former smokers are often diagnosed with
emphysema and COPD years even decades after smoking cessation seven I reason
that as this unknown pathogen proliferate the body adapts by defending
the lungs eventually causing the condition known as barrel chest as the
disease progresses the distending love eventually crowd the stomach causing a
decrease in meal size and subsequent weight loss the weight loss becomes
severe when the patient meals are so small that their food and
table no longer cover their energy consumption unless this pathogen is
stopped in its tracks it will continue proliferating resulting
in a diagnosis of COPD and emphysema years even decades later dr. Janet
hunter a microbiologist and cancer researcher at the University of Nevada
School of Medicine developed a diet that starves cancer a pathogen doctor friend
Pescatore uses a similar diet in his eight step cure for allergies and asthma
out of desperation I immediately started my mother on the diet laid out IV two
prominent researchers the improvements were obvious and evident in only two
weeks unlike the temporary induced asking of
symptoms these improvements were permanent it
appeared that the hypothesis was correct there was a pathogen proliferating in my
mother’s lungs and this diet was slowing or even stopping his progress
my mother’s supplemental oxygen requirement was decreasing as the
pathogen occupied less and less of her lung volume as my research continued
supplements were added that would restore her immune system amplify her
immune response and reduce inflammation and excess mucus production seventeen
months after incorporating these drastic changes into my mother’s daily regimen
she completely recovered from emphysema and COPD
I shared my findings of my mother’s results with a friend who had suffered
with severe asthma and allergies for more than 30 years my friend said after
using the diet supplements for a few weeks he was able to lay down at night
without wheezing for the first time that he could remember after a year on the
diet and supplements he no longer needed his asthma or allergy medication which
he has taken since he was a small boy my friend insisted I write a book detailing
these protocols for all the patients currently suffering from these diseases
reluctantly I gathered my notes together from her
four years of research and wrote a book how I reversed my mom
azeema today as of February 2012 the book has held more than 2,000 patients
in eight different countries survived into Zima and COPD would you like to try
the diet before you get the book visit our website it’s free WWE emphysema
treatments calm you may also want a copy of the free reverse and kazuma self-test
it will help determine your likelihood of benefit from the information is a
book read a full description of the logic read details about the diet and
supplement get a copy of the reverse at the Zima self-test and visit our group
on Facebook call COPD doctor’s family Monteith a nationally syndicated radio
talk show host in a brief interview be on the air for a full hour and as a
result we’ll be offering the book to his listeners think about what makes more
sense to you the claim by conventional medicine that emphysema and COPD
progressed by some mysterious unknown mechanism or smoking introduces a
pathogen into the lungs that continues growing and proliferating even if you
quit smoking your body adapts by defending your lungs creating additional
lung volume for breathing the distending lungs eventually crowd the stomach
making normal size feels impossible and causing severe weight loss we have all
seen these patients and in stage sitting in a wheelchair on supplemental oxygen
and looking like skin and bones if you or a loved one is suffering with this
disease and the logic presented the slide show makes sense to you visit us
online today at WWE emphysema treatments calm

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