Stress Response, asthma attack, and vertigo

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[Groans.] [Wheezing breath.] It hurts. In the video, I was having a Stress Response, having an asthma attack, and suffering from vertigo. Vertigo is the sensation that the world is spinning. An asthma attack is constriction of the airways. The Stress Response is similar to a panic attack. But, a panic attack is the Stress Response plus the feeling of fear or anxiety. And, I did not feel fear or anxiety. I felt pain. It hurts. Because of the combination of the symptoms, it was very difficult for me to breathe. All of my muscles had been tense for two hours. So, my muscles were sore as if I had had a long workout. What you saw in the video continued for four hours after the video. [Audible sigh.] My medical problems are curable, but I’m homeless, I’m poor, and I can’t work. To heal, I only need a safe place to live, food, assistance, and medicine. And then, I can work and become self-sufficient. And more importantly, I can live without suffering from pain every day. It hurts.

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