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A stroke occurs when the blood flow in part of your brain is blocked. After just a few minutes, the starved brain
cells begin to die. Normally, the brain receives blood via two
major pairs of arteries, which branch throughout brain tissue, and supply your brain cells with
a constant flow of oxygen, glucose, and nutrients necessary for their functions. In one type of stroke, ischemic stroke, an artery in your brain narrows, or becomes completely blocked, preventing normal blood flow. The blockage may be caused by a blood clot, also called a thrombus, which forms in an unhealthy
artery of the brain. The lack of blood flow causes the tissue the artery supplies to become starved, or ischemic. Similarly, the blockage may be due to an embolus,
a blood clot that forms elsewhere in the body and travels to the brain. The embolus lodges in a narrow artery and obstructs blood flow. In contrast, during a hemorrhagic stroke, abnormal bleeding disrupts normal blood flow. For example, in an intracerebral hemorrhagic stroke, a blood vessel bursts, spilling blood directly onto your brain, while robbing the intended tissue of nourishment. Both the hemorrhage and ischemia destroy brain tissue. A subarachnoid hemorrhagic stroke occurs when a weak spot in a blood vessel wall, called an aneurysm, bursts and leaks blood into the tight space between your brain and your skull. The high-pressure bleeding results in serious damage to brain tissue. Immediate treatment for your stroke may help
to minimize brain cell injury and death. If you have an ischemic stroke, you may be given medication to break up the clot causing your stroke. Later, your doctor may recommend surgery, such as carotid endarterectomy, to reduce your risk of having another ischemic stroke. In the case of hemorrhagic stroke, emergency surgery may be necessary to repair damaged arteries, or reduce the pressure of the blood on your brain. You may be given medication to help the brain’s blood flow return to normal.

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    28 girl that had a stroke in front of her 11month old son. Anyone help?

  2. Sorry I have a question can I use your videos with covering my voice in Kurdish language and uploading in YouTube
    Plz answer me ?

  3. I have a quarter sized avm on my left side of the brain and sometimes I worry about having a stroke.

  4. Just read that Luke Perry has died from a stroke 🙁 Man, strokes are so scary in that they’re seemingly non-detectable and can happen without warning

  5. My great grandma had Stokes, dementia, blood clots, and dead brain. She passed away Sep 18,2017! So how about everyone stfu about these jokes with “I’m gonna have a stoke” like tf ur immature and rude if your making jokes about this. It’s not stuff at all it’s really bad!

  6. I'm trying to give up smoking and I'm watching these videos to scare me into stopping but I can't quit so I guess I gotta expect a stroke one day

  7. My Grandpa got an ischemic stroke 2 years ago but he died from heart attack 6 days ago already

  8. The only reason I'm here watching this video from time to time is because my dad died from a stroke in 2014 ! My mom also got a stroke in 2013 but thanks god survive ironically thanks to my dad who was there in time saw her strange behavior and facial expression and directly sent her to the hospital in time. Almost lost my both parents within 2 years straight ! Every time I got to see this type of video I'm so scare and feel the need to go check myself just in case ! It's always rip my heart instantly have tears in my eyes and can't imagine how my dad went through when he got his stroke in his apartment alone and nobody was there to help him that day unfortunately for him ! RIP DAD LOVE YOU FOREVER !

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  10. This video is as scary as the plane videos you get to see inside the plane before your flight starts.

  11. Please provide subtitles in Portuguese, the video is excellent, but it would be even better if you had subtitles in Portuguese🇧🇷

  12. My brother has ignored at least 4 symptom . He has lost VIsion on on one eye. Migrants. And slurr of speech. Finally his right side of his face was affected. He can't swallow anymore

  13. Please help me. I am typing this with tears on my eyes. I have a brain tumour that cannot be operated on here in my home country due to the location of the tumour and lack of equipment, I was advised to seek medical treatment outside..I have sent my medical records to several hospitals around the world. The cost estimate we got my family can't afford it. Please help, the tumour is affecting every aspect of my life

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  18. Could you just upload more disease conditions ,surgery procedures, pathophysiology of any disease condition, medical treatments, pharmacology (mechanism of action of any drugs) and more 🙏🙏… Thank you so much for this amazing animation video… It's really helpful for medical students ….. Thank you so much ❤💞💕😍😘👍👌👏👷

  19. So… what happens to the affected area of the brain that didn’t receive blood? Will it be heal now with the proper circulation, will there be consequences, will the person be fine? I need more answers.

  20. Thank u for knowledge.
    We have in India lots of people die due to late basic treatment and diagnose.
    Thank you again for the video

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